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Their dating app creates a safer environment for women


Julie Griggs and Danielle Dietzek are two New York-based medical professionals who were tired of the traditional online dating scene. They not only wanted to shake things up, but also to find a way to make online dating safer for women, and so Fourplay Social was born. Their dating app allows users to form dating teams, so friends can date together, creating a built-in safety net for digital dates that don’t necessarily go as planned. Today the duo continue to build their application and navigate the new world of be a female tech entrepreneur, working with your best friend.

The story of Griggs & Dietzek, told at The 1000+ Stories Story Exchange Project:

Fourplay is a free dating app in the Apple and Google Play stores that is shaking up the online dating scene by giving single friends the chance to form dating teams so they have a more fun, less awkward and more fun way. sure to find some romance. As a team, friends roam, team up and go out with other duets. In order to correspond on Fourplay, all four members must indicate that they wish to connect. Once everyone has approved, a group discussion is opened where the teams can get to know each other and schedule meetings.

We are two medical professionals who met nine years ago when we were sisters of a sorority at Penn State University. As single, professional young women, we were fed up with dating strangers that we didn’t know much about. We wanted to make the online dating experience more enjoyable for everyone. Besides being a more fun way to date, Fourplay makes dating safer, especially for women. You always bring an extra pair of eyes to your dates. You never have to worry about your drink getting spiked when you go to the bathroom or how you’re going to end the date if things get uncomfortable. Your evacuation plan is included in your Fourplay appointment.

Success for us is being happy with what you do and who you are with. It’s waking up in the morning excited to start the day and go to sleep each night knowing that you did something to help make a difference. Success is being proud of yourself that you set out to accomplish something, and that you have done it.

Our greatest success to date has been to continue working full time as healthcare professionals while working full time as executives at Fourplay. In less than a year, we were able to create and launch this dating app. Throughout the experience, we have remained best friends who support and love each other and continue to put our friendship ahead of our business. As new entrepreneurs, our main goals are brand awareness and user acquisition. We really hope to shake up the online dating scene by providing a more fun and safer way for people to date.

Our main challenge was that we had no business experience before embarking on this adventure. We have remained open-minded and open to comments. We use all the resources we have and take feedback seriously. We took the initiative to teach ourselves business concepts that we knew nothing about. It is such an accomplishment to look back and recognize all that we have learned in less than a year.

Two best friends who go into business together certainly have their challenges. We made a commitment from the start to always put our friendship first. We remain completely open and honest with each other, we are receptive to feedback from others, and we’ve both learned that it’s okay to share decision-making power.

Our most important role models are our parents. We are incredibly fortunate to have four loving and supportive parents. They believe in us and our business and have shown us what it means to work hard to achieve your goals.

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