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These types of photos are the ones you should never put on dating apps


On the other hand, there are photos that are the best to succeed on social networks or in applications of this style.

Dating apps have grown exponentially in recent years with people looking for different types of relationships, which can be guessed by the type of photo on the profile, and some of them may end up eliciting the opposite response to that desired.

And it’s that researchers at the University of Arizona have revealed that people with overly bold photos in dating app profiles are more likely to be seen as “less competent and less sympathetic people”.

Thus, people who take daring photos, whether in suggestive positions or with little clothing, are less likely to find a stable partner.

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For this study, the researchers set out to understand whether the photos taken in this type of application affect the perception of other users without having to read the description of the profile.

In the study published in Psychology of Popular Media, it is noted that they sought to analyze profile picture ratings in dating apps by asking a set of 262 college students to rate profiles on a supposedly new site. online dating with different profiles created by the students themselves. researchers.

Although the description in these profiles is neutral and practically the same, half of the profiles in the application showed very suggestive photos while the other half displayed normal photos of everyday life.

After that, the results revealed that participants rated profiles with suggestive photos as belonging “people who are less competent, less likable and less likely to seek a long-term relationship”.

They also pointed to a person’s attractiveness as well as race or nationality preferences as the main reasons why a person likes or dislikes a profile.

The study argues that to be successful in this type of dating apps you have to bet on natural photosof everyday life and which arouse a certain attraction, whereas those who opt for suggestive photos may not take them seriously and may even provoke a reaction of rejection.


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