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The best man who used to date the bride gives a memorable speech at the wedding


Although it’s generally frowned upon to invite an ex to your wedding, these bride and groom in particular didn’t seem to mind too much.

In a TikTok video posted by wedding photographers, Josh and Pres, the groom’s best man was seen giving a rather memorable speech about his time with the bride.

The groomsman shared that he was dating the bride right before she started dating his best friend and the groom.

“I just noticed the connection they had. The laughs they shared together, the way they looked at each other,” the eyewitness said.

However, what started out as a heartfelt talk quickly turned comical when the witness revealed he was dating the bride, Rachel.

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“And you’d think that would sound really romantic. The only thing is, I was dating Rachel at the time,” he continued.

The room immediately erupted into loud laughter, which also included the bride and groom, who were greatly amused by the witness’s jab and encouraged the rest of the crowd to cheer and shout along with them.

In the second part of his speech, the best man shared that he’s been cheering on the bride and groom so far.

After the laughter died down, the groomsman promised that everything would be “fine,” and that he and the bride, Rachel, were “still fine.”

“Still good!” Rachel echoed him back as the audience laughed around her.

The witness then launched into a story about how he knew Rachel and groom, Foster, would eventually end up together.

“The second time I knew Rachel and Foster should be together was a few years later,” he began.

He explained that at the time, Foster was living in Richmond, while Rachel was overseas in Asia, and the two were long distance commuters.

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“I had just walked into Whataburger for a football game at OSU and [Foster] crying,” the groomsman said of the phone call he received from his friend.

The groomsman went on to say that Foster told him “this is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do in my life, being separated from Rachel. I just don’t know what I’m going to TO DO.”

He then made another joke, adding, “Me in my head, I had a recent breakup, I was like, ‘Well, that’s not that bad.'”

The room then erupts into another laugh as the witness once again refers to the fact that he had been with Rachel just before Foster.

“I asked [Foster] what he wanted to do, and he said, ‘I want to be with her,’ and I said, ‘So do it,'” he concluded.

In the comments section below the video, users reacted to the witness’s speech.

One user defended his speech, writing, “It’s not that deep. They’re obviously cool now. He said ‘you’re in college now’ so obviously they dated in [high school].”

A second user praised the witness’ attitude about Foster and Rachel’s relationship, writing, “He’s a man. Realizing he was the wrong person, always wishing him well lucky now [the] friendship and loyalty. He rocks.”

“Never let your boyfriend stop you from meeting your husband!” another user joked.

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