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The new era of red flags: the huge warning signs to watch out for on dating apps


Dating apps are definitely here to stay, but as more apps and platforms appear, the more confusing it can be trying to figure out what you should be — and shouldn’t be — about. to watch.

new idea spoke with Kirsty Dunn, a Tinder AU spokesperson for what green flags and red flags you should be looking for when discussing online romance.

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What are the dating green flags?

Kirsty explained that “green flags are the positive signs that reflect healthy dating qualities.”

“These are the sometimes overlooked signs that you’re onto a winner.”

Kirsty also shared the results of a recent Australian survey, which highlighted the top five green flags:

  • You feel comfortable being yourself around your date.
  • Your date respects your boundaries.
  • Your date clearly shows what they think of you.
  • Your date validates your feelings.
  • Your date prioritizes making time for you.

So why focus on green and not red flags? By focusing on the good rather than the bad in relationships, you can focus on the positive characteristics and attitudes that will keep you happy, satisfied, and valued in a relationship.


What are the red flags of dating?

“Red flags are warning signs of potentially troubling or negative behavior,” says Kirsty.

Examples of red flags can include love bombardment, little or no respect for boundaries, a lack of commitment, and playing hot and cold.

And while those red flags are important to watch out for, Kirsty also explained the “new era of red flags” which is particularly important among more environmentally conscious and values-based online daters.

New red flags include:

  • Believing climate change is a hoax.
  • Not knowing who the prime minister is.
  • Pretending to be socially aware.
  • Not liking dogs or your dog doesn’t like them (they are a good judge of character).

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What are online daters looking for?

“Australians wear their green hearts on their sleeves,” Kirsty reveals.

53% of respondents revealed that pairing up with someone who cares about the environment is very important to them.

But it’s not just a green thumb Australians are looking for – 57% of respondents also revealed that it’s important for them to be in contact with someone who is respectful and stands up for minority groups.

And it seems dogs are so much more than a man’s best friend – they can even help boost your odds of an online match!

tinder members around the world who feature their beloved dog in their profile pictures get 5% more matches,” Kirsty explained.

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