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Waste disposal company tampered with finances to cover strip club payments


SOMERS, NY – The manager of a regional company that provides solid waste disposal and recyclables for Westchester County, as well as the company itself, have been charged with filing false financial data with a security company to cover the expenses of the strip clubs.

Westchester County District Attorney Miriam E. Rocah said on Tuesday that City Carting of Westchester and Director Christopher Oxer, 35, of Darien, Connecticut, were charged with six first-degree counts of offering a fake instrument for the deposit, a crime.

Rocah said City Carting, which has a transfer station in Somers, has received more than $ 20 million a year under its Westchester County contract.

The false claims were made in 2018 and 2019 and were aimed at concealing payments to strip clubs, she said. The total amount of false statements indicted Tuesday stands at $ 135,000, including a case where $ 40,000 was spent in a single visit to one of the establishments, prosecutors said.

The investigation is ongoing.

Rocah said his office has zero tolerance for public corruption and the misuse of public funds by government employees or contractors.

“The actions of Christopher Oxer and City Carting of Westchester represent a brazen attempt to rip off county residents by including spending on items that are clearly not covered by their contract,” she said.

Under the county contract in place since 2004, City Carting of Westchester operates transfer stations, operates and maintains a recyclable material recovery facility and transports recyclables to this facility from certain locations in the county. The company also provides landfill capacity and other services related to solid waste disposal.

Through an agreement with the county, Kroll Associates, the comptroller, has been tasked with ensuring that City Carting complies with criminal and civil laws and is not under the influence of organized crime, the district attorney’s office said. the Republic.