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Woman posts ‘ugly’ photos on dating apps so men are ‘pleasantly surprised’ when they meet


Dating is a minefield – remember that woman who was sorely shamed.

There are plenty of trends to watch, from seagulls to ghosting. And now most people know what catfishing is.

The clever trick where fake daters use snaps of seemingly more attractive people to chat with those they thought they couldn’t with their photos of their own looks.

And more often than not, it all ends in tears.

However, TikTok user Shanel has just turned things around by turning into a “reverse catfish”.

Instead of posting her most flattering photos, Shanel decided to share “ugly” snaps of her face on her Tinder profile.

She chose to use candid shots

And the reasoning behind this is to make her potential new lovers gasp with excitement on their first date.

She explained, “I make myself an ‘ugly’ Tinder so that when I go on dates, guys will be pleasantly surprised.”

Shanel brushed off all potential suitors on the app.

Although he had no match at first, the singleton managed to get a date thanks to the stunt.

In a follow-up video, Shanel met her reverse date who admitted he was initially “frightened” when he saw her profile picture.

smiling woman
Shanel went on her date to surprise her match

Laughing at her response, Shanel then asked her if she looked better in person.

The stunned guy shared, “You look so much better in person, I didn’t expect you to even be here. You look so much better than your Tinder profile.

The pair then went for food on their date – where Shanel shared with viewers that he confessed she looked “100 times better” than her Tinder profile.

He even admitted that she looked like “trash” online.

Stunned by the dating technique, the original video has now racked up 5.1 million views where Shanel was hailed as a genius.

One person commented, “Reverse catfish.”

Another user added, “I used to always make sure I never put the best pics of myself so they wouldn’t be disappointed when they met me.”

As a third person spoke, “That’s smart. So now they have to opt for your personality.

Someone else noted, “Wait, that’s a good idea actually.”

As a fifth person noted, “They’ll either be bad or really nice and have pure intentions.”

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