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Woman finds love on dating site but things go wrong


A divorced woman started using a dating app and thought she had discovered an amazing man to share the rest of her life with, but love isn’t always what it seems.

Sarah was 40 when her ex-husband filed for divorce. He told her that he had fallen in love with a colleague and that he could not hide it anymore. The news broke her heart, but there was nothing she could do if he wanted to leave.

They had no children and Sarah felt more lonely than ever. She concentrated on her work and saw her friends from time to time. However, anyone could tell that she was depressed. It was then that her friend, Maddie, suggested that she start using Tinder.

Woman looking at her phone | Source: Shutterstock

“Sarah, that’s what everyone does these days. I use it all the time, ”Maddie said.

Dating apps are used for one thing, and it’s not for building meaningful relationships,” Sarah replied.

“Oh no! It’s just your prejudice. Tinder can be whatever you want it to be. It can be laid back, but there’s something about the chat that makes you braver, you know?” Her friend continued. .

Sarah was still not sure but downloaded the app to please her friend. She created her profile and forgot about it for a while. However, she got bored one night and started banging several attractive men.

Woman looking at her phone |  Source: Pexels

Woman looking at her phone | Source: Pexels

She has corresponded with several of them but has yet to respond to some of the messages. This was all new to her again, and Sarah didn’t want to pull the trigger to date.

However, a gorgeous man named Jason sent her a greeting and Sarah really wanted to respond. She gathered her courage and sent a response. At first, they started texting each other for nothing.

Jason eventually told him that he actually lived in several towns further away, but he traveled to his area. That’s why he appeared on his Tinder thread. A few exchanges later, they started using iMessage for talking instead of the app, and soon enough Jason started calling him.

Woman looking at her phone and laughing |  Source: Pexels

Woman looking at her phone and laughing | Source: Pexels

“Hey!” he greeted during a phone call.

“Hello! It’s nice to finally talk to you. I watched this show you recommended to me, and it’s awesome,” Sarah said.

“It’s fantastic, baby. Wow I can’t believe I connected so well with someone via text message. It’s never happened before, ”added Jason.

“Oh, me neither! I never thought this sort of thing would work. But we have so much in common, ”she continued. Their first phone calls continued as if they were mostly good friends.

But a few of them got hotter, and Sarah really wanted to meet this man in person. She was so in love and couldn’t believe they had never even met.

Woman looking at her phone and smiling |  Source: Pexels

Woman looking at her phone and smiling | Source: Pexels

“I really want to go out with you. Can’t you come to town? she said to him one evening.

“I have been so busy with work. There is this huge expansion going on, and I have to stay on top of things, ”he explained.

“It’s too bad. Maybe I can come to you?” Sarah asked.

“It won’t work either. I’m so busy here that I couldn’t see you at all. Baby, I promise I’ll take the time to see you after this crazy restructuring is done, ”added Jason.

Woman looking at her phone seriously |  Source: Pexels

Woman looking at her phone seriously | Source: Pexels

Sarah let the topic go and moved on to more enjoyable topics. She really wanted to see Jason but understood that the work was quite important at the moment. Fortunately, their conversations were so amazing that she couldn’t get enough of them.

When Maddie asked about the guy, Sarah couldn’t help but comment on how wonderful he was. Jason was sensitive, funny, manly, and had a pretty successful job, although she still didn’t know where. But everything was going very well and she had to thank Maddie for it.

One day Jason called and announced that he finally had a free weekend and was going to buy tickets to see her. Sarah couldn’t believe it. It was going to be their first date, and maybe more. They already knew so much about each other.

Woman smiling and putting face cream |  Source: Pexels

Woman smiling and putting face cream | Source: Pexels

Unfortunately, things changed the next day. “I’m sorry, baby. I have just been fired from the company. I can no longer afford the tickets. I recently spent a huge amount of money fixing my house and I have no more savings, ”Jason said over the phone.

“Oh no, honey! It is terrible. How could they do that when you were working so hard? Sarah asked.

” I do not know baby. I was a candidate for a promotion, but they went with someone else. Nepotism, you know? he has answered.

“Look, I’m worried about you. Won’t you get severance pay soon? She inquired.

“I don’t know how long it will take with the restructuring. They have to do it, but I don’t know how I’m going to do it this month, ”he said.

Woman looking at her phone |  Source: Pexels

Woman looking at her phone | Source: Pexels

“Give me your Venmo contact details.” I’ll send you something to help you out, Sarah offered immediately. Jason tried to refuse the money but eventually gave in. He must have been desperate, and Sarah was ready to help her boyfriend through anything.

“I’ll pay you back as soon as I get another job.” Thank you very much, baby! “He said and hung up. Sarah hadn’t heard from him for several days. She tried not to worry, thinking he was just busy looking for a job. But it was hard. .

When he finally called her back, Jason had a strange request in place. “Baby, I finally got a new job. But I wanted to see you this weekend before I start Monday. Do you think you could buy the tickets for me? He asked.

Woman using her phone and looking away |  Source: Pexels

Woman using her phone and looking away | Source: Pexels

“Oh, let me see if I have enough left and Venmo will get you the money,” Sarah replied, a little flustered. No word from Jason for days, and suddenly he wants more money? She might not be the best at love, but she wasn’t stupid either.

So Sarah decided to call her brother, a policeman from her town. She asked him to do a background search and gave him as much information about this man.

She was later shocked when her brother revealed that Jason was wanted in this state and several others for being a notorious scammer of women. His brother knew of cops who lived near Jason and would send people the next day.

Two policemen on their motorbike |  Source: Pexels

Two policemen on their motorbike | Source: Pexels

Coincidentally, Jason called the next day to ask him about the tickets. “Honey, you didn’t send me the money. You can not see me ? he asked in his soft voice that Sarah now knew it was all part of the deception.

“No baby. I have a huge surprise for you! I’m in your town and I’ll be at your door soon! Sarah answered and hung up quickly.

With Sarah’s help, the police arrested Jason and several other women he duped were able to obtain justice. Meanwhile, Sarah hasn’t given up dating, but has been much more careful since then.

What can we learn from this story?

1. Be careful online. Dating apps and even social media can be wonderful, but you still need to be careful because not everyone has the best of intentions.

2. Don’t try to rush love. Take your time getting to know people before you rush into anything, especially when it comes to money.

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