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The sinister reason why you shouldn’t link your Instagram to your online dating


The chances of meeting your partner after you notice each other in a crowded room are getting slimmer and thinner.

Such dating hopes are heading to the love bin of history with the newspaper classifieds, the “I have a friend you’re perfect for” and the haphazard approaches to bars.

Now everyone seems to be trying to like (or Netflix and chill out).

Apps like Tinder and its slightly more feminine cousin Bumble are now the primary way young people meet someone.

These apps have become more sophisticated in recent years and now allow you to link your Instagram account to your online dating profile.

This posed some problems …

First, anyone can see your Instagram on Tinder if you’ve linked them, even people you haven’t linked.

So that monster you immediately swiped left on can now see your dog, family, and even what your house looks like.

Plus, they’ll likely know your full name as well. If your name is unusual to you, it wouldn’t be too difficult to find you on other media like Facebook.

You have to be very careful when linking to online dating sites.

Second, there is what happens when you stop using the app. If you don’t delete the account, chances are you’ll continue to show up in people searches for a long time after you’ve forgotten everything.

This means that every new Instagram post is always available to everyone living near you on the app.

The third reason is perhaps the riskiest.

Many people associate their Strava or similar running tracker with their Instagram. It’s a perfectly natural thing for you to want to do. You are proud of your recent sporting achievement and want to share it with your friends and family.

However, when you link your errands to Instagram, a map of your route will appear. This means Tinder users can see where you start and end your errands – which is usually right outside your house!

Even if you’re driving somewhere to have people you don’t know who can see the time and route run, you usually think it would be pretty easy to figure out when they might meet you in the flesh.