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Twitch streamer baffled after finding ‘dirty’ adult toy in Tokyo vending machine


A Twitch streamer’s trip to Tokyo took a surprising turn when he found a surprising toy in a vending machine that definitely wasn’t meant for kids.

During an IRL show in August, JOEYKAOTYK and fanfan were walking around Tokyo when they saw a store that consisted solely of Gashapon machines – toy vending machines that are common in many countries.

Although there are typical machines one would expect like those including anime figurines, keychains and other crummy collectibles, they had no idea what was hiding inside. interior.

Out of the corner of fanfan’s eye, she noticed that one of the machines contained a small adult toy and all she had to do was buy it.

Twitch streamers find adult toy in Japanese vending machine

Right away, JOEYKAOTYK couldn’t believe his eyes and was absolutely baffled that such a thing could exist in plain sight.

“Can we have one?” shouted fanfan. “Please, Joey!” »

“Dude, it’s small!” Joey exclaimed. “It’s not even worth trying to be pog over. Dude, there’s no way.

Luckily for fanfan, the duo ended up putting some coins in and getting the toy, but at first they had no idea if it would even work and start vibrating.

Lo and behold, however, the toy actually started making noises in Joey’s hands, causing him to show off to viewers, which didn’t sit well with fans who accused him of “wasting the battery”.

“Stop it Joey, it’s so dirty,” she pleaded.

The two streamers still couldn’t believe such an item was available among regular capsule toys – something that left viewers in absolute hysteria.

This isn’t the first time Twitch streamers have been mortified by Japanese vending machines. In 2019, the EXBC streaming couple accidentally bought underwear from a machine in Osaka.