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Watch Christmas movies so you don’t have to: “Love Hard”


It’s the season for yelling Mariah Carey, gorging on gammon, and watching countless Christmas movies.

The holiday season is truly my favorite time of year, and nothing puts me in the Christmas mood more than grabbing a giant bucket of popcorn and watching a good ol ‘party movie, writes Cape Town’s Lynn Cupido. {town} Etc.

Netflix produced the Christmas content, and let’s be honest, not everything is great. I mean do we really need a third Princess switch? So, to help you get through the good, the bad, and the ugly, here’s a quick look at the streaming platform’s latest addition: Love hard.

Love hard won’t be winning any awards anytime soon, but if you’re looking for something that doesn’t require you to think too hard for 105 minutes, then this may do the trick. What I liked about this movie was its take on online dating. Natalie Bauer, played by Nina Dobrev, is an Los Angeles-based columnist who is the epitome of the single millennial woman who asks the big question, “Am I going to die alone?”

After spending a good chunk of her love life swiping right and left, she finally finds someone she thinks she has a connection with. Deciding to take a leap of faith, she flies to New York to meet her Prince Charming. Shenanigans ensue as Natalie finds out that her gorgeous potential hottie catfishes her online – a rough start to a great romance.

Unfortunately, the premise of this film seemed outdated and overused. It might just be my online dating PTSD, but it didn’t make me feel like Christmas. Instead, it left me uncomfortable as I recoiled from some of the obvious tropes of ‘falling in love’. By the 10th minute, it was very obvious that the movie would end without having to move forward (in fact, the trailer revealed that).

SPOILER ALERT: It’s “a holiday catfish story in romance.” That’s it. That’s the whole movie.

I will however applaud the writers half-heartedly. They tried to tackle the issue of Asian men and online dating, but the film’s portrayal of it was slightly muffled and could have been better used to move the story forward in interesting ways.

Here is an interesting fact. According to a to study Conducted by online dating site OKCupid between 2009 and 2014, Asian men and black women are the two least slipped demographics on dating apps. This is not at all shocking considering the portrayal of the demasculinized Asian man in the American media. Josh Lin, played by Jimmy O. Yang, plays this Asian man who has too often been burned by dating apps. Unfortunately, the movie uses this to justify why Josh decides to fish Natalie, which is problematic in itself.

I’d love to say this movie felt like a warm hug that filled me with Christmas joy and hope, but it felt more like a sweaty hug from that uncle you’d rather avoid at family reunions.

If you’re looking for something crazy to occupy your time, that’s it, but if you’re looking for something a little more fuzzy, look away.

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