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Swim’s Apocalypse adult trailer YouTube age limit lifted


Show pitches often have such a profound impact on viewers that a fan base is formed before a studio even gives the green light. Adult swimming trailer for Pibby, also known as Come learn with Pibby! and Learn with Pibby: Apocalypse, garnered millions of views almost upon release. An animated horror comedy, featuring superheroes and classic cartoons, it caught everyone’s attention. However, it already ran into drama when YouTube limited the age of the video.

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What is Adult Swim’s “Learning with Pibby”?

On November 3, 2020, Cartoon Network filed a trademark for “Learning with Pibby: Apocalypse,” according to Trademarkia.

On October 30, 2021, Adult Swim uploaded a video titled “Come and Learn with Pibby!” At first, it looked like Cartoon Network had dropped a trailer for a new preschool show on the channel. However, things quickly took a turn for the worse.

A black, glitchy mass invaded the colorful, saturated horizon, and titular Pibby found herself thrown into different cartoon worlds. She meets heroes inspired by Superman and Robin, she meets Fred Flintstone, but this dark mass continues to attack these worlds.

“Pibby is snatched from her safe preschool world and thrown into uncharted lands. She must grow up, LEARN and become a badass to stop the cartoon apocalypse,” the description of the video read in corrupted letters.

See beloved cartoon characters like Finn and Jake from Adventure time Corrupt Beyond Recognition not only shocked fans, but left them begging for more. However, the Pibby trailer encountered some difficulties.

YouTube has an age limit for the “Learn with Pibby” trailer

In the week following the Learn with Pibby trailer uploaded, it has received over 3 million views. A fan base formed and began to push for more. Fans wanted Adult Swim to notice and give the show the go-ahead with comic book style heroes and corrupt cartoons.

However, YouTube then limited the age of the video after its first week. This meant that anyone under the age of 18, without a YouTube account, or trying to watch on a third-party website, couldn’t see the video. It was one of the only videos with an age restriction on the Adult Swim channel.

The age restriction resulted in a massive slowdown in views. YouTube saw a lot of reaction from fans who wanted more of the animated horror project.

However, fans saw some good news on Thursday, November 18.

Views increased after YouTube lifted age limit

The Learn with Pibby The trailer was a big win when YouTube lifted the age restriction after nearly two weeks. Either the online video site listened to fans or Adult Swim fought for Pibby to succeed.

Many fans took this as a victory. They hope to see the Powerpuff Girls, time for adventure, and other corrupt famous cartoon characters in a possible series.

The trailer garnered over 5 million views at the start of its fourth weekend and continues to climb.

It seems almost certain that Adult Swim will give the green light to the project of a full series with so much support.

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