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Thirst Traps: These Korean Stars Are Known For Their Hot Bodies, Entertainment News


Feast on these top Korean beef hunks who showed off their toned physique on screen and on social media.

K-drama actor Nam Goong-min, Running Man host Kim Jong-kook, Single’s Inferno’s reality show Cha Hyun-seung, BTOB’s Minhyuk and OG oppa Rain left their fans to both thirsty and drooling over their hot bodies.

Not only do they show off their washboard abs and bulging biceps in photoshoots, some also share behind-the-scenes looks at how those muscles have been honed, uploading video clips of them doing punishing reps in the gym , grunting a lot and sweating. outside.

As the saying goes, if you have it, flaunt it.

Incredible volume

Nam Goong-min

K-drama actor Nam Goong-min has a fearsome nickname – Korean Hulk.

The 43-year-old, who beefed up for his role in The Veil (2021), has gained 10kg of pure muscle to go from his usual romantic roles to an amnesiac elite secret agent in the top-rated drama .

In fact, those bulging biceps have been credited with single-handedly boosting the ratings of broadcaster MBC, which floundered last year.

The hit series helped end MBC’s losing streak of dramas that failed to garner high ratings.

He revealed his grueling workout routine on an episode of the variety show I Live Alone in September 2021, calling it “Spartan-like.”

Not only did he train for three to four hours a day, but he also stopped eating gluten, binged on protein, and reduced his fat intake to better define his muscles.

His commitment to the role was so complete that he even continued to practice while filming, so as to “look combative for anyone”.

gym lover

Kim Jong Kook


Running Man host (2010-present) Kim Jong-kook’s polished body is so perfect he recently had to pass a series of drug tests to prove he wasn’t taking steroids .

In October 2021, Canadian bodybuilder and YouTuber Greg Doucette alleged that Kim, 45, had achieved his physique through the use of steroids.

“It’s not easy to have a body like Kim Jong-kook without using drugs at 45,” Doucette told her 1.33 million YouTube followers in a video, which has since been taken down.

In response, Kim, who has her own fitness YouTube channel with 2.44 million subscribers, decided to undergo rigorous testing in November 2021.

On his aptly named Gym Jong Kook YouTube channel, where he provides workout tips, Kim documented the entire doping test process and conclusively proved he hadn’t taken steroids.

The video, uploaded on December 16, has garnered 4.2 million views and settled the controversy once and for all, with Doucette acknowledging that Kim has a body that was “one in a million”.

Netizens praised Kim for donating the 30 million won (S$34,000) he had previously set aside to take legal action against malicious commenters.

Fabulous abs



If you’re looking for the urban dictionary definition of a thirst trap — a social media post intended to get attention, often with sexually provocative photos — you might find the K-star’s Instagram account. pop Minhyuk.

The member of top boy band BTOB has been flexing on social media, sharing dozens of shirtless snaps on his grid since the start of the year.

The 31-year-old singer, also known as Huta, has always been in good shape, but he recently upped his workout schedule and even made the cover of Men’s Health magazine in South Korea in December 2021.

In an interview with the magazine, he revealed not only his abs, but also how he got them – by working out twice a day and cutting carbs.

Even though he had suffered from a nasty bout of Covid-19 in July 2021, which saw his weight drop from 62kg to 58kg in a fortnight, he appears to have staged a healthy recovery, much to the delight of his fans.


Cha Hyun Seung


On the hit South Korean dating show Single’s Inferno (2021), one of the singles got a lot of attention from other contestants of the opposite sex.

Cha Hyun-seung, 30, is a back-up dancer, bodybuilder, YouTuber, and model with an impressive physique and it’s not hard to be stranded on a desert island with him, like on the Netflix reality show.

Even before his appearance on the show, he had already proven he had all the right moves, when he danced with K-pop star Sunmi during a stage performance in 2018.

He has also worked with popular groups such as Stray Kids, EXO and Girl’s Generation in their music videos and concerts.

Thrown into the mix midway through Single’s Inferno, Cha immediately stole the show and became a fan favorite, with even the hosts gushing over him and calling him “lovely” and “too handsome”.

Pay special attention to the hot, heavy scene in which he fights shirtless against the other male contenders and emerges victorious.

call him daddy



One of the first South Korean stars to go global in the 2000s, singer-actor Rain has made a comeback in recent years.

What hasn’t changed much since his debut as a substitute dancer a quarter of a century ago is his enviable physique.

Although he married five years ago to actress Kim Tae-hee and had two daughters, he has not succumbed to the father.

In fact, the 39-year-old is passionate about working out, making time to work out even when he was on the road filming his latest travel series, The Hungry And The Hairy (2021).

In the Netflix series, in which he and comedian-host Ro Hong-chul explore South Korea on motorbikes, he seems to be off his peak in every other episode.

Even when they were in 10°C Jeju, Rain wasn’t deterred from swimming, saying, “I practiced, so why not show off? When will I get the chance?”

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