Home Adult entertainment Woman “raped by 4 men in strip club” was “attacked in staff area by manager after being asked to” try “a job”

Woman “raped by 4 men in strip club” was “attacked in staff area by manager after being asked to” try “a job”


A WOMAN allegedly raped by four men at a strip club was assaulted in a staff area by the manager after being asked to “try” for a job.

Cops received a call in the early hours of Sunday morning from a member of the public to report that his sister had just been raped at the Rocket Club in Birmingham.


Police say four men ‘were involved’ in the alleged rape at the Birmingham Rocket ClubCredit: GOOGLE

West Midlands Police said four men were “involved” in the alleged rape, according to documents submitted to Birmingham City Council.

It has now emerged that the alleged gang rape took place in an area reserved for staff at the Broad Street strip club and involved the venue manager.

In his police report to the council, Chief Superintendent Stephen Graham said three other men were also involved in the alleged assault.

The victim told the cops that the group of men asked him to undress.

When she refused, the manager reportedly said she had “trained” him.

She then described how the men were “all over her” and told officers that “it all started to happen” and “went wrong”.

The men allegedly asked her to “get on top of them and grind” and she was then “shot at them” and raped by at least two of the men.

She described how she was “dragged” between the principal and the three men.

The victim managed to escape the staff area and leave the club – but said she was “concerned about the women trapped in there” and called her sister.

Her sister reported the incident to police shortly after 5:30 a.m. last Sunday.

Officers arrested a man on suspicion of rape, according to public documents.

An emergency meeting held by city council on Wednesday decided to suspend the club’s license.


Chief Superintendent Stephen Graham said: “The concern of West Midlands Police is that if steps are not taken to consider the management of these premises, further serious offenses will occur … resulting in more casualties experience life-changing assault.

He said the manager’s involvement and the fact that the alleged violation took place in a staff area were “aggravating factors” in the case.

The venue presents itself as an “inviting and comfortable” space to “kick back and relax” – with a large main stage and two performance platforms.

It also has an “intimate champagne room” for special occasions with its own stage and pole, and claims to be “renowned for providing first class dancing”.

City council said the club received a copy of its license review request after the alleged rape.

The Sun Online has contacted the club for comment.


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