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There is a sex toy that vibrates whenever cousin Greg is in succession

Nicholas Braun as Cousin Greg in Succession

Nicholas Braun as cousin Greg in Succession
Photo: Peter Kramer / HBO

Nicholas Braun became something of a sex symbol after starring in Succession like least bad egg cousin Greg. There are weeklies Two me Instagram stories of women (allegedly) pouncing on Braun non-stop, stopping at Ray’s bar on the Lower East Side for a chance to get the actor’s attention. Tweets about the guy also often veer into NSFW territory – and even include marriage proposals.

So before the premiere of Successionthe third season of, the adult entertainment company CamSoda capitalizes on the immense thirst for the less bad egg of the group with a sex toy. THowever, this is of course not an HBO approved device, so it wouldn’t be surprising if CamSoda receives a cease and desist letter from the network soon.

His name is “Greg The Egg” and he “connects in pairs Lovense sex toys with the show and provides vibration (and sexual pleasure) whenever the show’s cousin, Cousin Greg, is in a scene.

But, come on, not all of Cousin Greg’s scenes make Braun admirers want to jump his bones. The guy is hardly a Casanova in the hit series. But hey, maybe someone is really enjoying watching Greg fumbling around as he tries to follow the Roy family’s plans.

This is also not the first time CamSoda has tried to make a lot of money with Internet talk. It is the same company behind billionaire rocket themed dildos, who understand the Blue Orgasm (based on Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin), Space Sex (a SpaceX play by Elon Musk) and Galacdick (a dildo name based on VSS Unity by Richard Branson).

These looked pretty terrifying, so at least the Cousin Greg-themed toy won’t be as disturbing as the rockets. (The Galacdick looks particularly like a misshapen dolphin, so pass difficult.)

As to when you can see Cousin Greg on Succession, the third season premieres on sunday 17 october.