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‘Single’s Inferno:’ Everyone’s Favorite New Dating Show | new university


Join Netflix’s plethora of guilty pleasure TVs,Bachelor’s Hellwas released on the streaming platform on December 18. Marking the first time a Korean reality series entered Netflix’s Global Top 10 and is currently among Netflix’s 10 most-watched series, the Korean reality show has since become Netflix’s new favorite. all. dating show.

The eight-episode series centers around nine alluring Korean singles – Kim Hyeon-joong, Moon Se-hoon, Shin Ji-yeon, Kim Jun-sik, Kang So-yeon, Choi Si-hun, An Yea-won, Song Ji – ah and Oh Jin-taek – who seek to find love on a remote and deserted island, called “Inferno”. In the scorching summer heat, they work together to survive by cooking with limited food supplies and competing in daily challenges. The only rule is that they cannot disclose their age and profession. As they get to know each other over the course of nine days, each contestant is asked to write a postcard to the person they love and place it in their designated mailbox at the end of each day. . If their feelings are mutual, they will be considered a couple. Couples who are successfully matched are then sent to a place called “Paradise”, a luxury resort where they spend a romantic night and ask each other intimate questions about their age and profession, before returning to “Inferno”, where they reunite with other contestants to continue competing for love.

A cast of Korean celebrities and comedians accompany the audience as they watch the reality series watching and reacting to contestants and episodes in real time throughout the series. Only Infernohosts include comedian Hong Jin-kyung; rapper Hanhae; model and actress Lee Da-hee; and singer Kyuhyun. As they come from different backgrounds, their unique perspectives and personalities add to the lighthearted nature of the show.

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For those familiar with Korean pop culture, these names may seem recognizable. While a finalist in the 2002 SBS Super Elite Model Contest, Lee Da-hee is best known for his appearance in the Korean drama series The beauty inside,” “Search: WWW and I can hear your voice.” Hanhae is best known in the South Korean music industry as a former member of boy band Phantom. Apart from making a name for himself in K-pop, he has also worked on soundtracks for Korean dramas like are you human? and appeared as a rap teacher for MBC’s “My Teenager Girl.” Unlike other animators, Jin-kyung did not find fame in the entertainment industry but rather through her kimchi business, which she started with her mother’s recipe. Apart from being a businesswoman, CEO and model, she has starred in Korean dramas like my star loveand Legend of the blue sea. Perhaps the most famous among the hosts, Kyuhyun is well known to K-pop fans as he is part of the popular K-pop boy group Superjunior. Although he is the first in his group to pursue a solo career, he also has experience hosting other variety shows like naked world historyand was a judge on sing again in 2020.

Since its premiere, fans on social media have compared the series to famous dating franchises, such as Love Island”, “Too Hot to Handle” and “Love is Blind”. Similar to these shows, Bachelor’s Hellsees the formation of a love triangle, the tension between contestants who have their eyes on the same person, and the blossoming relationship between lovebird couples. Along with adding drama to the series, Episode 5 sees three newcomers – Kim Su-min, Seong Min-ji, and Cha Hyun-seung – enter the island to shake it up and stir up trouble in paradise.

However, the show has caused some controversy among international viewers over whether to have white skin. When contestant Ji-yeon was introduced to the cast, male contestants were quick to compliment her fair skin tone. In particular, male contestant Se-hoon commented that “she seemed so white and pure” (episode 1) while he was attracted to her. As for the other contestants, they associate Ji-yeon’s purity with innocence, which makes them feel the need to protect her like her older sisters. While international viewers perceive this as a superficial standard of beauty, having white skin in regions like Asia is seen as a sign of higher social class. In Korea, having dark skin has long been associated with working in rural fields where most people live in poverty. Therefore, having white and pale skin gives a positive connotation of living a comfortable and cosmopolitan life. This predisposition has also been strongly reinforced by the media and has influenced Korean beauty standards, as evidenced by its range of skin lightening creams in the market.

Despite this difference between Asian and Western culture that irritates international viewers, “Single’s Inferno” still appeals to the masses because it is still different from other dating shows. Due to Asia’s conservative culture, “Single’s Inferno” offers audiences a break from the sex-fueled environment that is commonly displayed on American dating shows. While some may see this as a downside to the show, it makes it stand out more because the contestants are able to fully connect with each other in a meaningful way. Instead of relying heavily on explicit intimacy, “Single’s Inferno” focuses more on the implicit intimacy that develops between couples, which ultimately fosters a mature, respectful environment in which love grows. This refreshing approach to dating has apparently captured the interest of millions of viewers around the world.

As “Single’s Inferno” continues to find trending across all social media platforms, it has earned itself a growing fan base around the world. Not only do viewers find themselves searching for love in the show, they also fall in love with the show and its adoring cast.

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