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Most young Indian adults of marrying age have rejected their mother’s marriage proposals, ie “looking for rishtas”. Countless WhatsApp photos of potential partners and surprise meetings with them and their families coordinated by the “matchmaker aunt” are quite common.

A survey conducted by TrulyMadly of 5,000 young men and women across the country found that 50% of Millennials and Gen Z (Gen Z) mothers are now embracing the winds of change and feeling comfortable with their children who find their partner forever on dating apps. . The investigation was conducted to uncover the current stigma associated with dating in India, TrulyMadly said in a press release.

Some of the results were that over 45 percent of respondents expressed that their mothers are more worried about their marriage than their fathers. This is true for both sexes, he added.

In grade one and grade two cities, 70% of women and 80% of men indicated that their mothers were in favor of romantic marriage, indicating greater acceptability of choice when it comes to ‘settling down’. at a time when millennials are pushing back marriage to focus on education and careers.

Gen Z moms and millennials are confident in using dating apps to find life partners, with 50% of those surveyed saying so. This is also reflected in the fact that less than 20% of those surveyed sharing their mothers are “not aware of dating apps” and only 7% indicate that their mothers are not in favor of dating apps.

Mothers in non-metro areas like Jaipur, Indore and Lucknow are the emerging champions for choosing their daughters with 55% of respondents indicating that men are under more pressure to marry. With more women working in subways like Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru and Kolkata, 53% said mothers continue to pressure their daughters.

Mothers still prioritize marriage over career and education for their daughters, according to 60 percent of respondents versus 46 percent who prioritize marriage over career and education for their sons. 54% think mothers worry more about their son’s career and education.

Despite the evolution of mothers with the present day, 22% of those polled expressed inhibitions in discussing the use of dating apps, indicating apprehensions among the younger generation as to whether they will be approved.

Snehil Khanor, Co-Founder and CEO of TrulyMadly, said, “We came out to understand the stigma and apprehensions surrounding dating in India, but we came across a completely transformed mindset not only from the younger generation, but also of their parents. These findings clearly reflect one thing that mothers who are often assumed to be shackled to age-old societal rules have managed to largely get rid of them. Given the role mothers play in marriage decision-making, it can be assumed that the younger generation, who seemed to be disenfranchised in the face of the institution of marriage, will consider it more actively in the years to come. We are delighted to have been a part of this journey by creating a safe, reliable and engaging dating platform that facilitates and cements serious human relationships through continuous technological innovation.

The report states that 68% of those surveyed plan to shop online this holiday season, with 43% of Indians increasing their online shopping budgets this year.

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