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Top 7 Most Unexpected League of Legends Facts

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One of the best games in the history of mankind and in the history of esports, a game currently played by more than a million people at a time, a game which has attracted different regions of the world such as America, Asia and Europe – League of Legends. There is a lot of information on the internet that your mind already knows about this beautiful game, but nevertheless, some exciting facts may impress you. Prototype characters, global League of Legends analytics stats, LoL news, and other information have been researched to find unique things to present to you.

#1 What is the 2nd best paid esport discipline? – LOL.

At first glance, tournaments in this game can be considered to have shallow prize pools – twenty thousand dollars here, ten thousand dollars there -. However, if we count the number of all events during the year that we can see on the ILatest League of Legends News, we can find many. Gradually, they join a considerable amount of money per year, and for now, if we count everything since the time of existence, it will be more than 20,000,000$. Compared to other well-known esports gaming disciplines, it is more than all the prize money won in CS.GO and Starcraft which was very popular at the time.

#2 Koreans VS Westerners

As we can see from the beginning of the game’s existence, there has always been competition between Korean and Western regions (LCS and LEC), so let’s compare them and define who is more skilled!

They can be compared directly by calculating the amount of the prize pool won during the career in the professional teams of LoL. There is a huge difference in the numbers, almost three times bigger on the Korean players’ side, which means they are paid more than players from Western regions. According to League of Legends facts, the total number of prize pools won for all time spent is over $6 million.

#3 Lots of references

We can see that in many popular and modern projects, developers are trying to insert Easter eggs into the lore of their characters’ characteristics in the game. We have found some exciting references for you inside League of Legends , which you might notice while playing your favorite game:

  • One of the most popular items in the game, BF Sword, is a considerable reference to the well-known Doom project.
  • If you command your Jinx character in the game to dance and you can compare it to the dance of one of the world’s most popular cartoon characters – Jake from Adventure Time, you might notice that they dance the same way;
  • The creation of Aatrox character in the game was inspired by the world famous movie – The Lord of the Rings. The developer says he was inspired by the animations of the Balrog and Sauron at that time and wants to make his character look in LoL;
  • Tristana’s Buster Shot is a considerable reference to the famous Asian anime starring Mega Man, which also uses the same ability;
  • Nidalee was created and officially confirmed as a prototype of the Nävis from the French graphic novel “Wake”, and resembles this character in almost every way;
  • Zelian was named after its creator – the person from the developer company of Riot and a person who also worked after the famous projects like Warcraft 3 – The Frozen Throne and World Of Warcraft.

#4 The Ancient Knight

Among other characters, you can see the Fionna, who is well designed and has a particular movement and abilities. All these facts are present due to the inspiration of a historical figure who lived a long time ago – the Fiore Dei Liberi as an Italian fencing master, was one of the most famous in the world and developed his part of real martial art during his life and was still honored by it.

#5 The Blitzcrank and its dating services

As you can read in the game’s lore, Blitzcrank, who is usually a robot, uses massive tools he has under his armored skin. But according to game legend, he might at least have a heart, which is mentioned in his description as he runs the number of dating cafes named “Fleshling Compatibility Services”. That’s a cute fact about her and a good idea for the riot.