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‘Teen Mom’ Alum Farrah Abraham Arrested for Battery; She claims she was ‘maliciously attacked’


teen mom alum Farrah Abraham was arrested for assault and battery after allegedly punching a security guard who asked her to leave a restaurant. She has since released a statement, insisting she was “maliciously attacked” at the establishment.

‘Teen Mom’ Alum Farrah Abraham Arrives at REGARD Magazine’s 10th Anniversary Celebrating Women in Film and TV | Amanda Edwards/Getty Images

Farrah Abraham arrested for assault and battery

Reality TV star Farrah Abraham reportedly hung out with a friend at a Hollywood restaurant, Grandmaster Records, on January 15. According to a passerby, they were attacked in the establishment.

When security approached the teen mom alum and asked him to leave, sources say Abraham refused and began acting hostile, allegedly slapping a security guard in the face.

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Reports note that only paramedics were called to the scene at first. However, after witnessing Abraham’s alleged behavior, they implicated the cops.

Unable to calm Abraham down, someone, probably the security guard, would have made a citizen’s arrest until the authorities arrived and arrested her. The 30-year-old was released shortly after. It is currently unclear whether Abraham will face charges.

She claims to have been “maliciously attacked” in a press release

In a two-and-a-half-minute video showing the citizen’s arrest, someone restrains the reality TV star as she lies on the ground. Abraham repeatedly shouted random statements and called him his “stalker”. When asked to “calm down”, she insisted she was and informed him of her status as a law student.

Moreover, the teen mom alum denied hitting anyone while the person holding her insisted she tried to fight him and others. Once there, the cops handcuff the reality TV star. Abraham again claimed repeatedly that she had never attacked anyone, insisting that the officers were arresting her “against the law”.

The 30-year-old released a statement to TMZ about the situation following her release. She claimed she had been “maliciously beaten, attacked, conspired while having dinner”. Additionally, the reality star pointed out that it was a citizen’s arrest and said his lawyer would handle the situation.

She called it “terrifying and traumatic” that others would “attack” her while she is dining and think the restaurant “is a danger to public figures”. Finally, the 30-year-old accuses staff members of having targeted her and having filmed the arrest to flee.

Abraham returns to MTV for Teen mom: family reunion

After appearing on 16 and pregnant (2008), she joined the spin-off show teen mom (2009), which followed a few former cast members through their early years as young mothers.

In 2011, she attended the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale in Florida, earning an associate degree in culinary arts and management. The following year, she tried her hand at music when she left My teenage dream ended (2012) and a dissertation with the same title two years later.

After the first final of teen mom (2012), she appeared on couple therapy Season 4 (2014) as the only actor without a partner. In 2016, MTV revived the show and she returned to the cast, despite concerns from co-stars who saw her as a “bad influence” on their children.

Producer Morgan J. Freeman later fired the OG in October 2017 over her involvement in adult entertainment content. After four years, the reality star will return to the network for the spin-off, Teen mom: family reunion.

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