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Who is Natalie Reynolds? Photos and videos leaked only by fans and reddits


A former nurse who made over $1million last year after quitting her job to pursue a career as a virtual sex worker on OnlyF says she is creating her own platform for porn performers who will accept payments in cryptocurrency.

Natalie Reynolds, 37, quit her $84,000-a-year job as a nurse in a Boston intensive care unit after co-workers and bosses discovered she had an account on OnlyF.

When she received an ultimatum to delete her account or be fired, she opted to quit her job and focus on OnlyF, which she said earned nearly $369,000 a month last year from the site.

But Rae was ‘horrified’ after OnlyF announced last year that it would stop allowing porn on its platform, even after the site reversed its decision and said it would continue to allow dirty content.

“It’s scary to make so much money and suddenly be told I’m going to be closed in 30 days,” she told the Post.

OnlyF said it was forced to ban pornography due to concerns about large payment processors facilitating the sex trade, but reversed its decision after a backlash.

However, Ray did not take the plunge. Next month, she said, she plans to officially launch WetSpace, an OnlyF-style adult entertainment space that will process payments in cryptocurrency, meaning the identity of artists and customers will be more easily hidden.

Pornographic consumers can use digital stablecoins to buy from their favorite online performers, including Binance USD, ethereum, tether, dai, BNB, and AVAX.

“My inspiration for creating WetSpace really came from being a content creator myself,” she told The Post.