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How to Deal with Student Loans in Relationships If You’re Dating Someone Who’s in Debt

How to Deal with Student Loans in Relationships If You’re Dating Someone Who’s in Debt

With almost 45 million Americans currently holding student BridgePayday provides a Same Day Loans, chances are at some point in your dating life, student debt — either your own or your partner’s — will become a puzzle piece that you’ll have to consider. Dating someone in debt can have consequences on how you spend time together and shape the decisions you make as the relationship progresses.

Finances can affect everything from what kind of an apartment you can qualify for together, how you travel together, or even just where you’ll eat on Friday night. Let’s look at the following topics and how best to deal with this sometimes sensitive topic:

  • Dating someone in debt: How to approach student loans in your relationship
  • How to deal with a partner in debt
  • Dating if you’re the one with student loan debt

Dating someone in debt: How to approach student loans in your relationship

Whether you’re dating someone with a lot of debt or dating someone with financial problems that seem relatively minor, one thing is certain: Finances are a major component when it comes to measuring your compatibility long-term.

Not even the bedroom is safe from the impact of student loans — survey results show 32% of student loan borrowers report having a decreased sex drive. Here’s what to know about how to approach the subject of debt in your dating relationships.

Here’s how you can begin to face the topic of dating and finances directly so you can work toward relationship health in this area:

1. Talk candidly about your finances
2. Assess your partner’s attitude about their student loan debt
3. Keep an open mind, but recognize your boundaries
4. Consider how student loan debt will impact your future together

1. Talk candidly about your finances

Financial transparency and honesty in a relationship are crucial when it comes to building a serious partnership that both members can equally engage in. “It should be part of the conversation because it is part of life. Debt is normal, it happens,” says Leslie Tayne, founder of Tayne Law Group, a debt solutions firm headquartered in New York City. “Just as it is important to talk about if you’re having children, want to live in the city or suburbs, how you feel about travel, the financial piece is a huge part of your relationship.”

But knowing how to find out if someone is in debt in a tactful way that doesn’t damage the relationship can sometimes be a struggle. “I’ve only been remarried for two years, so these topics came up often when I was dating,” says Tayne. If you’re wondering how to check someone’s financial status, here are some ideas that Tayne has used both personally and professionally in her work with clients:

  • Begin the conversation with your goals: “One way is to talk about where you’re at,” says Tayne, adding that you might start the conversation by saying something such as ‘‘I rent my apartment, these are my goals, this is what I’m looking to do.” This could be an easier way into the conversation instead of opening aggressively. “It’s really important to be non confrontational about it and find the right environment to talk about [finances]. It’s really more important to talk and ask questions,” says Tayne.
  • Dig into potential patterns: It’s important to understand how your partner got into debt and whether it was strategic debt, such as taking on a mortgage or student loans or unorganized debt, such as consumer spending on credit card bills. “I once dated someone who had 75 pairs of jeans,” said Tayne. “To me, that is a little bit of a red flag.” But Tayne also cautioned against jumping to conclusions. “Do you have the same pair [of jeans] you had in your 20’s and you never got rid of anything?” While that might signify it’s time for a closet overhaul, it doesn’t necessarily point to out of control spending. Asking the right questions and getting honest about spending habits is the best way to the bottom of these potential red flags.
  • Be respectful: Different opinions on personal finance can cause emotions to flare, which could be one reason student loans factor into the divorce rate, but Tayne cautions couples to take the conversation slow and make sure it’s healthy for both individuals. If discomfort arises she suggests asking something along the lines of, ‘‘I sense that you’re being super-hesitant, is this not a good time or is this not a topic you’re comfortable with?” If your partner is never comfortable talking about personal finance, this could be a deal breaker.

2. Assess your partner’s attitude about their student loan debt

Not all debt is necessarily bad debt, and often the reason your partner got into debt may be informative. For example, did they plan carefully for an advanced degree or overspend student loans in college? Have they been responsible for paying off their loans on time? The reasons people get into debt are varied. If your boyfriend has financial problems, understanding what led to the problems and if he has a plan to get out of them could make the difference on whether or not you feel comfortable proceeding with the relationship. Here are some ways you can assess your partner’s attitude about their debt:

  • Use a questionnaire: Magdalena Johndrow, a financial advisor at Johndrow Wealth Management, often has couples fill out the same questionnaire separately before coming together to review their answers. “When you understand why we have a relationship with money, you can be more empathetic to your partner,” says Johndrow. “If debt really scares you, and your partner told you they have student loans, you might have a visceral reaction because debt scares you.” Understanding your history with money and your partners, can help illuminate your respective attitudes about financials. If student loan debt is an overwhelming concept for one person in the relationship, a questionnaire could be a straightforward way to uncover that.
  • Understand the purpose of the debt: “You have to think about, ‘What sort of debt do they have?’” says Johndrow. “Student loans in many ways are considered good debt because you invested in something that ideally will get you a more lucrative career. If you have credit card debt, that tends to be seen as less good debt.” She recommends asking why the debt was taken out. “I think the underlying reason for the debt is very important. Was it because of an emergency or one-time expense or is this a pattern that you wouldn’t be OK with?” Having a debt management plan in place can also help show the attitude your partner is taking toward dealing with their debt.
  • Look for honesty: Even though you would hope your partner would be forthcoming about their financial situation, not everyone feels comfortable discussing particulars which could cause them to omit details or mischaracterize circumstances. “One guy I dated had trouble getting a car,” says Tayne. “I finally realized it’s because there’s a financial issue.” Tayne cautions that not everyone will feel comfortable detailing why they’re having trouble taking certain financial steps, which illuminates their attitude toward their debt and finances. “That person might not be willing to discuss why they’re having trouble getting a car. They might not be 100% honest with you.”

Knowing your partner’s attitude toward student loan debt can give you an idea about how they’re likely to behave with their finances later on. If their attitude shows a pattern of poor money management, it’s likely that this will continue even if you take on the role of managing the finances in a relationship. It could lead to problems sticking to a collective budget later on in the relationship.

3. Keep an open mind, but recognize your boundaries

Figuring out whether you are comfortable dating someone in debt, especially if you have different attitudes about it, is an important step in creating your own boundaries. While it helps to keep an open mind when it comes to financial situations, finances can also be a valid reason to end a relationship, especially if your partner seems irresponsible about their debt. Breaking up with a boyfriend because of money is a reality many people experience. Here’s how to develop boundaries that tell you whether it’s safe to proceed or if you need to figure out how to get out of a bad relationship financially.

  • Respect your own life circumstances: Understanding what your goals are in life can help determine your financial boundaries in dating. “I’m a successful business woman, I wasn’t willing to take on a situation where someone needed significant help,” says Tayne. “That’s not where I wanted to be and not where I was in my life.”
  • Assess how much help you’re willing to give: Not all partners with debt will want or need your help, but on the flip side are those partners who expect or demand it. “What level of help do you feel comfortable offering and where is the line in the sand?” says Tayne. If your partner has a significant amount of debt and there is an expectation that you will help with it, this could be a red flag. “Then you might want to take a step back and ask, ‘Why is there an expectation?’ Someone could take advantage of your willing nature to be helpful,” says Tayne.
  • Understand the impact of debt on your life: Helping someone deal with their debt could significantly alter your lifestyle and you should be prepared for these changes if you decide to go down this road. If you get married, you could become legally responsible for your partner’s student loan debt. “Even though couples sometimes have separate money and everything is kept separate, that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t impact the other,” says Tayne. “That means if you’re splitting things, one part of the couple might not be able to do what the other person can do.”

Developing financial values and boundaries can make your decision about staying in the relationship increasingly clear. If your partner pushes your financial boundaries, this could be a sign that it’s time to exit the relationship.

4. Consider how student loan debt will impact your future together

Your partner’s debt will impact your future, and someone else’s bad financial situation — whether it’s a low credit score or an overwhelming amount of debt — can hamper your own. What happens if you marry someone with bad credit? “The question becomes, what’s the impact on your life? Your family? Your finances? Are you going to be able to maintain a house, children, other expenses?,” says Tayne. “Those are things that have to be discussed.” Here’s what you should consider before heading toward marriage with someone who has significant debts:

  • Will student loan repayment plans change? If your partner is on an income-driven repayment plan, filing joint taxes could affect their payments. If combining your finances is an important financial value for you, there could be some further necessary discussions about how you’ll navigate student loan repayment.
  • Will your credit be impacted? Dating someone with bad credit and marrying that person are two different ball games. There could be certain purchases or expenses you’ll want to take on together after you’re married that might be difficult if one partner has bad credit. For example, if you want to put both names on a lease or mortgage, your partner’s bad credit could significantly impact what you qualify for. Also, joint credit card payments could pose a problem. “If your partner has a low credit score because they have been missing payments or not making them in time or racking up interest, if you take out a joint credit card and they miss a payment, your credit will be affected,” says Johndrow.
  • Can you reach your financial goals? Your financial goals will change depending on what stage of life you’re in. If you have children nearing adulthood, for example, you might already be focusing on how to help them with student loans and adding your partner’s debt onto your plate could change the way you help your children. “If someone has debt, you have to decide ahead of time what you’re going to do with it,” says Tayne. This includes understanding what financial goals might be untenable for your partner’s risky financial situation begins to impact your own. If your partner has bad credit and you haven’t taken your financial goals into account, this is important to do before your big day.

Payday Loans Online Same Day Deposit

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How can you obtain a same-day loan?

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Repayment phase. If the payday loan is a direct deposit, then the amount will be withdrawn automatically from your credit card on your next payday. This day is the day you pay back your loan and the sum withdrawn will also include interest as well.

How do you obtain a payday loan with no an account at a bank?

In actuality, most cash advance online same-day lenders require that you maintain an active bank account. This will allow them to confirm that you have a regular income, and cash out the money after you have received your paycheck.

It is good to know that there are payday lenders that do not insist to have an account in a bank however they could charge higher rates of interest and charges. You may be required to provide more precise information about the sources of your income as well. The best way to get started is to phone or email the loan companies in your area and inquire about their services. You may be surprised at the willingness of loan providers to help you.

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What is the maximum amount I can borrow?

The majority of payday loans online on are available on the same day. The amount ranges from $100 to $1000. The amount you can get depends on the state you live in and your ability to qualify. Some states also limit the amount to 25 percent of the applicant’s income. The majority of cash advances that are easily transferred to the accounts of applicants are $350.

Who can qualify for payday loans?

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How long will the procedure will take?

The same day emergency loans are processed swiftly, and you will receive your final decision as early as the next business day. Certain lenders will deposit the cash into banks within a half-hour after submitting the time you submit your application. Most cash advances are deposited into your account the next day. The longest time for applicants to wait for approval can be up to three business days. this is contingent on the bank they use.

What is the minimum age to be eligible for a payday loan?

The minimum age requirement for payday loans online as cash advances is that you be at 18. The main requirement is having a stable source of income for credit protection. But, the odds that the loan application is approved increase by the time you reach the age of 21. Also, the approval of payday loans for teenagers is prohibited since they are thought to be a vulnerable population susceptible to manipulation.

Do I have to pay the same-day deposit back all at the same time?

Small cash advances are increased by the interest rate and the fees underlying have to be paid the following payday immediately. Certain lenders allow customers to choose an alternative repayment method and duration. Most of the time you can get loans for longer periods (usually up to three months) and then pay back the loan in installments. Also, you can upgrade existing loans to new ones as long as the lender accepts your request.

“Lightyear” is coming to Disney Plus tonight. Here’s when (and why it took 6 weeks)


Lightyear, the first Pixar movie since the COVID-19 pandemic began hitting theaters, is coming to Disney Plus more than six weeks after hitting theaters.

It was Disney’s first foray into returning Pixar to an exclusive big-screen run, but so far the response to Lightyear has been disappointing — enough to prompt some outlets to give the epithet that it is is a bomb.

Before that, every Pixar movie since Onward in February 2020 essentially skipped theaters to stream on Disney Plus instead: Soul in December 2020, Luca in June 2021, and Turning Red in February 2022. And for Disney movies more broadly, the streaming strategy was all over the map. Encanto spent a month in theaters before airing. For Marvel Eternals, it was two. West Side Story hit Disney Plus about three months after it premiered exclusively in theaters.

The last time Disney moved an animated film from theaters to streaming, it became a phenomenon. Next week will prove whether Lightyear will replicate the success of Encanto, or whether the launch of this Toy Story origin story was a dud all around.

What is the release time for Lightyear on Disney Plus?

Lightyear will arrive on Disney Plus on Wednesday at 12:01 a.m. PT / 3:01 a.m. ET. It will be available to stream with a Disney Plus subscription at no additional cost.

Why did Lightyear take six weeks to start streaming?

Last year, ticket sales for adult-oriented films began to rebound as moviegoers emerged from pandemic lockdown and theaters began to reopen. But family movies, Pixar’s specialty, have struggled to hit theaters. Parents, compared to other adult moviegoers, were more sensitive to the risks of bringing their youngsters to crowded cinemas as the coronavirus continued to mutate and circulate. The COVID vaccine for children wasn’t available until the day after Lightyear opened, and a child’s coronavirus infection could mean missing weeks of school or daycare and derailing other family plans.

Putting Pixar movies directly on Disney Plus was, at its core, a strategy to both attract more subscribers and retain the ones it has. Kareem Daniel, the Disney executive in charge of cast calls like this, noted in Turning Red’s announcement that Soul and Luca were “enthusiastically embraced” by Disney Plus subscribers when they went straight to the service.

And by sending three Pixar movies straight to Disney Plus, Disney may have also protected Pixar’s pristine reputation for reviews. and Box office success, some experts say: If Disney doesn’t put Pixar movies in theaters, they can’t have disappointing theatrical releases.

In the months leading up to Lightyear’s release, moviegoers were flocking to the franchise films. Spider-Man: No Way Home was the first film since the pandemic to cross the $1 billion mark worldwide at the box office. Since then, Top Gun: Maverick has done it too, and Jurassic World Dominion and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness are close.

But so far, Lightyear’s box office has been disappointing. Worldwide, Lightyear grossed $222 million. Toy Story 4, Pixar’s last release without any pandemic disruption, was inches away from $1 billion at the global box office at the same point. And it’s not the case that all family movies struggle. Minions: The Rise of Gru was released a month after Lightyear, but it more than tripled Lightyear’s worldwide revenue.

For another Disney family movie — Encanto — the theatrical exclusivity period actually seemed to put a damper on its popularity.

Encanto was released in theaters on November 24; a month later, it became available to stream on Disney Plus, at no additional cost to all subscribers.

During its theatrical exclusive, its initial box office performance was poor. The film’s total domestic ticket revenue never exceeded $100 million. Disney’s Frozen 2 is well past that point in its first pre-pandemic weekend.

But once the film began airing, Encanto’s soundtrack climbed the Billboard music charts to No. 1. Videos of its musical numbers are among the most popular songs on YouTube. We Don’t Talk About Bruno, the film’s best-known song, has become a TikTok meme. But none of that happened until Encanto hit Disney Plus.

When Lightyear comes to Disney Plus, he can get the boost he needs from the start.

Man admits threatening to post intimate videos with girlfriend, using knife to force her to have sex


SINGAPORE: After their relationship deteriorated, a 25-year-old man threatened to post intimate videos online with his girlfriend and used a knife to force her to have sex with him.

On Tuesday, August 2, the man pleaded guilty to two counts of criminal intimidation and one count of possession of an offensive weapon. Four other charges will be considered for sentencing.

The identity of the 23-year-old victim is protected by a gag order and the name of the attacker has been removed from court documents.

The court heard the couple met on a dating request in May 2018. On a few occasions that year, the man took five videos and a photo of them having sex.

Their relationship began to deteriorate in August 2018. At the end of 2018, the victim told her boyfriend to delete the intimate videos and photos.

She went to his house and deleted the files from his computer and phone with his consent. But unbeknownst to her, her boyfriend had kept copies of it on other devices.

A few months later, on March 25, 2019, the couple had a falling out. The abuser was angry that the victim did not return her affection and wanted to break up with him.

Via text, the man threatened to hack into the woman’s Instagram account and post the intimate videos and photo of them on his feed, alarming her.


Things took another turn on the night of April 7, 2019, when the couple discussed the status of their relationship as they sat under the victim’s block.

Some time after midnight, the man asked the woman to have sex with him. He was upset as they had not had sex for a long time as their relationship had started to deteriorate, Deputy Attorney General Chong Ee Hsiun said.

The victim pushed him away and the man got angry. He took a knife from his pocket and held it beside his body with the blade still folded, saying, “Really not?

When the victim continued to say no, he pulled out the blade of the knife, pushed its tip against his girlfriend’s thigh and asked her if it hurt.

He then explained to the victim that “the feeling of being stabbed by the knife represents how much he hurts all the time due to the deterioration of their relationship, Mr Chong said.

The victim started crying. The man placed the blade of the knife to the side of his neck, holding its tip against his skin. He kept asking her if it hurt and said that was how he felt.

The victim, still in tears, agreed to have sex with her boyfriend and said they could do so during a planned stay later that month.

The man then put the knife back in his pocket, waited for the victim to calm down and took a taxi home.

According to the attacker, he was carrying the rocker knife when he felt the urge to self-harm. He was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder, mixed anxiety and depressive disorder and alcohol abuse disorder, Chong said.

But the Mental Health Institute found those conditions only contributory to his offenses involving the flip-knife, not his threat to release the intimate videos with the victim, the prosecutor said.

The prosecution requires five to eight months in prison for the man. The offender, who is represented by Mr. Chua Hock Lu, will return for sentencing in September.

The penalty for criminal intimidation is imprisonment for up to two years, a fine, or both.

For possession of an offensive weapon, the man could be imprisoned for up to two years.

Montway Auto Transport launches a digital platform


B2B logistics company Montway Auto Transport announced Monday, August 1, the launch of a new digital platform, the Montway Automation Portal (MAP), aimed at increasing efficiency for shippers and carriers.

The platform will also enable greater visibility for inbound and outbound vehicles to strengthen inventory management, and help manage and reduce transportation costs, Montway said in its press release.

MAP is built on proprietary technology that leverages market-based pricing and a streamlined transportation management system. Depending on the version, users can get pricing, book orders, and track units in real time by entering VINs.

The service will also offer a way to access public tracking links, which users can share with end customers, and it will also offer on-demand pricing and a central location to store digital recordings.

“The challenges keep mounting for dealerships, auctions, rental car companies and other businesses that rely on vehicle movement and our commercial customers want innovations to help them gain a competitive edge” , said Mike Trudeau, executive vice president of business development. “The Montway Automation portal provides the transparency they need to better manage inventory and increase speed for consumers.”

All of this comes as the broader transportation and logistics industry has lagged behind the digital trends that have helped other industries modernize.

Last year, PYMNTS wrote that Montway had partnered with Ship.Cars, which works with digital solutions for automotive transportation, to help Montway customers gain additional hauling capacity and put more light on the market. emphasis on post-shipment visibility and automation.

Read more: Ship.Cars, partner of Montway before Used Car Week

Ship.Car’s goal is to “simplify and streamline” the entire transportation process for stakeholders through user-friendly technologies.

Through this partnership, Montway and its customers gained access to the Ship.Cars suite of products, including PlayMate, Market Load Board, Carrier TMS for real-time updates for car carrier partners and a new portal customer.

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About: Results from PYMNTS’ new study, “The Super App Shift: How Consumers Want To Save, Shop And Spend In The Connected Economy,” a collaboration with PayPal, analyzed responses from 9,904 consumers in Australia, Germany, UK and USA. and showed strong demand for one super multi-functional app rather than using dozens of individual apps.

Exposes strip searches of two 16-year-old boys to be investigated by IOPC Funds | Metropolitan Police


Two other incidents involving the strip search of children by the Metropolitan Police will be investigated by its watchdog as the fallout from the Child Q case continues.

The investigations launched by the Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC) both involve 16-year-old boys who were allegedly strip searched in police custody in 2020 without the presence of a suitable adult: one at the police station. Ilford Police Station in January and the other at Bethnal Green Police Station in October.

It comes after the IOPC Fund received 11 referrals from the Met relating to separate incidents between December 2019 and May 2022. All involved children aged 14 to 17, who were strip searched by officers in or out of custody.

In addition to the two referrals under investigation, the IOPC Fund said six others are amenable to local investigation by police forces, with the remaining three awaiting a decision on whether further action is required.

In total, the IOPC is investigating five incidents of children being strip searched by Met officers, including the 15-year-old black girl known as Child Q.

In March, revelations of Child Q’s treatment at a school in Hackney, east London sparked fury and protests. A child protection review initiated by Hackney Council revealed she was subjected to a strip search by police in December 2020 involving the exposure of private body parts, with racism believed to have been an ‘influencing factor’. Four Met officers are being investigated by the IOPC Fund for gross misconduct.

The IOPC Fund also recommended that the Met take “immediate action to ensure that any strip searches of children are carried out in accordance with relevant legislation, national guidelines and local policy”.

These guidelines state that the best interests of the child must be a primary consideration, that an appropriate adult must be present, and that the strip search of a child must be “conducted in a manner that preserves, to the extent possible , his dignity and his dignity”. takes into account their health, hygiene and well-being needs.

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Michael Lockwood, the IOPC Fund’s Director General, said: “We are concerned about what we have seen in cases brought to us regarding complaints about strip searches of children…

“Given the apparent delay in some of these cases referred to us, we will now work with the MPS [Met police service] review a sample of complaints…to determine if the process is working as it should.

“By coming together in this way, I hope we can address growing concerns about the use of strip search powers in England and Wales, to provide assurance that they are only used if absolutely necessary.”

A spokesman for the Met said it welcomed the IOPC Fund’s recommendations.

Faith-Based Super Performance Law Is Too Narrow, Responsible Investors Say


The Australian Treasury Department has opened an industry consultation on a draft bill, until August 16, on how faith-based retirement investment products are tested as part of changes to the Your Performance Test. Future Your Super (YFYS).

He proposes allowing faith-based funds to take an additional performance test if they fail the usual annual performance test, a move that has drawn criticism from responsible investors.

Responsible Investors Association of Australia (RIAA) chief executive Simon O’Connor said performance testing was important, but the current regime penalized products with screens in place, faith-based or not, that deviated from a reference.

The prescriptive nature of the performance test had been recognized, along with the draft legislation, as causing negative results for impact investing and climate-aligned investing due to their measurement against a benchmark.

“At the end of the day, whether they’re denominational or not, we’re quite aware of the negative screening in place, which necessarily means that their alignment with the benchmark won’t be very strong,” he said.

“There are a lot of Australians keen to align investments with their values…vegan, Christian, fossil fuel free funds, so it’s important we don’t have regulation that thwarts that.”

The new government pledged in the election to allow the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) to consider a super fund’s religious affiliation when applying the annual performance test and is seeking advice of stakeholders on the draft law in order to adjust the way these products are treated within the framework of the annual performance test.

The legislation seeks to require trustees to apply to APRA for faith-based product status, subject faith-based products to an additional test that takes into account their faith-based investment strategy if they fail the initial test, and exempt faith-based products denominations of the consequences of failure if they pass the additional test.

Negative results

Access to Australian faith-based super funds has plummeted over the past year, with two faith-based products failing APRA’s performance test.

Catholic Super’s LifetimeOne product and Christian Super’s My Ethical Super have been named among Australia’s 13 worst performers, with both funds merging with secular funds as a result – Catholic Super has partnered with Equip Super while Christian Super has announced in April that it would merge with Australian Ethical Super.

Christian investment funds, such as those set up by Christian Super, which merged with Australian Ethical Super this year, screen out investments in companies not aligned with Christian values, such as those that receive more than a small amount of income from alcohol, cannabis, fossil fuels, gambling, weapons, tobacco and adult entertainment.

These investments also avoid companies involved in the production of abortifacients and contraceptives, stem cell research and the destruction of human embryos.

Meanwhile, Islam-friendly investments align with halal principles, which means interest-bearing companies violate Sharia principles. Haven Wealth Partners’ Ethical Absolute Return Fund, which is Sharia-accredited, excludes companies that cause unnecessary harm to animals, restrict human rights, operate detention centers, discriminate against indigenous peoples, operate in occupied or disputed territories, produce pork products, alcohol, pornography, nuclear energy, fossil fuels, armaments, tobacco, or companies with higher debt-to-equity ratios at 33%.

Haven Wealth Partners managing director Nick Heuzenroeder said his firm had created bespoke, high-conviction, ethically managed super funds for competitive fees, which included a Shariah-compliant fund invested in Australian stocks, real estate and fixed income securities.

While the bill would work in principle, he asked why the slicing of faith-based treatment couldn’t extend to other ethical investment products.

“I strongly believe that these tests are essential because for too long people have been taken advantage of and they have been in a poorly performing fund with high fees, Mr. Heuzenroeder said.

“But I’m not sure you should cut out (the test) for one domain because they’re right.”

He said encouraging funds to conform to a benchmark produced “37 flavors of vanilla that weren’t to anyone’s benefit.”

Cold sores have been blistering humans for thousands of years, new study finds


Preservation of DNA in the teeth of humans dating back as far as 1,500 years has revealed the ancient origins of the ubiquitous strain of the herpes virus that causes cold sores.

Genomic data suggest that herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV-1), which today infects around 3.7 billion people worldwide, emerged and proliferated around 5,000 years ago. And perhaps it coincided with a new cultural phenomenon that arose and spread at the same time: the smooching of his boo (or boos).

“The world has seen COVID-19 mutate at a rapid rate over weeks and months. A virus like herpes evolves on a much longer timescale,” said geneticist Charlotte Houldcroft of the University of Cambridge in the UK.

“Facial herpes hides in its host for life and is only transmitted by oral contact, so mutations occur slowly over centuries and millennia. We need to do extensive research to understand how viruses DNA like this evolves. Previously, genetic data on herpes only goes back as far as 1925.”

The herpes family has a wide and long history, spanning several species and dating back millions of years. Of the 115 herpes viruses currently known to us, only eight infect humans. Herpes simplex virus 1 (HSV-1) is the most common of these, associated with cold sores. The strain associated with genital herpes, HSV-2, affects about half a billion people.

Infection with either strain is lifelong; there is currently no known cure, although outbreaks can be treated and managed.

How HSV-1 became the dominant human strain is a mystery and surprisingly difficult to trace. A team of researchers therefore decided to take a closer look at the ancient remains.

As DNA sequencing has become faster and cheaper, archaeologists have in recent years built up DNA libraries extracted from ancient remains. From these libraries, the researchers searched for traces of HSV-1 in the archaeological record – and found it extremely rare.

“We sifted through ancient DNA samples from around 3,000 archaeological finds and only got four cases of herpes,” said genomics scientist Meriam Guellil from the University of Tartu in Estonia.

These four individuals spanned a period of a thousand years. The most recent was a young man in the Netherlands, who was probably massacred during a French raid on his village in 1672. The wear on his teeth suggested he was a heavy smoker who used a clay pipe.

Two of the people were from Cambridge in the UK. One was a young adult man from the late 14th century, who was buried on the grounds of a medieval charity hospital. His teeth showed significant signs of horrible dental abscesses. The other, a grown woman, lived and died in Cambridgeshire around the 6th to 7th centuries, and her teeth also showed signs of gum disease.

The oldest remains were those of an adult male from Russia who lived and died around 1,500 years ago. Since HSV-1 tends to spread when the patient has an oral infection, it is not very surprising to find traces of the virus in people with gum disease, abscess or tobacco.

Wear of the teeth of the pipe smoker. (Barbara Veselker)

With just these four cases, the team was able to sequence the herpes DNA, examine the differences between the four cases, and determine a mutation rate for the current strain of HSV-1.

This returned a timeline suggesting that the form of HSV-1 that afflicts the world today emerged in the Bronze Age, after humans migrated from the steppe grasslands of Eurasion to Europe, producing a population boom. .

“Every species of primate has some form of herpes, so we assume it has been around since our own species left Africa,” said archaeologist Christiana Scheib from the University of Cambridge and the University of tartu.

“However, something happened about 5,000 years ago that allowed one strain of herpes to overtake all others, possibly an increase in transmissions, which could have been linked to kissing.”

The history of the romantic kiss is murky, but previous research has shown that it’s not universal among humans. This same research found that the more socially complex a culture, the higher the frequency of romantic kisses. As humans migrated, spread and settled in the Bronze Age, it’s possible that kissing also became more common.

Without a clear method to trace the dawn of tonsil hockey, speculation remains strictly hypothetical. Even conclusions about the origins of HSV-1 remain open to some tweaking, given the challenges of identifying the virus in ancient bone.

“Our work therefore highlights the need for broader coverage of modern HSV-1, particularly in regions such as Asia and Africa, as well as additional observations provided by aDNA samples,” the researchers wrote in their paper.

“Other ancient genomes, for example, from the Neolithic period, could further revise our understanding of the evolutionary history of this now ubiquitous pathogen and continue to inform the nature of its association with human hosts.”

The research has been published in Scientists progress.

How to Get a Monkeypox Vaccine in New York City


Governor Kathy Hochul declared a state of emergency as monkeypox cases continued to rise rapidly in New York.

The outbreak has been centered in New York and reached nearly 1,400 cases statewide on Friday, according to the governor. disaster declaration.

The executive order authorizes state agencies to help localities respond to the outbreak. According to state officials, it is expanding the pool of people eligible to administer vaccines, adding emergency responders, pharmacists and midwives. The prescription also makes it easier for doctors and nurse practitioners to administer vaccines. And it requires providers to send vaccine data to the New York State Department of Health.

Earlier in the week, officials announced the state would receive an additional 110,000 doses of the federal government’s monkeypox vaccine.

They are part of a batch of 800,000 doses that the federal government plans to distribute. About 10%, or 80,000 of those doses, will go to New York; 30,000 will go to the New York State Department of Health. Dosages will be delivered over the next four to six weeks, Governor Hochul said in a statement.

More … than 1,100 people in New York had tested positive for the monkeypox virus at the end of July – almost all adult men.

Here’s what you need to know to get vaccinated for monkeypox in New York City.

In the current outbreak, monkeypox has been spread primarily through close physical contact with an infected person. In New York, the virus is spreading primarily among men who have sex with men. It causes rashes and pustules to form, and its main mode of transmission is through direct physical contact with wounds.

It can also spread through contaminated objects from a patient, like sheets and clothes, and via respiratory droplets. Researchers have found the virus in bodily fluids like saliva, urine, and semen, but there’s still debate over whether it’s transmitted sexually or simply through skin-to-skin contact.

Adult men who have sex with men with multiple sexual partners in the past 14 days are eligible for a vaccine At New York. Close contacts of infected people are also eligible.

Within the group of eligible people, the Ministry of Health particularly encourages people who have partners with symptoms of monkeypox to get vaccinated. The department is also encouraging eligible people who have met their partners through social media platforms such as Grindr or at large gatherings to get vaccinated.

Eligible people who have a disease that weakens the immune system, such as HIV, or who have a history of dermatitis or eczema are also strongly encouraged to get vaccinated.

People who have had monkeypox are not eligible for vaccination.

The Department of Health has a website where people can make an appointment. All appointments were filled by the end of July, but people are encouraged to check the website for openings resulting from cancellations.

The Department of Health said it would directly notify people who are in close contact with infected people how to make an appointment.

The state expects another 110,000 doses to arrive in the coming weeks.

In mid-July, Governor Hochul announced that the state and city had already received more than 28,000 doses and that another 32,785 doses were on their way from the federal government.

“We will continue to work closely with the Biden administration to ensure that New York receives its fair share of monkeypox vaccines, Governor Hochul said.

New York City began its rollout of the vaccine in late June. The city did not publicly announce the availability of the preferred monkeypox vaccine until 30 minutes before appointments were available. News of his availability spread on social media and by word of mouth.

Hundreds of people, mostly white men, stood in front of the Chelsea Sexual Health Clinic to receive their blows. Some of these men were turned away and encouraged to book appointments online because there were not enough vaccines. People have also encountered issues on the appointment booking website.

What kinds of books did Americans read growing up, and what are they reading now?


Whether it’s for schoolwork or just for fun, nearly nine in 10 American adults say that when they were growing up, they read books. A recent survey by YouGov asked Americans about the kinds of books they grew up reading and which ones they read now.

The proportion of people who report reading books as they grow up declines with age, from 95% of Americans over 65 to 79% of those under 30. The more recent an American’s childhood, the less likely they were to involve reading books.

The most popular genres for Americans to read when they were growing up are mystery and crime (40%), short stories (39%) and history (39%). Fantasy (36%), science fiction (36%) and youth (30%) follow closely. Least popular among the types of books surveyed are religion and spirituality (19%); crafts, hobbies and home (16%); and graphic novels (14%).

The genre of books for young adults was read the most during childhood among the genres surveyed by 12% of Americans who read at least one genre of book, more than any other genre. This is followed by mystery and crime, as well as science fiction, each reported by 10% of Americans.

The genres of books most read during childhood show differences between the sexes: 17% of women who read at least one genre of book during their childhood declared that they had read the genre Young adults the most, while only 6% of men who read in their childhood at least one kind of book a kind says the same thing. Instead, the genre most read by men growing up is science fiction (17% of childhood readers of at least one genre of book, compared to 4% for women).

How many Americans currently read books?

One in five Americans (22%) have not read a book, even partially, in the past year. This pattern varies by income, with 28% of Americans from households earning less than $50,000 reporting not having read any books in the past year, compared to 15% of those living in households with incomes between $50,000 and $100,000, and 17% of households earning $100,000. or more. Education may also play a role: university graduates are the most likely to have read more than 20 books in the past year (20%, compared to 10% for those with a university education and 6% for people who have not attended university). Americans who have not attended college are the most likely to have read no books in the past year (32%, compared to 18% of college graduates).

What genres do Americans currently read?

Some of the genres they read most growing up also remain popular with them today: 28% who read at least one genre of book say they read mystery novels and 27% say they read history books. Mystery and crime is the genre that the largest share of Americans who read a genre of book say they have read the most (14%), as it is the genre that most Americans who read a genre of book in their childhood say they read more than anyone else. another when they were growing up.

But there are also notable shifts between the reading preferences of children and adults. Although it is one of the least popular genres for American readers of genre books for children, religion and spirituality is one of the most popular genres for readers of genre books today, with 20% saying they read this genre and 13% saying they read it more. often than any other.

Current book genre preferences show some gender differences. Among women who read genres of books, 18% say the detective and detective genre is the genre they read the most, compared to 10% of men. History was the most read genre among men (14%), compared to 7% among women. However, equal shares of men and women who read book genres report reading the most religion and spirituality books (13% of each), making this genre the second most read by both men and women. women.

Some genres are more popular with members of certain age groups than others. More adults aged 65+ who read book genres report reading history books (13%) more than any other genre than members of other broad age groups. Meanwhile, romance and fantasy are the most read genres for a greater proportion of adults reading a book genre under the age of 30 (10% each) than for any other age group surveyed. However, the two most widely read genres remain consistent across all age groups: mystery and crime, and religion and spirituality – not always in that order.

What kinds of books were read more by Americans when they were growing up, compared to today? While 40% of Americans who read genres of books growing up say they read the mystery and crime genre, only 28% of current book genre readers say they currently read mystery and crime genres. However, a large proportion of current book genre readers say they read more mystery and crime than any other genre today (14%) than say they read that genre the most growing up (10 %). While the proportion of Americans who currently read book genres report reading religion and spirituality books (20%) is similar to the share of readers of childhood book genres who had read that genre growing up (19 %), more Americans who currently read genres of books (13%) report reading that genre the most today (13%) than the share of childhood genre readers who report reading the genre the most growing up (4%).

We also asked Americans who read a book in the past 12 months or don’t know if they have how often they finish the books they start reading. A third (33%) say they always finish reading books once they start them, and just 1% say they never finish them.

This question showed some differences with age. About 40% of Americans 45 and older who have read a book in the past 12 months or aren’t sure say they always finish books, compared with 26% of those 30-44 and 22% of adults under 30.

This survey was conducted July 19-22, 2022 among 1,000 adult U.S. citizens. Learn more about the methodology and data of this survey.

Image: Ying Ge on Unsplash

Is Pakistan the real heir to Indian history?


By Sufian Qazi

There is a consensus in modern genetics that anatomically modern humans first arrived on the Indian subcontinent from Africa between 73,000 and 55,000 years ago. The earliest vestiges of sedentary life dating from 7000 BCE, which involved the transition from foraging to agriculture and pastoralism, can be traced to the Mehrgarh civilization in Balochistan. By 4500 BCE, settled life had spread more widely and began to gradually evolve into the Indus Valley Civilization, which was contemporary with ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia. This civilization flourished between 2500 BCE and 1900 BCE in what is now Pakistan. It is well known for its sophisticated town planning, baked brick houses, elaborate drainage and water supply system.

Indian history begins with the birth of the Indus Valley Civilization and the arrival of the Aryans. These two phases are generally described as the pre-Vedic and Vedic age. The word “Hindu” comes from the Sanskrit word for river, Sindhu. The Indus River that flows through northwest India to Pakistan takes its name from the Sanskrit term Sindhu. The Persians referred to the land around the Indus River as Hindu, a mispronunciation of Sanskrit Sindhu. Then India saw an era of Vedic civilization flourish along the Saraswati River, named after the Vedas, which depict the early literature of the Hindus. The two greatest epics of this period were the Ramayana and the Mahabharata, still held in great reverence by followers of Hinduism.

Gandhara, a historical region in what is now northwestern Pakistan, corresponding to Peshawar and Taxila and having extensions into the lower valleys of the Kabul and Swat rivers, became the center of Buddhist civilization. In 327 BCE, Alexander the Great conquered Gandhara as well as the Indian satrapies of the Persian Empire. During military expeditions, his beloved horse, Bucephalus, died in present-day Punjab, Pakistan, after the Battle of the Hydaspes in 326 BC. The horse is believed to have been buried in Jalalpur Sharif, a small town located a short distance southwest of Jhelum. After conquering Gandhara and solidifying his supply line to Bactria, Alexander combined forces with King Ambhi of Taxila and crossed the Indus in July 326 BCE to begin the Archosia (Punjab) campaign.

After a battle with Seleucus Nicator (Alexander’s successor in Asia) in 305 BCE, the Mauryan Emperor extended his domain to present-day northwest Pakistan. With the completion of the Empire’s Grand Trunk Road, the area flourished as a commercial center. Gandhara remained part of the Maurya Empire for about a century and a half. Emperor Ashoka, the grandson of Chandragupta, then unified India in the 5th century and later converted to Buddhism, and it was under his reign that Buddhism spread to many parts of India. Asia. Gandhara was then successively ruled by the Indo-Greeks, Shakas, Parthians and Kushans.

In 712, Al-Hajjaj ibn Yusuf of the Umayyad Caliphate, sent 6,000 selected Syrian and Iraqi soldiers, a corps of camels of equal strength and a baggage train of 3,000 camels to Sind under the command of his nephew and son-in-law, Imad-ud -din Muhammad bin Qasim, a boy of only seventeen. Muhammad bin Qasim captured Daibul for the first time. He then turned to Nirun, near present-day Hyderabad, where he easily overwhelmed the inhabitants. Dahir decided to oppose the Arabs in Aror. After a fierce struggle, Dahir was overpowered and killed. Aror fell into the hands of the Muslims. The Arab forces then occupied Aror and moved towards Multan. Along the way, the Sikka (Uch) fortress, located on the bank of the Ravi, was also occupied. The Hindu ruler of Multan offered resistance for two months after which the Hindus were subdued and defeated. The Muslim conquest of Sind forever changed the course of the history of the Indian subcontinent.

After the conquest of the Gandhara region by Maḥmūd of Ghaznavi in ​​the 11th century AD, the region was held by various dynasties of Muslim slaves. Finally, in the 16th century, the Muslim Mughal Empire began to grow. One of India’s greatest empires, the Mughal Empire was wealthy and glorious, with all of India united and ruled by a single monarch. Islam became a dominant political force ruling the subcontinent for almost a millennium. With the rise of the East India Company in the 18th century and subsequent British rule in the subcontinent, separate Muslim identity led to the two-nation theory. India’s Muslims demanded a separate homeland, Pakistan. The dream was finally realized in 1947 through the tireless efforts of the All India Muslim League led by Muhammad Ali Jinnah.

When you look at the whole history of the Indian subcontinent, the region that is now Pakistan has remained central. From the Mehrgarh civilization to the Muslim rulers, this part of the land has unparalleled historical value. Therefore, it would not be wrong to qualify contemporary Pakistan as the true heir to Indian history. Pakistan is not an overnight project, but the history of Pakistan is the culmination of events dating back thousands of years. As Sir Winston Churchill rightly pointed out, a nation that forgets its past has no future; it is therefore imperative to teach the younger generations the glorious history of this region.

The author is an independent researcher based in Islamabad.


The views and opinions expressed in this article/opinion/commentary are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of the DND Think Tank and Dispatch News Bureau (DND). Assumptions made in the analysis do not reflect the position of the DND Think Tank and the Dispatch News Desk.

The Morning After: Filipino Politician Attempts to Make Ghosting a Criminal Offense


Ghosts can hurt, that’s for sure. When someone suddenly cuts contact, doesn’t show up on a date, or just doesn’t match one of those many dating apps, it sucks. A Filipino lawmaker is trying to stop it, which could be a tall order. Arnolfo Teves Jr., a member of the Philippine House of Representatives, said ghosting was “a form of emotional cruelty and should be punished as an emotional offence.”

The bill — yes, there is a bill — doesn’t offer specific penalties, but Teves suggested in an interview that community service might work. The bill attempts to define a romantic relationship as one in which the parties live together without being married or are “romantically involved over time and continuously.”

Teves said that neither casual acquaintances nor “ordinary socializing” constitute a romantic relationship. But it’s probably the connections that ghost the most. The bill does not take into account blocking someone without explanation if they are scary or threatening, which can often be the case. (Why do I feel like a regular ghost/ghost?) Quietly dropping a conversation is usually easier than being honest, unfortunately. It’s not cool, but I’m not sure if it’s really a criminal offense.

—Mat Smith

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The feature is expected to be available this fall.

Google Photos is getting a major update that has the distinction of coming to Chromebooks for the first time. Your photo and video library will get a new movie editor and video editing features this fall as part of a Chrome OS update. You’ll be able to create videos similar to the highlight clips the app already creates automatically, and select a theme, people, or pets you want to include in them; from there, Google Photos will create a movie using video clips and images from your library. Google isn’t yet saying if these video-editing features will come to mobile apps for iOS and Android, but Google Photos has generally had feature parity regardless of platform.

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Creative AIs cannot be creative without our art.

Mid Road

Generative Artificial Intelligences (GAIs) are systems that create pieces of work to match old masters in technique, if not in intent. But there’s a catch: These systems are trained on existing hardware, often using content pulled from the internet, from us.

DALL-E 2, Open AI’s system for creating “realistic images and art from natural language description,” is the current star of GAI. A user can enter the phrase “teddy bear shopping in the style of Ukiyo-e”, and the template will output images in that style, often at a fairly high level. But all of this raises several questions about ownership, data bias, and art law. Engadget’s Daniel Cooper explores the future of AI-generated imagery.

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And how to choose one



Projectors have come a long way from the bulky, dim models of the past. The latest models are brighter, cleaner, quieter and easier to install than ever before. There are, however, many different types of projectors, ranging from ultra short throw to portable to long throw. There are plenty of technical terms too, so this is the perfect topic for our latest Engadget guide, which explains everything you need to know.

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Total users grew to 433 million, but the company lost $197 million in the quarter.

The music streaming company has yet to feel the effects of a looming global recession. Unlike Netflix, which had to report a decline in its overall customer base, Spotify saw both free and paid accounts grow. It now has 433 million users, up from 422 million at the end of the first quarter. Of these, 188 million pay for Premium, a jump of six million from three months ago. Spotify’s plan to shift to cheaper forms of audio content, like podcasts and audiobooks, should help ward off new listeners.

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You can also peek at your surroundings to avoid collisions.

Finally, some early details on the PlayStation VR2 software experience, not just the hardware. Sony has teased a few key features of its PS5 VR headset, including live streaming support. If you have a PS5 HD camera, you can stream both gameplay and a view of yourself. As you can guess, this could be useful for Twitch streamers and YouTubers. The company also explained how it will handle non-VR content, with a 1080p cinematic mode that displays the PS5 interface and conventional games on a virtual screen at refresh rates between 24Hz and 120Hz.

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SRHD Supports Authorization of Novavax COVID-19 Vaccine for Adults 18+


Kelli Hawkins, SRHD | [email protected] | 509.324.1539, c 509.994.8968

Spokane, Wash. – The Western States Science Safety Review Task Force reviewed federal process and recommended authorized emergency use of the Novavax COVID-19 vaccine for the prevention of COVID-19 to include use in adults 18 years of age and older. The Spokane Regional Health District (SRHD) supports their recommendation and will begin offering doses to providers through their vaccine depot as soon as vaccine shipments arrive.

Dr. Francisco Velázquez, Chief Health Officer for SRHD, said: “Novavax offers people a more traditional protein-based COVID-19 vaccine option that they may be more comfortable with. We are excited to have four vaccine options that are excellent for preventing COVID-19, including preventing severe symptoms and outcomes that lead to hospitalization and death.

The Novavax COVID-19 vaccine, with adjuvant, is given in a primary series of two doses, three weeks apart. The vaccine contains the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein and the Matrix-M adjuvant. Adjuvants are incorporated into some vaccines to enhance the immune response of the vaccinated individual.

Velázquez encourages families to connect with their health care provider to learn more about vaccines and to find out if their health care provider offers the Novavax COVID-19 vaccine if that’s the vaccine you prefer.

Velázquez explained that the more of our population can be fully vaccinated against COVID-19, the less virus transmission and hospitalizations we will see, and the safer it is for all members of the community to resume activities. public and the freedom to be around others.

It is prudent to contact your provider or pharmacy before visiting in person, as not all providers offer the vaccine. Vaccine shipments are expected to arrive this week from the Washington State Department of Health.

“Vaccines continue to be effective in reducing the risk of severe disease, hospitalization and death, including against the Delta and Omicron variants. We continue to see very effective protection against hospitalizations and severe consequences for those fully vaccinated, Velázquez said.

Those who are eligible for the initial series of vaccines or a booster are encouraged to use DOHs VaccineLocator.doh.wa.gov website or call the COVID-19 Information Hotline at 1-800-525-0127, then press # to be directed to Spokane County vaccine providers. Language assistance is available. Additionally, the SRHD website provides a map of providers who offer pediatric vaccines.

Healthcare providers are encouraged to register for vaccine administration by completing the COVID-19 Provider Inquiry Form on the DOH COVID-19 Vaccination Program Registration Webpage (under Registration for the COVID-19 vaccination program).

CDC: Use of COVID-19 vaccines in the United States

‘Charlie Spice’ wants dialogue with officials over sex worker protection plans


Charles Adult Entertainment Lawyer Charly Spice up Lewis offers assistance to authorities in developing a regulatory framework for the protection of sex workers that includes finding safer places for them to operate.

Following revelations from Individual Empowerment and Elder Affairs Minister Kirk Humphrey last weekend that the government was moving towards protecting sex workers, Lewis said Barbados TODAY he is willing to help in this regard, as he insists that action must be taken without delay.

“I would like to have some kind of dialogue. I would like to be part of this narrative to put in place measures to protect sex workers, said Lewis, president of the Global Adult Industry Association.

He also called on all non-governmental organizations involved in the fight against the plight of prostitutes, as well as other government agencies to pool their resources and act quickly to act in the best interest of these workers.

His comments follow the recent shooting death of 44-year-old Guyanese Caroline Baird – a tragedy he hopes will spark improvements for those involved in the industry.

“I am extremely disturbed that it took the death of a sex worker for the government to consider putting in place a framework to protect sex workers. I’ve been lobbying and advocating for this for years and it’s fallen on deaf ears so far,” Lewis said.

“So I’m very happy that some steps are being taken to protect sex workers and make them feel that their rights won’t be violated, because people seem to think they can do whatever they want to sex workers and nothing will happen to them.”

According to police reports, at around 11:15 p.m. last Friday, Baird died instantly after being shot behind the grandstand at Garrison Savannah in the Bush Hill area of ​​St Michael.

The mother-of-four who resided in Dalkeith Hill, St Michael and was identified by her 23-year-old son, was believed to have been involved in a struggle with a number of people in a motor vehicle when she suffered the fatal injury.

“When I first heard about it, my first emotion was anger, then at the government for not meeting this need years ago. I’m sad for the family. I couldn’t wait to reach out to offer my condolences,” Lewis said.

“Let’s hope the government won’t just give them a lip service and do something about it.” There are other countries in the world that have already taken steps in this direction and Barbados is slow to join the party. We have to do it now.

In another section of the media, Minister Humphrey reportedly said that while other countries have legalized sex work and even implemented measures to ensure the safety of those involved, Barbados has yet to take such action. measures.

He said efforts must be made to continue reaching out to women who are already on the streets and stepping in to help them change their lives.

Lewis lamented that over the years there have been reported and unreported instances of sex workers being raped, assaulted, abused and exploited in various ways.

He said many of them refuse to make formal complaints to the police because they don’t think they will get satisfaction since prostitution remains illegal here.

“Nobody wants to do anything until something has happened to them or someone they know. So maybe now is a good time for both sides of the fence to come together and s ‘involved in this narrative and making things happen,’ Lewis said.

Baird’s murder wasn’t the only violent crime against a sex worker in recent times.

In August 2021, the naked body of a Jamaican national, believed to be a prostitute, was discovered in Beckwith Street, The City, in an abandoned house. In 2019 and 2020, the bodies of several other women were also discovered.

On August 8, 2020, well-known sex worker Nakita muscle cat Jones was repeatedly attacked and stabbed in the compound of the former Ministry of Health in Jemmott’s Lane, St Michael.

([email protected])

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4 incredible off-the-beaten-track destinations in Brazil


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Few places are so massively popular, yet strangely mysterious as Brazil. Rio may be a dream destination for millions of people, but few tourists dare to venture into the lesser-known parts of the country. Fortunately, we know how surprising it can be and have selected 4 incredible off-the-beaten-track destinations in Brazil which should definitely be on your to-do list:

Ouro Preto, a historic city straight out of a fairy tale

Panoramic view of the old colonial historic town of Ouro Preto, Minas Gerais, Brazil

The land that comprises today’s Brazil was colonized by Portugal at the turn of the 16th century, and a large influx of European, African and Asian migrations soon followed. It is now an independent country, but remnants of the former United Kingdom of Portugal, Brazil and the Algarves are still visible.

One of them is Ouro Preto, a Unesco World Heritage and arguably the main tourist destination in the inland state of Minas Gerais. A Baroque gem that wouldn’t be out of place in mainland Europe, it’s a maze of cobbled streets adorned with Portuguese-style houses, fountains and opulent 18th century churches.

Historic old town of Ouro Preto, Minas Gerais, Brazil

Ouro Preto is not only the cultural center of Minas and one of Brazil’s oldest European settlements, it acts as the main gateway into the state’s wilderness, sitting on the slopes of the vast Espinhaco Mountain chain. It may not have a coast, but here you will find towering waterfalls and pristine lakesas well as thermal baths and countless hiking trails.

Must do in Ouro Preto

  • Explore Mina de Passagemone of the city’s many colonial-era mining sites, now a museum
  • Try traditional dishes pao de queijo to the Instagrammable Opera cafe
  • Take a tour of the picturesque old town
  • Hop on the 1h30 steam train between Ouro Preto and Mariana, a neighboring historic town
  • Swimming nearby Andorinhas Cascade

Blumenau, Brazil’s Little Germany

German style house in Blumenau City, State of Santa Catarina, Brazil, South America

Did you know that German is spoken by 2 to 3 million people in Brazil? The country has been settled by several ethnic groups over the centuries, and unless they are part of an indigenous minority, Brazilians are from Europe, Africa, Asia or have mixed origins, much like the Americans. In fact, German descendants are one of the biggest groups in the far south of the country.

Portuguese is of course the national language of Brazil, but you shouldn’t be surprised to hear a Hello in Blumenau, a town in Santa Catarina where majority of the population descended from German settlers. In fact, Blumenau is home to one of the biggest Oktoberfest in the world, a proud display of the city’s heritage.

German-Brazilians parading through the streets of Blumenau, Santa Catarina, southern Brazil, South America

On top of that, it’s renowned for its old town and myriad cultural attractions, including the Beer Museum, which chronicles a brewing history dating back to the 19th century. Strolling through the bustling streets of Blumenau, lined with classic half-timbered buildings, it’s not hard to see why it has earned the nickname “Little Germany”.

Things to do in Blumenau

  • To stroll Villa Germanicathe city most traditional German neighborhood
  • Shop at Rua VX de Novembro
  • Attend Oktoberfesttraditionally held in October
  • Take a day trip to Spitzkopf Ecological Park for a breathtaking view of the Spitzkopf valley
  • Learn about local history by visiting a cultural center, such as the Beer, Glaspark and Hering museums

Fernando de Noronha, Brazil’s super exclusive island paradise

Aerial view of Cacimba do Padre beach in Fernando de Noronha, island off the northeast coast of Brazil, South America

If there’s one thing Brazil is famous for, it’s its extensive coastline, with sandy beaches that enjoy a tropical climate all year round. However, a fact little known to tourists is that Brazil also has a collective of paradise islands that, for want of being extremely accessible, have not yet been tarnished by mass tourism like Rio or Santos.

One of these islands is the candle Ferdinand de Noronha, part of a volcanic archipelago 217 miles off the northeast coast of the country. Noronha is one of the most expensive and sought-after destinations in Brazil, but surprisingly, only the locals seem to have heard of itinternational arrivals representing only 0.5% of visitors in 2021.

Young man watching the Twin Brothers Rock Formation in Fernando de Noronha, Pernambuco, Brazil

As well as being popular for its crystal clear beaches and party scene, Noronha is a protected national marine park requiring reservations months in advance. Airfares and accommodation prices are generally among the highest in Brazil, with the cheapest hotels costing an average of $400 per night, making it a trendier and more exclusive destination for high-end travelers.

Things to do in Fernando de Noronha

  • Spend a full day sunbathing on the scenic Atalaia Beach
  • Secure a spot at a weekend boat party
  • Take a tour of Bahia dos PorcosPortuguese for Bay of the Porks, where the water is teal in the key
  • Dive around the wreck of the Eleni Stathatos, a Greek freighter that sank off the coast of Brazil in 1929

Salvador, the jewel in the crown of northeast Brazil

Colorful streets in the Pelourinho district, old historic center of Salvador, Bahia, Brazil

While the south and southeast of Brazil have been heavily influenced by the European and Asian populations who call it home, which is reflected in both its cuisine and local customs, the contrasting northeast, and the State of Bahia in particular, is famous for its rich Afro-Brazilian identity. Its capital and largest city is the captivating salvador.

The first capital of Brazil, long before Brasilia took over, and one of the oldest cities in the Americas dating back to 1549, Salvador has a distinct architecture and cuisine that is an indelible mark of the Portuguese Empire, and the indigenous tribes and enslaved Africans on whose backs the nation was built – and who contributed enormously to culture.

Tourist Taking Selfie in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil

Salvador is perhaps the most colorful Brazilian state capital, housing the historic Pelourinho distinct, the Lacerda Panoramic lift overlooking the lower town and the emblematic church of Sao Francisco, known for its gilded woodwork. If these reasons are not enough to visit, the architecture of the city is so fascinating that it has been declared world heritage site by Unesco.

Things to do in Salvador

  • To eat acaraje as you watch commuters go about their business in the always busy Pelourinho distinct
  • Visit the Afro-Brazilian Cultural Museum
  • swim at Port of Barrathe city’s main public beach
  • Farol da Barraa historic lighthouse built in 1536
  • Go back in time by entering the ornament, Portuguese Cathedral of Salvadordating from the 1600s

Rio is awesome, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg

Tourist couple admiring the historic town of Ouro Preto, Minas Gerais, Brazil

Brazil is not an obscure nation like the severely underrated Albania, but curiously, the vast majority of foreigners only head to one place – you can probably guess where – and if you’re looking to thwart overtourism, then Rio isn’t the place for you. Yes, its soaring buildings overlooking the Atlantic Forest make it a unique cityscape, and its beaches are world-class, but it’s just the tip of the iceberg.

As you can see, Brazil is one of the most culturally diverse countries in the world, and reducing it to overpriced Ipanema or the sprawling urban mess of Sao Paulo is a big mistake. Thankfully, it’s done away with testing for vaccinated Americans and entry is much simpler, so what better time to start exploring this continent-sized and culturally vast giant than now?

trust us, you will not be disappointed.

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Netflix’s iOS app now has a sign-up button that takes you to its website – TechCrunch


Netflix’s app on iOS now has a sign-up button that will redirect you to its site so you can subscribe to one of its packages, as the company doesn’t pay any fees on the app store. The change comes after Apple said in March that “reader” apps — those that provide digital content like books and videos — can offer an external link to their website for account creation.

The new sign-up screen, as spotted by 9to5Mac first, displays a button that will take you to netflix.com/join. But before being redirected to the site, the application displays a warning screen which lets you know that you are no longer making transactions using Apple’s system and all processes related to this are handled by Netflix.

Picture credits: netflix

“Any account or purchase made outside of this app will be managed by the “Netflix” developer. Your App Store account, registered payment methods, and related features, such as managing subscriptions and requesting refunds, will not be Apple is not responsible for the privacy or security of any transactions with this developer,” the disclaimer reads.

Picture credits: netflix

Notably, Apple has asked developers in South Korea and the Netherlands (only dating apps) to use similar modes to use alternative payment systems for in-app purchases.

It’s unclear if the new sign-up button is rolling out to users globally. We asked Netflix for more details, and we’ll update the story if we get a response.

Apple takes a 30% fee (or 15% for small developers) on apps when selling subscriptions through the App Store’s payment system. While Netflix historically allowed you to sign up for the service on your iPhone, it dropped iTunes billing in 2018 to avoid paying commission. Instead, Netflix’s iOS app just provided a sign-in option with no in-built process or link to its website to create your account. The streaming giant hopes the new sign-up button on iOS will bring more new users to the platform.

In comparison, on Android, Netflix lets you create an account by providing your email ID and then sends you an email with information to purchase a plan to start using the app and watching content.

Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeny commented on this new development complaining that games are still not allowed to do so. That’s not surprising given that the company’s central argument in the lawsuit against Apple was that the App Store didn’t allow developers to use third-party payment methods for in-app purchases.

A Sensor Tower report released earlier this month suggests that revenue generated by non-gaming apps on the US App Store exceeded gaming revenue for the first time in May and June. If the trend continues, Apple could refine its rules for apps tied to subscription purchases while avoiding App Store fees.

The new iOS Development sign-up button comes days after Netflix announced its Q2 2022 results with a loss of 970,000 subscribers; it lost 200,000 subscribers last quarter. Given that the company’s shares have fallen more than 60% this year, it desperately needs to attract more people to its platform. The company has already talked about measures like adding extra fees for sharing passwords for non-household members and an ad-supported plan that will launch next year.

Misbehavior at Gahanna Pools results in stricter rules and officer attendance


Bad behavior among young people and adults has led to new rules at Gahanna’s pools, including requiring guests under 16 to be accompanied by an adult.

The new requirement came into effect July 16, three weeks before the end of the season, for the safety of pool staff, pool members and guests, Mayor Laurie Jadwin said at the council meeting. municipal council of Gahanna on July 18.

The new rules were posted on July 15 on the Gahanna Parks and Recreation Facebook Pageamong other outlets.

“Since last Friday (July 15) when the new rules were shared, at that time we had seven police calls in the previous 14 days, Jadwin said. “We have had 40 incident reports completed and filed since the opening of the pool season. This is an absurd amount for what we usually have.

She said the decision to change them was not taken lightly.

“We looked at just about every municipality in central Ohio and the rules they currently have in place,” Jadwin said. “And I’m going to share with you, we’re one of the last municipalities to have these kinds of rules in place. We are one of the last at the table.

She said the incidents not only included misbehavior by minors, but also by adults.

“There’s one story in particular that shocked me,” Jadwin said. “We had a 15-year-old lifeguard, a young girl, wanting to get her first city job, trying to enforce a diving board safety rule, leading an adult, ‘Please don’t do this; it’s against the rules. In response, (I apologize in advance for the language), the adult yelled at the lifeguard, the 15-year-old girl called her a bitch then threatened to grab her by the hair and drag her across the pool.

Jadwin said public safety was his responsibility.

“I’ve had complaints from families who no longer want to come to the pool because of the behaviors they encountered there,” she said. “That’s an example of what happened.”

Aquatic Supervisor Chris Simmons, who has been in the aquatics for nearly 10 years, said he has never seen the bad behavior incidents Gahanna experienced this summer.

“I was at the pools for one particular incident that I can talk about,” he said. “We were dealing with customers who were disrespectful to lifeguards. The director asked them to leave. They refused to leave. They called me for support. I told them, ‘You have to go.’ They told me in colorful language that they weren’t going to leave.

At the same time, Simmons said, a large group of teenagers from the same neighborhood would gather and run into the parking lot to fight.

“They all rushed in as my pool attendant tried to physically keep them out,” he said. “At that point I said we were going to call the police. It’s too much.”

Simmons said the behaviors were unacceptable.

“It’s not something we thought we could expect,” he said. “Certainly, out of season, we’ll take a look at things.”

Anna Roth, 4, of New Albany, plays in the new wading pool at Gahanna Pool on July 23.

Stephania Bernard-Ferrell, director of Gahanna Parks & Recreation, said the new rules were not a knee-jerk reaction to a singular incident.

“It’s something that’s been going on for several weeks,” she said. “It’s not fair to our staff; it’s not fair to people who come to use the pools as intended. I refuse to wait for something worse to happen.

At that time, says Bernard-Ferrell, a resource agent will be at the pool between 4:30 p.m. and 6 p.m., and from 6 p.m. until closing at 8:30 p.m., another agent will be on site.

“The staff know they have the support of the police on site,” she said.

Dan Pearlman, Gahanna’s public information officer, said Gahanna Pool and Hunters Ridge Pool will be open through Aug. 9. After that, he said, the Gahanna Pool will be closed for the season, but the Hunters Ridge Pool will remain open on weekends. and Labor Day.

The paddling pool at Gahanna Pool is to remain open to the public until the weather no longer permits.

Gahanna Town Council Chairman Stephen Renner said he looked forward to having community-wide discussions about the pools.

“I know some people might laugh about it, but we need to get back to the virtues of respect, and we need to know exactly what that really means and hold each other accountable, as members of the community,” he said. .

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Drive by pulling on the Shell gas station next to the Diamond Club | 8 injured


It happened around 12:45 a.m. Sunday at the Shell gas station next to the Diamond Club on Northside Drive near Interstate 75.

ATLANTA — Eight people were shot overnight in what police are calling a drive-by shooting at a gas station next to a strip club in Atlanta.

An Atlanta police spokesperson said it happened around 12:45 p.m. Sunday at the Shell gas station next to the Diamond Club near Northside Drive near Interstate 75.

APD Major Ailen Mitchell said about 12 people were in the parking lot talking when a vehicle pulled up and shots were fired from inside the car. It’s unclear what led to the mass shooting, however.

Police say six people are in stable condition while two are in critical condition. They said the victims were taken to Piedmont and Grady hospitals in private vehicles while officers followed them.

They said they were actively looking for the suspect vehicle, but did not share a description of that car. They added that there was surveillance video.

According to the Diamond Club’s social media accounts, they were hosting “ATL BLOODYMAXX Celebrity Birthday Bash” on Saturday night. It is not known if the victims of the shooting were at the club or were on their way to the nearby club. The gas station advertises that club goers can park on their property for a fee.

This is a developing story. Check back often for new information.

Also download the 11Alive News app and sign up to receive breaking news alerts on this story and other breaking news in Atlanta and North Georgia.

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Archaeologists may have located the palace of Genghis Khan’s bloodthirsty grandson


Archaeologists may have located a palace belonging to the bloodthirsty grandson of Genghis Khan who sacked Baghdad in 1258 in eastern Turkey

  • Hulagu Khan was Genghis’ grandson – estimated to have killed 40 million people
  • After the death of his grandfather, Hulagu controlled the Il-Khanate in Asia
  • Historical sources describe his grand palace, believed to be in eastern Turkey
  • Archaeologists now believe they have discovered the site of the Mongol palace

The grand palace that once belonged to Genghis Khan’s grandson may have been discovered in Turkey, archaeologists say.

Hulagu Khan was a Mongol warlord who lived from 1217 to 1265 and conquered much of Southwest Asia.

It is known for the 1258 sack of Baghdad, then the religious and cultural capital of Islam, which destroyed much of the historic city.

Hulagu’s father was the fourth son of Genghis Khan, who founded the Mongol Empire spanning across the Middle East and Asia.

Genghis Khan is estimated to have killed around 40 million people during his campaigns, or around 5-10% of the world’s population at the time.

A 14th-century depiction of Hulagu Khan (centre), who ruled the Il-Khanate across the Middle East in much of today’s Iran, Iraq and Turkey

The Mongol Empire split into smaller kingdoms in the years following the death of Genghis Khan, one of which was the Il-Khanate led by Hulagu Khan, which occupied much of Iran, modern Iraq and Turkey.

The bag of Baghdad

Perhaps Hulagu Khan’s most infamous attack was the savage sack of Baghdad in 1258.

The attack was part of Hulagu’s campaign to bring the Islamic world under Mongol control, especially in Persia – modern Iran.

The sack of Baghdad saw the destruction of the House of Wisdom, one of the great centers of learning in the Arab world filled with documents collected over 500 years.

Eyewitnesses say that so many books from the library were thrown into the Tigris, they formed a bridge strong enough for a man to ride across.

Others said the waters of the river were black with ink and red with blood.

Some historical sources mention a summer capital in the kingdom with a huge palace, but do not say exactly where it was.

Archaeologists now believe they have discovered the site of the Khan’s palace in Van province in eastern Turkey.

The palace was recorded by the 13th century Armenian historian Kirakos of Ganja and other sources as being near Lake Van, but its exact location has never been confirmed.

The team responsible for excavating the site said the palace had been heavily looted and damaged. They added that they had found glazed tiles, porcelain and pottery in the ruins of the palace.

Munkhtulga Rinchinkhorol of the Mongolian Academy of Sciences said the team also discovered “tamga” or “swastika” symbols – “symbols of power” from the Mongol Khans and other parts of the medieval world before they were appropriated. by the Nazis in the 20th century.

Mr Rinchinkhorol told Live Science: “The remains of the Khan’s palace complex [are] now completely ruined.

He added that the symbols discovered by archaeologists are one of the main reasons why they believe the palace belonged to Hulagu Khan.

Historical sources suggest that the Khan's palace is in or around the province of Van in eastern Turkey, but its location has never been confirmed.

Historical sources suggest that the Khan’s palace is in or around the province of Van in eastern Turkey, but its location has never been confirmed.

Other archaeologists not involved in the project said further research was needed to confirm the site was the Mongol lord’s stronghold, but it was very possible.

Timothy May, a professor of Central Eurasian history at the University of North Georgia, said further investigation was needed: “It’s possible this is Hulagu Palace.”

He added: “The academics involved are very good and may be right.”

Michael Hope, chair of Asian studies at Yonsei University in Korea, said: “Whether this is Hülegü Palace as described by Kirakos remains to be seen. I certainly wouldn’t rule it out, but I look forward to more information.


Selena Gomez celebrated her 30th birthday with her best friend Taylor Swift: see the photos


Selena Gomez is officially thirty years old and she celebrated the event with the perfect person.

Gomez rang in the big 3-0 on July 22 with Taylor Swift, posting some photos from their anniversary outing on Instagram. In the photos, Gomez looks effortlessly chic in a flowing white dress and a relaxed updo, while Swift matches the boho-chic aesthetic of the venue in a red garden party dress, pigtail braids and blunt bangs.

Gomez and Swift have been close friends for many years. “She taught me a lot about how I should be treated at a young age,” Gomez said in an interview with the the wall street journal in 2020. “She showed up for me in a way that I never expected. I was airlifted because I was injured and going through something… It has been proven year after year and every moment of my life that she is one of my best friends in the world. “Obviously that’s still the case.

“30, nerdy and successful,” Gomez captioned the photos, in which Swift holds up three fingers on one hand and forms a zero with the other.

Instagram content

This content can also be viewed on the site from which it originated.

Of course, the caption is a slightly modified reference to Jennifer Garner’s iconic prayer in 13 In progress 30, which takes her character Jenna Rink from clumsy teenager to successful magazine editor with a few chants of “thirty, flirty and successful.” Selena Gomez, who has been joking about her single status for a while, took the opportunity to make the phrase reflect her current mood.

Gomez may be single, but that doesn’t mean she’s not showing off. “One of the reasons why I am so delighted to welcome SNL it’s because I’m single, Gomez said during his Saturday Night Live opening monologue in May. “And I heard that SNL is a great place to find romance. Emma Stone met her husband here, Scarlett Johansson and Colin Jost, and Pete and… Machine Gun Kelly.

71% of Indians want to monitor their children’s online activity: NortonLifeLock


Internet usage has increased dramatically as access to mobile devices has become easier. However, Indian children are most affected by increased internet penetration, according to a report by NortonLifeLock. According to the Harris Poll study of 1,004 adults in India, 73% of Indian adults surveyed believe that children are likely to disclose their family members’ personal information online.

“Our children are natural when it comes to technological advancements, adapting to the latest gadgets to internet applications. children,” said Ritesh Chopra, Field Sales and Marketing Manager, India & SAARC Country, NortonLifeLock. “This latest Norton India study tells us that three-quarters of Indian parents surveyed (78%), with children under the age of 18, discovered that their children had done something on their smart devices without their permission. The most important aspect of Internet safety for children is for parents to instill proper Internet guidelines and the potential dangers present on it from an early age.

The report reveals that Indian adults are highly aware of the importance of cyber security. More than 86% said it’s more important than ever for parents to talk to their kids about cybersecurity. The majority of Indian adults surveyed (68%) say it is essential or particularly important for parents to manage their children’s screen time usage.

Meanwhile, the report says the work from home culture has made a significant shift among family members, with 71% of Indian parents believing their relationship with their children has improved when working from home. Nearly 70% of respondents who are married or live with partners say their relationship with their spouse or partner has improved while working from home.

“More than half of Indian adults surveyed said their relationships with friends had improved (55%) and 51% said their relationships with colleagues had improved when working from home, notes the report. However, working from home posed challenges for the majority, with 93% of Indians experiencing technology-related issues, most commonly unreliable or slow internet connectivity (52%) and frequent communication issues (47%) .

Disney +: how to activate parental controls to block movies rated R


On Friday, Disney+ launched the first R-rated films on the streaming platform: “Deadpool”, “Deadpool 2” and “Logan”.

All three Marvel movies were produced by 20th Century Fox, now part of Disney – and they’re filled with violence, adult themes, and grossness. “Logan” contains “extremely strong and bloody comic book violence,” as well as nudity, profanity, and alcohol consumption, Common Sense Media notes. Of “Deadpool”, the site says “the bloody, profane and sexy superhero story [is] great, but NOT for kids.

For parents or guardians who want to make sure their children can’t access these adult-targeted rates, Disney+ offers several parental control features. Here’s how to configure them:

Child Profiles

This is the easiest way to keep child spectators in a walled garden that includes only content suitable for all viewers. To configure a child’s profile: open your account, then select “Add a profile”. Select a character icon for the profile and enter a profile name. Switch the “Children’s profile” setting to “On”, then select “Save”.

There is also an option for a ‘childproof exit’, which prevents a child profile user from navigating to other account user profiles without completing a simple exit challenge (showing them four spelled digits and asking them to enter the digits).

Content Ratings

For regular profiles (which aren’t set up as kids’ profiles), Disney+ account owners can set content ratings so that TV shows and movies rated higher than each profile’s content rating are not displayed when a user of this profile browses or searches for Disney+.

To adjust a profile’s content ratings, go to your profile and select “Edit Profiles”. Select the profile you want to edit; under ‘Parental Controls’, select ‘Content Rating’. After entering your password, you can then select the highest level of content rating for this profile from nine options (TV-Y; TV-Y7; TV-Y7-FV; G, G-TV; PG- TV, PG; PG-13; TV-14; R; and TV-MA); then click “Save”.

Profile PIN

The primary Disney+ account holder can set a four-digit password to prevent others from accessing their profile. To set it up, select your profile and choose “Profile PIN” from the Parental Controls menu. After entering your password, you can enter, change or delete your PIN, then select “Save”.

Meanwhile, on Friday, the Parents Television and Media Council released a statement accusing Disney+ of “breaking its promise” not to add R-rated movies to the streaming platform. In fact, the media conglomerate never made such a promise. The monitoring group was referring to an August 2019 Tweeter by entertainment writer Eric Vespe who quoted an unidentified company representative as saying Disney+ content at launch “will all be PG-13 or softer.”

“While Disney+ directs subscribers to its parental controls, the mere presence of R-rated and TV-MA content violates the trust and sensitivity of families, PTC Chairman Tim Winter said in a statement. “What took decades to build now takes months to erase.” The organization had already leaned into Disney+ by adding several TV-MA rated Marvel series that were previously on Netflix, including “Daredevil,” “Jessica Jones,” “Luke Cage,” and “Iron Fist.”

Ryan Reynolds, star of the “Deadpool” films, had a much lighter and hilarious take on the development of Disney+.

“We’re supposed to announce that ‘Logan’ and ‘Deadpool’ will soon be the first R-rated movies on Disney+. But we all know that some Disney movies should already be rated R for irreversible trauma,” he tweeted on Thursday. Reynolds cheekily called, for example, “The Lion King” for “Fratricide”. Mauling. Most likely half-siblings loving, or at least kissing cousins. Seriously.”

Creamline’s loss to Cignal is a red flag, says Alyssa Valdez


ALYSSA Valdez has admitted Creamline was undone by one error too many in a four-set loss to Cignal on Thursday night at the 2022 Premier Volleyball League (PVL) Invitational Conference.

“Hindi kami nagkulang. Nasobrahan yung mistakes namin,” she joked after Creamline suffered their first loss in three games and found themselves in a three-way tie for second place with Army-Black Mamba and PLDT behind undefeated Cignal.

“Unfortunately we had so many unforced errors. So I guess ‘yun.”

The loss was actually the Cool Smashers’ first in 11 games — their last loss coming in Game 3 of the Open Conference Finals to Chery Tiggo held at Ilocos Norte.

Still, Valdez sticks to the positives, saying the loss came early in the tournament and can only serve as a wake-up call for the Cool Smashers, especially with the showpiece match against Choco Mucho coming up on Saturday.

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“We will take it as a challenge and it’s extra motivation for us kasi sometimes kailangan din namin ng konting pampagising din para malaman namin yung pagkukulang at pagkakamali namin and kailangan pa namin iamprove,” said the 5ft 9in forward. .

Valdez praised Cignal’s defense on the net and his fighting spirit. Although Creamline had a 56-38 advantage in attacks, the HD Spikers imposed their dominance at net with 13 blocks to the Cool Smashers’ seven.

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“Mahirap din makapuntos talaga, their blocking as a team very strong. Kitang kita naman natin yung height nila, very intimidating on the pitch,” said the Creamline skipper, who finished with nine points in the loss.


Creamline are two wins away from a place in the semi-finals and Valdez assured that Creamline will come out more motivated, starting with the highly anticipated game against the Flying Titans on Saturday at the Mall of Asia Arena.

“In every victory and every journey, it’s part of it. You win some, you lose some. You accept it and the important thing is how you come back, di ba?” she says.

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FTC settles another child privacy case


The FTC routinely settles cases alleging companies have violated the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA). In one case, the FTC said a Ukrainian company marketed a dating app that revealed the locations of very young users. In another, the FTC said a company that offered apps containing virtual pets that kids could play with and deal with information shared about them with third-party marketing companies.

Perhaps the most high-profile COPPA case was a settlement with YouTube in which the FTC alleged the company made millions of dollars by improperly targeting ads to children.

COPPA requires websites, apps, and other online services directed to children under 13 to inform parents about their data collection practices and obtain their consent before collecting personal information about their children. The rule also applies if a company has “actual knowledge that it is collecting information about children this young”.

In a 2012 study, the FTC found that companies routinely violate COPPA by:

  • Sharing children’s personal information collected through their apps without disclosing the practice
  • Allow kids to spend real money through the app even though the app itself is free.
  • Not disclosing that apps have ads
  • Do not disclose links to social networks

In March, the FTC settled a COPPA case with another prominent company – WW International, formerly known as Weight Watchers. The FTC alleged that a subsidiary of the company called Kurbo was marketing a weight-loss app intended for use by children as young as eight years old and collecting their personal information without parental permission. The app collects information such as names, email addresses, and dates of birth; and tracks children’s food intake, activity and weight.

The FTC alleged that Kurbo’s sign-up process encouraged children to falsely claim they were over 13, and many of them later changed their profiles to show their true date of birth. Still, Kurbo allowed them to have continued access to the app. The FTC also said that parents who enroll their children can only see a notice about the collection of information if they click on a hyperlink buried in a series of other hyperlinks. Finally, the FTC said the company violated COPPA’s data retention provisions by retaining the data indefinitely and only deleting it at the request of a parent.

The policy requires WW International and Kurbo to delete unlawfully collected data unless they notify parents directly and obtain their permission to use it in a manner that complies with the law. Companies must destroy all algorithms derived from illegally collected data and, in the future, destroy data collected from children under 13 if they have not used the app for a year. Finally, the companies must pay a civil penalty of $1.5 million.

The FTC and the BBB recommend that you try out apps yourself before letting your children use them. On the online application store, look at the screenshots; read the description, content rating and user reviews; and follow the link to learn more about the developer. Talk to your kids about online do’s and don’ts, including what not to share.

If you can do it in your phone’s settings, limit the content to what’s appropriate for your child’s age. Set a password so apps can’t be downloaded and your kids can’t buy things without it.

Randy Hutchinson is the president and CEO of the Better Business Bureau of the Mid-South.

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In 1960, a night at Disneyland only cost $18. Here’s what it costs today


If you want to plan a trip to Disney, sorry to tell you, but it won’t come cheap. The price of “the happiest place on earth” has risen over the past few decades, thanks to inflation and new attractions driving prices up. But a new report has looked at what it costs to take a trip to Disneyland for a family of four and compared it to current prices. The difference is wild.

The bustle analyzed the costs of a family visit to Disneyland in Anaheim, California, and compared them to what the same trip would cost in the 1960s. They even took some of the “extras” for a family vacation to Disneyland, including food and travel expenses. Instead, they focused on the “minimum” costs associated with a family-of-four outing for tickets, parking, and a one-night stay at a Disneyland hotel.

To find 2022 prices, data was pulled from Disney websites and assumed a weekend day trip in June, as the company has dynamic pricing for its tickets. The 1960 prices were taken from newspaper archives and old ticket stubs. Of course, in the 1960s you had to pay for admission and each ride ticket, so these measurements were combined to be more accurate.

Here are some of the differences between a Disney trip today and a trip to the 1960s:

  • Ticket prices: Adult ticket plus pass was $54.81 for an adult and $35.06 for a child, adjusted for inflation. Now it’s $149 for an adult and $141 for a child.
  • Hotel stayA one night stay at a Disney owned hotel was $18 a night. It would cost $178 a night if adjusted for inflation. However, a double room at the Disneyland Hotel costs $445 per night.
  • Car park: In the 1960s, parking your car in the Disneyland parking lot for the day cost $0.25. When adjusted for inflation, the price would be $2.47. However, parking now costs $30 a day, which, as The Hustle points out, represents a price hike of 11,900% and 13.5 times the rate of inflation.

Of course, it’s important to point out that Disneyland attractions are better now than they were in the 1960s, which explains some of the price increases. In the 1960s, there were only 20 attractions, while that number has more than doubled to 53 today.

“We found that these family outings increased by 2 to 3 times the rate of inflation,” The Hustle reported“And that, to afford them, American families today must work up to twice as many hours as they did 60 years ago.”

It all seems to come down to that anyone who wants to take their kids to Disneyland can no longer afford a visit.

Push Premium – Drinks International


Japanese whiskey has been dominated by two producers over the past few decades in terms of quantity and quality. Nikka and Suntory are undoubtedly the torchbearers of the category with rich portfolios of highly respected malts.

Last year, Suntory’s Yamazaki topped Drinks International’s list of the world’s most admired whiskies; and most recently at the 2022 International Spirits Challenge, the two producers won 32 of the 42 gold medals awarded to the category. However, ongoing inventory issues combined with a widespread obsession with the West provide an opportunity for more high-end or craft brands to take market share.

Kyushu is the third largest of Japan’s four main islands and is famous for its shochu culture. Shochu means “burnt alcohol” in Japanese, is largely made from sweet potatoes, rice and wheat, and is a fundamental part of life for Kyushu’s 13 million people. However, while shochu sells in large volumes domestically, its international appeal outside of expat hotspots is relatively limited, leaving several companies to look to whiskey production as a more financially sustainable alternative for the future. .

Japan exported 46 billion yen ($340 million) worth of whiskey in 2021, according to government statistics released by Nikkei Asia, which is a 70% increase from the previous year and more than four times that of 2016. And while still in the dark, shochu exports grew only 19% over the same period.


The Kanosuke distillery was founded by shochu producer Komasa Jyozo in 2017 and in 2021 launched its first single malt. The parent company dates back to 1883 and is credited with pioneering the use of oak barrels for aging Japanese drink. Current and fourth-generation president Yoshitsugu Komasa realized that whiskey would be easier to sell than shochu in international markets, which led to the formation of Kanosuke. The brand uses both peated and unpeated malted barley imported from the UK to produce its single malt and in some cases has used the family business’s old shochu casks for maturation to create more unusual expressions.

create more unusual expressions. Kanosuke’s early success attracted financial backing from Diageo’s brand accelerator arm, Distill Ventures, which has also invested in other great New World whiskeys such as Australia’s Starward and Danish brand Stauning.

Charlie Steel, Whiskey Portfolio Manager at Disstill Ventures, said: “I think what makes Japanese whiskey so exciting right now is that consumers in Japan and overseas, as they learn more, look for new, more authentic Japanese whiskeys that have terrific liquids. and inspiring stories – which leaves a tremendous opportunity for new whiskey distilleries in Japan.

“Right now the focus is on Japan, but in the near future we will start opening up some key European markets such as the UK, France and Germany, before expanding into the US. United.”

Another example of a shochu producer turning to whiskey is Shindo Distillery. It started making whiskey in Asakura City, Fukuoka Prefecture in the summer of 2021 and the facility is owned by Shinozaki, a traditional barley shochu producer founded in 1922.

Eighth-generation family member Michiaki Shinozaki told Nikkei Asia the business is diversifying “because the demand for Japanese whiskey is skyrocketing.” He adds: “The whiskey is for the overseas market and we hope to sell around 70% of our product overseas.

Meanwhile, in Kijo City, Miyazaki Prefecture, Osuzuyama Distillery started selling an unaged single malt in 2020 called Osuzu Malt New Born, which sold out online within minutes. Osuzuyama president Shinsaku Kuroki also oversees parent company Kuroki Honten, which makes a shochu called Hyakunen no Kodoku.

“I was looking for new possibilities in shochu-making technology and our local products when I started to think it would be interesting to make whisky,” Kuroki explains.

The company’s president also adds that it will start increasing sales at the end of this year, once the whiskey has aged for at least three years. “I want to reach not only the domestic market, but also the world, he says.

Charlie Steel at Dist Ventures


As Kuroki suggests, it helps to follow Japanese whiskey regulations when entering overseas markets. Last year, the Japan Spirits & Liqueurs Makers Association announced a new set of bottling rules for Japanese whiskey that are similar to those for Scotch, albeit in a different location.

Although some Japanese distilleries have used indigenous ingredients such as koji to make their own whiskey for generations, the new regulations do not mention these traditional practices.

The general consensus is that the association seeks export consistency to bring clarity, confidence and assurance of quality to consumers around the world, thereby growing Japanese whiskey as a whole.

affect big players like Nikka and Suntory – or brands like Kanosuke following the new regulations – there are other products left in a potentially precarious position.

Shochu has been part of Kyushu culture for hundreds of years, dating back to the 16th century. Many local distilleries are steeped in tradition – their production methods remain unchanged – and, according to Kyushu Spirits, which produces a range of Japanese koji-based whiskeys, “every batch is as extraordinary as the people who distill them”.

Kyushu Spirits’ partner distilleries produce whiskeys and spirits by combining traditional Japanese fermentation techniques and Western aging methods to create what it calls a “new spirit of Japan.”

The company states: “A whiskey is only as good as the ingredients that go into it. This is why only locally sourced cereals such as barley, buckwheat and rice from Kyushu are used. Combined with wood aging and the same koji fermentation process pioneered by their ancestors before them, the resulting whiskeys are truly unique in terms of balance and flavor.

It looks like if Japanese whiskey continues to gain popularity overseas, the category is about to split. As Kanosuke’s Steel says, demand for new premium brands is growing rapidly in exports, especially in thirsty markets with a mature understanding of the category.

Therefore, in addition to some brand-new distilleries, some of Japan’s oldest shochu producers have stepped up to try and take advantage of this gap in the market, and in the long run, this may even bring fame to the ancient Japanese drink. abroad.

However, while international sales might be an open goal for these new brands coming to market, others using more traditional methods are unable to market themselves as Japanese whiskey outside of Japan and could therefore find themselves competing with shochu at the national level, alienated from its own category. .

Redcar RNLI rescues three adults and a child from the sea off Redcar


Lifeboat press release

The hottest day of the year proved to be very eventful for the Redcar RNLI volunteer team.

RNLI/Dave Cocks

Class D Lifeboat at Redcar

At 1.36 p.m., the D-class inshore lifeboat was tasked with rescuing a child and three men. Reports were received that a dinghy had been blown off Majuba Road beach by a gust of wind. Three onlookers had swum in pursuit of the canoe and the child. When the lifeboat arrived on the scene, they found the three men clinging to the side of the inflatable while the child remained inside. Our crew immediately proceeded to bring the child and myself aboard the lifeboat while checking that they were not injured. The inflatable was about 300 yards from the beach. The lifeboat took the rescued men and child back to Majuba Road beach where the child was reunited with his mother.

Mike Picknett, Director of Lifeboat Operations at Redcar RNLI, said: “Our volunteer crew train hard to ensure they can respond quickly and effectively to cries like this. On this occasion, we were lucky enough to be able to reunite the child with his mother, a result with which we are all satisfied. Today turned out to be a very busy day for our team of volunteers, with many families heading to the coast to take advantage of the warm weather, we received a number of calls which we responded to. There are a few important safety measures that anyone can follow if they want to have a hassle-free day at the beach.

Always head to a supervised beach and stay as close to the marked area as possible as it is protected by our lifeguards. If you have inflatables, do not enter the water with them, they can be blown away very quickly. And of course, if you think you see someone in trouble, call 999 and ask for the coast guard.

RNLI/Dave Cocks

Class D launch

RNLI Highlights

The charity RNLI saves lives at sea. Its volunteers provide a 24-hour search and rescue service on the coasts of the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland. The RNLI operates 238 lifeguard stations in the UK and Ireland and over 240 lifeguard units on beaches in the UK and the Channel Islands. The RNLI is independent of the coastguard and government and depends on voluntary donations and legacies to maintain its lifesaving service. Since the RNLI’s inception in 1824, its lifeboat crews and lifeguards have saved more than 142,700 lives.

Find out more about the RNLI

For more information, please visit the RNLI website or Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. Press releases, videos and photos are available on the News Center.

Contact the RNLI – public inquiries

Members of the public can contact the RNLI on 0300 300 9990 (UK) or 1800 991802 (Ireland) or by email.

Nauti NZ owner applies for liquor license for brothel in condemned building along New Plymouth High Street

New plans have emerged to turn a building in downtown New Plymouth into a strip bar and brothel.  The building has been barricaded since December 2021, when it was condemned.


New plans have emerged to turn a building in downtown New Plymouth into a strip bar and brothel. The building has been barricaded since December 2021, when it was condemned.

The New Plymouth owner of an online adult sex toy business plans to open a brothel across from his only physical store in a condemned building whose last tenant tried to do the same before being evicted.

Businessman Andre Craig has applied for a license for 53 Devon St East, which is almost directly opposite his Nauti NZ store in New Plymouth, where he sells adult products including sex toys and lingerie.

Craig is also the director of Fever Entertainment Ltd, the company that applied for the license from New Plymouth District Council (NPDC).

In his application, Craig describes the main activity on the site as “adult entertainment, including but not limited to exotic dancing, escort services, brothel” when there would be also the “sale of adult entertainment activities”.

* Council condemns New Plymouth strip club building after lease
* Failed eviction attempt as New Plymouth strip club lease continues
* Application to turn an empty pub into offices has declined despite the positive effects

Food would be available as a condition of the license, although it would be limited to bar snacks like sausage rolls.

Nauti NZ is an online adult retailer with a physical store in New Plymouth.

Andy MacDonald / Stuff

Nauti NZ is an online adult retailer with a physical store in New Plymouth.

To explain the type of entertainment that would be provided, Craig said in the application that there would be exotic dancing between 8 p.m. and 3 a.m., but no loud crowds. He wants to sell or supply alcohol from 10 a.m. to 3 a.m., seven days a week.

Anyone objecting to Craig’s request may do so within 15 business days of his public notification.

Craig had “no comment” to make when contacted Monday about the bid and would not answer questions about the condition of the building or when it proposed to open.

When the building was condemned, squatters were also evicted with the help of the police.


When the building was condemned, squatters were also evicted with the help of the police.

The property has been at the center of a long-running dispute between its owner Rafad Alsaloom and former tenant Denys Taylor, who also wanted to run a strip club and brothel from the site.

It was convicted by council in December last year, when it was convicted and a notice warning it was a ‘dangerous, affected or unsanitary building’ and ‘no one may enter in the building for commercial or residential purposes” displayed on its door.

Taylor was also evicted and later ordered to pay Alsaloom tens of thousands of dollars in back rent and fees by Judge Peter Churchman after their dispute ended up in the High Court.

Alsaloom had been trying to deport Taylor since April 2021.

Taylor had bought the former New Plymouth strip club The Crave in 2018 and successfully applied for a liquor license in late 2019 for the Devon St East premises.

In the license application, he described the business as a nightclub, strip club and bar. He previously said Things he planned to turn the upper floors of the building into a brothel.

Taylor didn’t open the bar until mid-2020 and operated for three consecutive months, and on other random occasions.

It had been closed for the two months before the April eviction.

Before briefly being a strip club, it was the site of New Zealand’s first Bubble Waffle food outlet.

Eight-day hackathon planned at one of Asia’s biggest blockchain events


One of Asia’s biggest blockchain events is set to take place in a few weeks and will feature an eight-day hackathon.

Morpheus Labs organized the competition in collaboration with Huawei and Blockchain Association Singapore.

The project says the hackathon aligns with its vision of blockchain technology as an indispensable tool for education, unlocking opportunities for developers across Asia.

A grand prize including cash, Huawei Cloud credits and a laptop will be awarded to the winner, and there will also be second and third place prizes.

It will all start on July 20, when participants will have the chance to start socializing and brainstorming together.

They will have until 11:59 p.m. on July 24 to deliver a video demo, an unmissable pitch that illustrates their concept in action.

Judging will take place on July 26 and 27, and an awards ceremony will be held to crown the winners on July 28.

Pei-Han, CEO of Morpheus Labs, told Cointelegraph, “This hackathon gives budding and experienced blockchain developers – and even those with no blockchain experience – a stage to hone and show off their skills. “

“We are very excited about the hackathon, as it has been endorsed by many companies, and the number of registrations for the hackathon has been more than encouraging.”

He added that Morpheus Labs and BAS have worked together “many times” since 2017, with more events planned for the not-too-distant future.

Discover the future of Web3

The hackathon is described as “the ultimate event for blockchain developers”, with over 1,000 attendees. Along with insights from industry experts and a series of educational courses, it will also give executives a chance to discover the latest talent in the rapidly changing Web3 space.

Competitors will be able to work on a plethora of cutting-edge projects in a special Web3 sandbox, whether it’s designing a decentralized autonomous organization that fosters innovation, connecting non-fungible token applications to real businesses, or to create a decentralized application that provides a smoother user experience through decentralized identities. Technology that addresses the 16 United Nations Social Development Goals will also be viewed favorably.

As you’d expect, “Web3 and Beyond” is the theme for Singapore Blockchain Week 2022, and it’s being held at the Sands Expo and Convention Center. With appearances from the Monetary Authority of Singapore’s Chief Financial Technology Officer, Sopnendu Mohanty, and United States Securities and Exchange Commission Commissioner, Hester Peirce, this is shaping up to be a news event.

More information about Morpheus Labs here

Defend your platform

Morpheus Labs hopes the hackathon will also provide a showcase for its platform, and the project has been proactive in onboarding new customers and partners.

The KuCoin exchange and KuCoin Labs are also on board as event partners, further enhancing the event.

Morpheus is now collaborating with Sleep Future, a blockchain-based sleep wellness ecosystem that aims to promote users’ sleep quality through data analysis and recommendations.

It has also signed a memorandum of understanding with Avadore, and Morpheus Labs infrastructure will play a leading role in an upcoming blockchain metaverse project for the dating industry – among the first of its kind.

GEEQ, 5ireChain, Numen and ChainUp are just a few of the other Morpheus Labs clients.

When it comes to partnerships, Morpheus Labs says it was driven by creating an ecosystem that delivers real utility to customers.

And no doubt even more compelling partnerships will emerge at this upcoming hackathon, not least because this tech sector is only scratching the surface of what Web3 can achieve.

Disclaimer. Cointelegraph does not endorse any content or product on this page. Although we aim to provide you with all important information we may obtain, readers should do their own research before taking any action related to the company and take full responsibility for their decisions, and this article cannot no longer be considered as investment advice.

Dating apps help spread STIs. They could also stop them


Ssexually transmitted infections are on the rise in the United States. But it’s not just monkeypox that’s on the rise, and it’s not just men who have sex with men who are affected.

The meteoric rise of dating apps has led to more informal relationships, which means users feel less pressure to disclose sexually transmitted infections (STIs) to each other. It’s one of many factors that have helped drive up rates of these illnesses: gonorrhea infections are up 45% and syphilis is up 52% ​​since 2016. Congenital syphilis cases, which can lead to stillbirths and deaths in babies born to women with syphilis are up 235% since 2016.

The lack of a modern public health data infrastructure makes it difficult to respond to new and old infectious disease threats.


A digital health infrastructure that integrates data from across public health and healthcare systems would facilitate rapid diagnosis and treatment of people with sexually transmitted infections like syphilis. A 2018 study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that the most often missed opportunity to prevent a case of congenital syphilis was lack of treatment after diagnosis. Without access to the results of tests ordered by an obstetrician, for example, doctors in the emergency department might not know that the pregnant patient they are caring for needs treatment for a sexually transmitted infection. Data integration would help catch patients falling through the cracks of the fragmented US healthcare system.

The CDC provides minimal data on monkeypox cases in the United States, reporting only the number of cases by state. As the country did at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, we are again drawing on data from other countries to inform our understanding of the monkeypox outbreak, including critical variables like the time elapsed between exposure and onset of symptoms and risk of transmission from asymptomatic people with monkeypox. The public health community doesn’t know what proportion of cases result from known contacts, which would give an idea of ​​how much transmission is happening under the radar. Even the most basic demographics, such as age, gender, race and ethnicity, are lacking for monkeypox cases, which would help public health officials target their efforts and do so. fairly.


Later this year, the CDC will allocate nearly $4 billion to strengthen public health infrastructure in the United States, including making data systems more modern and efficient, improving interoperability between data systems and making data more available. This is a rare opportunity to think broadly about all the data systems that can strengthen public health responses.

More than half of sexually transmitted infections occur in people between the ages of 15 and 24; it’s Generation Z, the true digital natives. They experience many aspects of their lives in the digital world, including their sexual relationships. The dating apps they use are built around specific communities. Tinder holds the leading position in the market with 75 million monthly active users, roughly one-third of all dating app users. Grindr is the #1 app among gay, bi, trans and queer (GBTQ) men with 11 million active users, 80% of whom are under 35.

A few sites in the GBTQ community, such as Grindr, allow optional disclosure of HIV status – negative, negative on pre-exposure prophylaxis, positive, and positive with an undetectable viral load – but there is a problem with this approach: the status of an STI can quickly become obsolete and profiles do not allow sexual partners to be notified of such changes after the fact. More importantly, dating app profiles are notorious for misrepresentation – people say they are taller, thinner and younger than them.

So without a way to validate claims, why would someone looking for a quick date be honest about their STI history? To ensure the honesty of this important information, dating apps could allow users to register to connect their profiles to public health or healthcare data systems to validate test results.

Grindr has gone further than most other dating apps by alerting all users to new infectious disease outbreaks, including meningitis, hepatitis A, the SARS-CoV-2 Delta variant, and most recently smallpox. monkey. These alerts target key at-risk groups in ways that public health officials cannot. Grindr’s alerts quickly educate sexually active young people in specific geographic regions as they consider engaging in the very behaviors that may expose them to new infectious risks.

While Tinder and its peer apps, like Bumble, Hinge, BLK, and eHarmony, could learn from Grindr’s approach to alerting users to community health risks, all apps could go a step further by further personalizing these alerts.

Because data on sexually transmitted infections is particularly sensitive and likely to raise legitimate privacy concerns, dating apps could incorporate the following approaches to improve STI detection, treatment, and prevention:

First, remind users to get tested regularly for STIs and connect them with local resources. Users could be asked to self-report a test date and then be reminded to retest at regular intervals, such as every three to six months. The frequency of these reminders could be tailored to their risk based on their activity on the app, geographic location, and other relevant demographics. Dating apps could even partner with in-home STI testing services, which are more popular than ever.

Second, provide an option to send anonymous notifications of positive STI test results to partners on the platform. Such a system would complement the work of contact tracers in underfunded and overstretched local health departments, which are struggling to rebuild as the nation emerges from the Covid-19 pandemic. We recognize that such a system would face major challenges around privacy, data security, and anti-harassment, but overcoming these hurdles could provide immense public health benefits.

Third, confidentially and digitally transmit exposure and test data to public health services. As they modernize their data infrastructure, public health departments could reach out to dating apps to ensure their data systems can be made interoperable. There would be biases, of course, depending on who uses particular dating apps. But data from dating apps could work as a sentinel surveillance system to alert public health officials to emerging outbreaks in their area and help them target testing resources where they could have the greatest impact and facilitate a quick link to care. Conversely, users might choose to have dating apps pull data about their test and vaccination status from public health or healthcare data systems so they don’t have to update. manually update their profiles.

People rightly fear giving more data to tech companies. Dating apps already collect a wealth of information about their users, including age, race, ethnicity, location, and basic health information such as height and weight. Beyond that, these apps store even more sensitive information such as photos, videos, and metadata about connections (such as likes, favorites, and views) and conversations between users. These apps could do more to protect and care for existing user data through encryption and other data security best practices. Public-private partnerships could facilitate faster adoption of stronger protections for sensitive user data and simultaneously unlock new public health benefits.

If done safely, dating apps could help users avoid sexually transmitted infections while helping public health agencies, researchers, and communities respond more effectively to emerging public health threats.

Céline Gounder is an internist, infectious disease specialist and epidemiologist, and senior researcher and public health editor at the Kaiser Family Foundation and its Health Information Service. Michael Donnelly is a queer community health activist and data scientist specializing in public health forecasting, policy, and analysis whose work helped the CDC detect and respond to the Delta Variant outbreak in Provincetown, Massachusetts, in the summer of 2021.

Be active and have fun in Montgomery this week


We’re packed with family fun this week, along with a big dose of art appreciation.

Cinema Mondays screening “Luca” at the amphitheater

There’s something fishy about Monday’s movie at the Riverfront Amphitheater. Movie Mondays, presented by Guardian Credit Union, features the Disney Pixar film “Luca.” This is the story of two mercreature boys who just want to have fun on earth. The film begins at dusk. Vendors will be on site, but picnics are welcome. Bring chairs and blankets. Enter the park through the Downtown Montgomery Tunnel on Commerce Street.

Enter the Montgomery Zoo for half price

Tuesday is half-price admission to the Montgomery Zoo.

Want to hit the Montgomery Zoo, 2301 Coliseum Parkway, and save some greenery? Thrifty Tuesdays continue to offer half-price admission. You must buy them in person on Tuesdays between noon and 4 p.m. You also cannot combine this with other discounts or coupons. So save some money and go to the zoo.

Art Class Paint Your Pets at Pike Road

Pet owners who want to create portraits of their current furry friends can attend a painting workshop July 20-21 led by artist Steven Davis.

Sit down, roll over…now stand perfectly still as we comb your hair. Steven Davis will be leading an animal portrait painting workshop on Wednesday and Thursday, courtesy of the Pike Road Arts Council. It’s just in time for all the people who just attended their pet adoption event. It’s happening at the Arts Center, 944 Wallahatchie Road. Email coordinator Patty Payne at [email protected] to register. There’s also more festive fun for pets on Saturday. Get animal photos with Santa from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Bye Bye Birdie: The Musical opens Thursday

Bye Bye Birdie opens July 21 at Millbrook Community Players.

Performances open Thursday for Bye Bye Birdie: The Musical and will continue until July 31 at Millbrook Community Players, 5720 Main St., Millbrook. It features music by Charles Strouse and lyrics by Lee Adams, and is based on the book by Michael Stewart. Performances are Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays at 7:30 p.m. and Sundays at 2 p.m. Tickets are $12. millebrooktheatre.com.

Gifts and Fireworks Montgomery Cookies for the Gump Weekend

The Montgomery Biscuits are giving out Greenbow Biscuits jerseys on Friday during Gump Weekend.

We’re taking a step into the “Forrest Gump” universe this weekend in Montgomery:

  • On Friday, the Montgomery Biscuits are giving away 1,000 adult-size Greenbow Biscuits jerseys to the first 1,000 fans ages 15 and older at Riverwalk Stadium. Start of the game at 6:35 p.m.
  • Fitness Night & MAX Fireworks: The Biscuits will host a night full of games at Riverwalk Stadium on Saturday, with the game starting at 6:05 p.m. MAX Fireworks after the game.
  • Replica Kids’ Jerseys: The Biscuits are giving away replica kids’ jerseys to the first 500 fans ages 14 and under at Riverwalk Stadium on Sunday. The game starts at 3:33 p.m.

Buy your tickets online at biscuitsbaseball.com.

More Garden Glow jazz, gospel

Coleman Woodson III performs Friday at ASF's Garden Glow.

The third and final Garden Glow of the month is a jazz and gospel night with Coleman Woodson III. It all happens at Shakespeare Garden, to the right of the Alabama Shakespeare Festival in Montgomery’s Blount Cultural Park. General admission tickets are $10 and can be purchased online at asf.net/garden-glow. Packages with entree and a box of cold cuts or a box of cheese are available for $30, but must be pre-ordered by 2 p.m. Thursday. Doors open Friday at 6:30 p.m. and music starts at 7 p.m. Guests are encouraged to bring blankets and lawn chairs.

Color Run/Walk on Saturday

The Move MGM Color Run/Walk will take place on Saturday at the YMCA soccer complex.

A whole lot of colorful family fun awaits Saturday at the Emory Folmar YMCA Soccer Complex, 300 Brown Springs Road, Montgomery. Move MGM presents the Color Run/Walk, a massive movement and groove workout. Guests will be able to run through colored showers. In addition to the color run, there will be Zumba, Hip-Hop Xtreme and yoga. Register online for free at movemgm.com/mgmevents.

The River and Blues Music & Arts Festival returns to Wetumpka

Nathan Williams & The Zydeco Cha Chas will perform at Wetumpka's River and Blues Music & Arts Festival on Saturday.

We’re all up for a big day of music on Saturday in downtown Wetumpka, and it’s free! The music starts at 5 p.m. with The Lo-Fi Loungers. The Jukebox Brass Band is from 6-7pm, followed by BonBon Vivant from 7:15-9pm. The evening ends with Nathan Williams and the Zydeco Cha-Chas, on stage from 9:15 p.m. to 11 p.m. There will be an art show, a children’s area and food vendors will be there. Free entry. Coolers and chairs are welcome. wetumpkaal.gov/events/river-and-blues-music-arts-festival

MAMA President Alesia Gilliland Needs Your Help

Alicia Gilliland, president of the Montgomery Area Musicians Association.

Alicia Gilliland, president of the Montgomery Area Musicians Association, is facing serious health issues. He is a person who has volunteered to raise awareness and funds for musicians in the Montgomery area. She helped young people discover the joy of learning music. Now she needs help. On Sundays from 4-7pm at Sinclair’s East, 7847 Vaughn Road in Montgomery, they will have an evening of music from OTI and Bama Sound. Donations will be accepted for Gilliland’s care. Donations can also be made online at montgomerymusicians.org. MAMA is a charitable organization and all donations are tax deductible.

Stars on the Riverfront opens Sunday

Alabama Dance Theater's Stars on the Riverfront returns to Montgomery's Riverwalk Amphitheater.

Incredible dance performances begin Sunday along the Alabama River from the Alabama Dance Theater. Stars on the Riverfront takes place at the Riverwalk Amphitheater. These are free performances for audiences of all ages, performed by ADT’s summer intensive students. It presents new original pieces by guest and resident choreographers. Members of the public can bring a picnic or enjoy one of the on-site food trucks – Kona Ice, That’s My Dog and Streetside Eats. Doors open at 6 p.m., with shows starting at 7:30 p.m. Enter the park through the downtown Montgomery tunnel on Commerce Street. Visit alabamadancetheatre.com or call 334-625-2590.

Contact Montgomery Advertiser reporter Shannon Heupel at [email protected].

1-Love: Tennis star Maria Sharapova welcomes her first child, World News


Maria Sharapova gave birth to her first child.

The 35-year-old tennis star took to Instagram to reveal that she and her fiancé Alexander Gilkes welcomed their son Theodore together earlier this month.

Maria wrote, “Theodore VII I MMXXII. The most beautiful, empowering and rewarding gift our little family could ask for.”

She also added a photo of the three of them.

Maria and Alexander, 42, started dating in 2018 and got engaged two years later.

She broke the news on Instagram, writing, “I said yes from the first day we met. It was our little secret, wasn’t it.”

And he wrote: “Thank you for making me a very, very happy boy. I look forward to loving you and learning from you @mariasharapova all my life.”

Sharapova got engaged to Sasha Vujacic in 2011 after two years of dating, but broke up the following year. She then started dating Gregory Dimitrov, but they broke up in 2017.

Squared Circles co-founder Alexander was previously married to designer Misha Nonoo, a close friend of Duchess Meghan, from 2012 to 2016.

Maria announced her retirement from tennis in February 2020, with Alexander offering his support.

He wrote on Instagram at the time: “To the kindest and most professional person I know.

“This is Maria, and all that awaits you in your next chapter! May you continue to inspire us all with your deep humility, self-deprecation, strength, and focus. As a remarkable first chapter comes to an end with so much extraordinary feats, we look forward to all that you will accomplish with such courage and grace in the years to come. Proudly and with love, xx”

From match-fixing to Tinder hookups: how apps have changed dating in India


When Rohini Ramnathan’s husband died suddenly in 2017, the 37-year-old thought she would never find love again.

But two years later, Ramnathan downloaded a dating app to his phone for the first time and started swiping on potential matches.

“My first impression was, ‘Wow, there are so many people and they’re all single,'” she says.

“And then I thought, ‘Wow, there are so many beautiful people’.”

Ramnathan, a radio host who lives in Mumbai, says dating apps have helped her understand and explore “the casualness of dating” in India.

Young people in India are embracing dating apps

Young single Indians are the world’s second largest market for dating app users, just behind the United States.

In 2014, Tinder was the first app to launch in India.

Indian dating app TrulyMadly offers users a fun compatibility quiz to help matched partners understand each other better.(Provided: www.trulymadly.com)

The top three apps in India – Tinder, Bumble and Hinge – collectively grew by 17% in January 2022 (compared to January 2019), according to research firm Sensor Tower.

Local Indian dating apps, like TrulyMadly and Aisle, have also seen a resurgence in popularity, especially during the pandemic.

According to Snehil Khanor, CEO and co-founder of TrulyMadly, the app has grown to over 8 million users, gaining more traction over the past 12 months, especially in smaller towns.

“A lot of people have realized that a dating app is one of the best ways to meet new people,” Khanor said.

A whole new world of relationships has opened up

As apps change the love game for India’s 400 million millennials, many people living in big cities like Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore are also juggling non-traditional dating preferences with conventional cultural expectations and pressures. of Indian society.

Anirban Bhattacharjee, 30, downloaded Grindr, an app for the LGBTQ community, in his twenties.

Anirban Bhattacharjee
Anirban Bhattacharjee met his longtime partner on Grindr – now they’re using the app to find someone to join their open relationship.(ABC News: India Now!)

The creative director, who grew up in a small town in northeast India and now lives in Mumbai, says downloading the app was like finding a “world treasure”.

Bhattacharjee, who now lives in Mumbai, agrees that dating in a metropolitan city is different from dating in a small town.

“Forget about being gay, if you’re 30 and you’re not married, you better not leave your house,” he says, “because people are going to ask you a lot of questions.”

Bhattacharjee is now exploring an open relationship, or ethical non-monogamy, with his partner – who he met on the app nearly four years ago.

“Dating apps have encouraged me to explore who I am and what I want, which I don’t think is possible in the world of pre-apps,” he says.

The expanded dating spectrum can be overwhelming

Ankur Pathak on his phone
Ankur Pathak didn’t last very long on dating apps.(ABC News: India Now!)

Ankur Pathak, 28, who grew up in Mumbai on a steady diet of Bollywood romance.

Pathak uploaded Bumble “purely for anthropological reasons,” he says.

For him, one of the great benefits of being on an app was that it allowed him to meet people outside of his own social circles.

But at the same time, he found it overwhelming as someone who believes in finding love “the old-fashioned way.”

“We didn’t do this before,” he adds.

Arranged marriage versus amorous marriage

A 2020 survey found that 62% of millennial Indians preferred a love marriage to an arranged marriage, a number that rose to 69% for Gen Z.

Rohini Ramnathan on her phone
Rohini Ramnathan has not given up on finding love on apps. (ABC News: India Now!)

These preferences are also underpinning the growth of online dating in India, with revenue expected to reach $796 million this year, according to Statista.

Pathak only lasted on dating apps for about a week, but acknowledges that dating apps have normalized the idea of ​​casual hookups among his friends and family — and the idea that dating doesn’t have a purpose. explicit purpose of leading to marriage.

“Parents, at least in urban cities, are fine with their kids finding out,” he said.

Ramnathan says she’s under no pressure from family and friends to remarry, but dating apps have at least given her a “second chance” at finding love.


Barnstable Country Fair returns with rides, food, cars, animals and music


The Barnstable County Fair drew huge numbers of visitors last year, and organizers are hoping the crowds will return when Cape Cod’s flagship summer event returns for seven days of music, fun and fairground rides. carnival.

The fair, which began in 1844, was only shut down by the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, but made a comeback last year with outstanding attendance.

“In 2021, approximately 70,000 visitors came to the fairgrounds to join the fair, which was a record incident for us, says general manager Wendy Brown.

Fun seekers soar through the air at the Barnstable County Fair last year.  The fair, which opens Monday and runs through Sunday, July 24, features carnival rides, music, animals, merchandise, crash cars and fried food at the fairgrounds in East Falmouth.

“People were looking to join in the festivities, having dealt with the pandemic, and the fair served as the perfect refuge for that.”

And probably again: “We expect another strong turnout this year,” Brown said. “As everything returns to normal, we expect more participation.”

The Barnstable County Agricultural Society hosts the fair every year, featuring different rides, activities, agriculture-related contests, and music bands from around the world.

Games and food, much of it fried, are big attractions at the Barnstable County Fair.

There will be traditional attractions like agriculture and livestock exhibits for adults and youth, local artisans and vendors, food fairs and daily performances. In addition to the events on the main stage, there will be a beer garden, a Mini FMX and BMX thrill show, circus acts and Kevin Adair’s stilt and juggling acts. There will be a petting zoo filled with chickens, goats and cows; and shows for poultry, rabbits and sheep.

“We always try to bring a different mix of entertainment and activities for everyone, from all age groups and cultures,” spokesman Craig Orsi said.

Until July 17:A floral “reward”: Hundreds of blooms in over 70 gardens that are part of the Cape Cod Hydrangea Festival

The entertainment lineup on the main stage this year (all starting at 7:30 p.m.) includes bands from Sweden and across the United States: folk-country singer and songwriter, Allie Colleen Monday; “Arrival from Sweden,” a Swedish ABBA tribute band, on Thursday, July 21; Peter Noone and his band Herman’s Hermits on Friday, July 22; Parmalee, a group of platinum-selling brothers, on Saturday, July 23; and Private Eyes, a Hall & Oates tribute band to close the fair on Sunday, July 24.

EAST FALMOUTH - 20/07/21 -- A miniature horse greets visitors at the east gate of the Barnstable County Fair on Tuesday evening.

On Tuesday and Wednesday July 19 and 20, fan-favorite motorsports will be in the spotlight, with the Team Demolition Derby and the ‘World’s Largest Demolition Derby’, as well as the Kid’s Power Wheels Derby. The first two events pit amateur local drivers against each other to see who can last the longest in a match, which tests the car’s tolerance and the driver’s patience.

Food will be, as usual, one of the main attractions of the fair. This year, the organizers claim to offer different cuisine and flavors to satisfy people of all ethnicities and communities. “This year we are adding Middle Eastern falafel, Italian arancini and an assortment of Brazilian dishes to the lounge menu,” says Brown.

Need a reading? :Sharks, serial killers and more: 6 new books written or set on Cape Cod

The county agricultural society annually awards scholarships at the fair to qualified high school and college students in Cape Town. This tradition began in 1970 to encourage local students to pursue careers in agriculture, home economics, and other specific industries. Beneficiaries receive $2,000 per year for four years.

EAST FALMOUTH - 20/07/21 -- Award-winning vegetables are displayed at the Barnstable County Fair on Tuesday evening.

This year, officials will give 17 students a total of $35,000. “Last year we were unable to award new scholarships, due to the pandemic, but we honored commitments to all students in the previous year’s program,” says Orsi.

To go to the Barnstable County Fair

When: Doors open at 4 p.m. daily from Monday July 18 to Sunday July 24

Where: Cape Cod Fairgrounds, 1220 Nathan Ellis Highway (Route 151), East Falmouth

Admission: $15 for adults (three-day pass for $36); $12 ($10 Friday, July 22) for seniors and military (with valid military ID); $5 for 6 to 11 year olds with paying adult; free for children 5 and under accompanied by a paying adult. Wristband days, with unlimited carnival rides for $35 roller coaster, are Monday and Thursday (purchase between 4 p.m. and 9 p.m., ride until 11 p.m.); Friday (purchase noon to 8 p.m., ride until 11 p.m.), and Sunday (purchase noon to 7 p.m. and ride until 10 p.m.)

Information: https://capecodfairgrounds.com/events/barnstable-county-fair/

A new dating app matches people based on the memes they like


A new dating app has thought of a revolutionary way to match compatible potential lovers through the memes they like.

If you’re looking for love but are fed up with conventional dating apps like Hinge, Bumble, and Tinder and are looking for something a little more unique, enter “Schmooze.”

The concept is simple, swipe right if you bend hard or swipe left if you’re barely smiling and who knows, you might just meet your perfect mate.

Credit: Alamy Stock Photo

Schmooze has a collection of 5,000 memes hand selected by the meme officer team – yes, it’s a real job to keep users on their toes while still swiping for matches.

The creator of the application is 27 years old-Age Vidya Madhavanwho came up with the idea for Schmooze while working as an analyst in India while debating whether to go to graduate school in California, according to Tech Crunch+.

To help him make his decision, Madhavan cold emailed 10 people she found on LinkedIn who attended business school for their guidance.

However, only one responded and the two started sharing hundreds of emails, all “basically joking”.

Madhavan is now married to this man, which she says is due to their shared sense of humor.

In a conversation with The Daily Free Press, the CEO said memes offer more than just an image, but insight into who we are and what we find funny.

Credit: Alamy Stock Photo
Credit: Alamy Stock Photo

She added: “Each generation has its own set of social and dating products. There was Facebook when eHarmony and match.com was the thing.

“Then came Instagram, which had Tinder, Bumble, Hinge as its user base. We want to be the dating app for people. ICT Tac generation.”

She continued, “I would like everyone to try it out, because it’s a new concept.

“I hope we can surprise, amaze and excite people a lot more. Memes are getting more and more exciting.

According to a 2011 study published in the Of Gruyter Sheepresearchers observed more than 3,000 married couples from five countries and found that couples were happier if they found their partners funny.

Researchers have found that because humor signals intelligence, it is considered a valuable trait in partners.

So what are you waiting for? Start sweeping people up.

Free ordering of ‘precautionary doses’ starting today, number of vax sites over 70


Indore (Madhya Pradesh): Officials from Indore’s health department, administration and municipal corporation have completed preparations to administer a free “precautionary dose” to the city’s adult population from July 15. Health officials set up more than 70 vaccination sites across the city to administer free doses to the population and distributed more than 8,000 doses as a target for the first day.

According to the District Immunization Officer, Dr. Tarun Gupta, “All adults in the city are eligible for the free precautionary dose and there are over 22-24,000 people in the city whose doses are pending.” .

Speaking of vaccine stock, he said they have over a million doses in stock, including 68,000 doses of Covishield and over 40,000 doses of Covaxin. “We will manage all vaccination sites in government facilities including all areas of Indore Municipal Corporation as well as departmental health facilities including CHCs, PHCs, Sanjeevani Clinics and others, added the head of vaccination.

People can be vaccinated by registering on the spot based on their telephone numbers that they had registered during the vaccination of the first two doses and also by showing any identification document, including voter card, Aadhaar card, driving license, passport, PAN card and bank book.

The district has been divided into 4 zones and officials have also called more than 10 vehicles from Indore Municipal Corporation for the distribution of the vaccine. “We will distribute more than 100 doses of vaccines to 69 sites and the target of other sites will be decided based on the location of the site,” the immunization manager said.

Offline registration

An offline check-in facility for people reaching the centers will be provided. IMC will also provide chairs and tents to help the beneficiaries and has also decided not to close the center until the last person reaching the center receives the blow. The vaccination campaign will start at 9 a.m.

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Taiwan’s Latest Epidemic-Related Policy


Taiwan suffered an outbreak of Covid-19 and issued a Level 3 alert. Meanwhile, the government enforced strict control over social activities.

After more than two years of coexisting with the virus, the government has now shifted to a ‘living with the virus’ stance rather than instituting a ‘zero-Covid’ policy despite the Omicron variant’s heavy hit in early April. .

One of the most notable policy changes is the quarantine policy. Quarantine requirements are now shorter, including the mandatory quarantine for all international arrivals which was shortened from three days to seven days last June.

Aside from the shortened quarantine requirements, the mask policy remains. At present, the Taiwan Center for Disease Control has listed a number of exceptions to the mask requirement, including exercising outdoors, taking pictures indoors and indoors. outdoors, live streaming, filming, moderating an event, reporting, delivering remarks, delivering a speech, conference, or during activities or events involving conversations with other others.

Nevertheless, the government has three doses of a Covid vaccine for specific categories of people to reduce the rate of death or serious illness and move towards coexistence with the virus. As a result, the government introduced an enhanced vaccination policy on April 22, 2022, after the appearance of the Omicron variant, which called for the following groups of people to receive three doses of a Covid vaccine:

  • Medical or health personnel, personnel affiliated with central or local government epidemic prevention, high-risk front-line personnel, and personnel affiliated with security and social functions (collectively, people in the first, second, third and seventh groups immunization priorities under the government-funded Covid immunization program)
  • People working in correctional institutions, funeral homes and 24 types of places/workplaces under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Economic Affairs, Ministry of Labor and Ministry of Health and Welfare be
  • People who frequently come into contact with non-specific people or who cannot maintain social distance, including those who participate in religious events (processions and pilgrimages) and group visits as well as people who go to the gym or at adult entertainment venues, and who are old enough/eligible for Covid vaccination (staff and visitors).

These groups of people are in principle required to receive a Covid booster (third dose), unless assessed by a doctor and deemed unsuitable for vaccination. People who cannot get vaccinated with a legitimate reason must take a rapid test or a PCR test once a week (with a negative result) before providing a service or entering the said places.

This year, policies related to the epidemic have changed rapidly. These policy changes are intertwined with our lives and deserve our continued attention and cooperation.

Delivery company Gopuff cuts 1,500 people and closes warehouses


Gopuff will cut 10% of its global workforce and close dozens of warehouses, according to Bloomberg on Tuesday (July 12).

The delivery company is reacting to signs that it has grown too quickly in recent years of the pandemic. The cuts will affect around 1,500 staff and affect both company and warehouse jobs, according to a memo.

The report said Gopuff plans to close 76 warehouses, reducing its network across the United States to 12%, helping it consolidate its footprint in various cities. This shows how Gopuff is reversing, as he had previously grown at “dizzying speed”.

It is also the second time in the past four months that the company has cut positions – Gopuff also cut 3% of jobs in March. Around this time, he also scaled back his IPO plans.

The company was valued at $15 billion last July and generated just under $2 billion in revenue last year. Order volume was up 70% from 2020 at that time. However, there have been costs, as Gopuff continues to establish new warehouses, with new locations costing around $250,000 apiece to cast.

The report notes that the rationalization of expenses has been accompanied by a “recognition” that the company has grown too much and too quickly.

PYMNTS wrote that there has been a shift in the way the grocery boom is unfolding – despite a drop in 10- and 15-minute grocery delivery services, things have changed.

See more: The fast seems dead as ultra-fast grocers pull out en masse

Since July 4, reports indicate that some companies are changing things up, including Berlin-based “super-fast” Gorillas pulling out of Italy. This happened after he left Belgium in June. Among other businesses, Buyk, a super-fast grocer, filed for bankruptcy in June as it planned to shut down and shed inventory. Also, Fridge No More, the super-fast grocer, was planning to close after talks with DoorDash fell through.

Also read: Gopuff expands partnership with BurgerFi to tackle restaurant aggregators



About: More than half of utilities and consumer finance companies have the ability to digitally process all monthly bill payments. The kicker? Only 12% of them do. The Digital Payments Edge, a collaboration between PYMNTS and ACI Worldwide, surveyed 207 billing and collections professionals at these companies to find out why going digital remains elusive.

Work to give greater autonomy to adult performers


Hundreds of international artists, varied settings, live chats, plus HD video and sound

CHINO HILLS, Calif., July 12, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — NUCAMZ.COM recently announced that it has launched a new digital platform to help advance the careers of adult cam performers amid an ongoing sea change in the industry. Advances in digital cameras and home filming equipment, as well as platforms like NUCAMZ.COM, have paved the way for the promotion of adult artists as artists, while granting these artists greater autonomy in a legitimate and important industry.

“What we are seeing is absolutely unprecedented in the history of adult performance work,” NUCAMZ.COM said. “The 21st century has undertaken a complete revamp of the image and role of online adult entertainment in a healthy and functioning society. And we are proud to be part of it, claiming our space as a major player in this sector. Our site promotes this work in a legal, non-judgmental way to begin with – allowing performers almost 100% control over their performance. But we’ve also integrated a host of features that connect workers with members in a fun, streamlined, and simple way. Members will want to come back again and again to visit their favorite artists, while meeting new artists who join the site daily.”

Despite billions in annual global sales, online adult entertainment has been widely portrayed as an unethical fringe activity enjoyed only by a few, with performers often shamed and ostracized as their work has been co-opted and pirated by filmmakers and filmmakers. corporate studios. NUCAMZ.COM does the exact opposite: giving artists the freedom they need to pursue their careers, while granting them complete authority to run their shows as they see fit.

NUCAMZ.COM: On-Demand Web-Cam Chat Models

NUCAMZ.COM allows members to chat with amateur and professional adult performers while watching these performers live on camera. Home to performers of all races, genders, body types, and backgrounds, NUCAMZ.COM allows customers to search for performances by keyword or browse categories to find exactly what they’re looking for. Members are encouraged to interact directly with performers and create a bespoke experience tailored to them.

With thousands of adult models from around the world, customers are encouraged to follow the artists they love, and by simply tapping on the artist’s image to visit their profile, customers can find out more about them. If these artists are online and available, members can also view their free live video before engaging in a conversation directly with the artist.

“We have some really cool features that set us apart from other platforms,” ​​NUCAMZ.COM said. “Private Chats vs. Exclusive Chats and GOLD Shows. Private Chats allow members to talk directly and video chat with performers – enhancing the on-camera experience – while other members can join in and watch too. Exclusive Chats take place in a separate chat box and are truly one-on-one experiences.And finally, our GOLD shows allow artists to further customize the duration and goals of their shows, while members can reward great performances with a GOLD currency unique exclusive to our site.

All NUCAMZ.COM memberships are free and there are no monthly or recurring fees to view artists on the site. Customers never pay a fee unless they join a paid chat session. Each transparent price per minute for paid chats is always shown in local currencies before customers enter a chat.

NUCAMZ.COM is now live and is currently recruiting new artists. Go online to learn more.

Media Contact:

Ken FacianeManaging partner
[email protected]


New Events, Grand Alliance Carnation Festival Schedule Changes


Fans of the Greater Alliance Carnation Festival will find a few changes and some new events this year.

The biggest change will be the addition of two new events – How Books Are Made on August 8; and the Unity Walk Alliance on August 14.

After:Alliance Carnation Festival dates set for 2022

After:A native of the Alliance will speak at the Carnation Festival luncheon

The first, a talk in Silver Park presented by Alliance native Samantha Swank, will detail her work for publisher Scholastic. Swank is an editor who works with the Licensing, Media and Trademark team. The 2013 Hofstra University graduate is due to speak at 6:30 p.m. in Silver Park, ahead of the Movie on the Silver Screen event, which takes place at dusk.

This year’s movie in the park will be “Encanto,” an animated Disney tale about a family living in Colombia. The film won the Oscar for Best Animated Feature in March 2022.

The Alliance Unity Walk kicks off at 1 p.m. on August 14 at the YWCA of Alliance, 239 E. Market St. The event is the second annual, but it’s the first that it falls under the Carnation Festival. The event is sponsored by Union Avenue United Methodist Church. For more information, contact the YWCA at 330-823-1840 or [email protected]

The change will also happen for the little ones. The Princess Tea Party became an open house type event called “A Royal Afternoon at the Castle”. Held from 3-5pm, festival officials say children can attend the event at Glamorgan Castle anytime from 3-5pm. They’ll take pictures with the reigning Carnation Queen and her court, and can make their own crown and pick up a coloring sheet. .

Reservations are not required for the event, which will cost $10 per princess. Young girls can wear princess or evening dresses and present themselves at any time during the event.

Don’t miss your chance to get tickets to ‘Hamlet’, this year’s Shakespeare at the Castle play. They are for sale on carnationfestival.com. This is the eighth year of production. No shows took place in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

General admission pre-sale adult and student tickets are sold out for the August 4 opening night performance. Tickets were available on the site Monday afternoon for all other ticket categories and show dates.

The show will take place from August 4-7 in front of Glamorgan Castle. Those purchasing general admission tickets will find a suggestion for bringing chairs to the show.

The grounds open at 5:30 p.m. for performances each day and pre-show entertainment will begin at 6:15 p.m. each evening. Shows begin at 7 p.m. each evening.

Advance general admission tickets are $15 for adults and $10 for students. Tickets for the day of the show are $20 for adults and $15 for students. Grandstand seats are $15 for adults and $10 for students.

After:Queen’s candidates donate food and fill pantry boxes

Other key festival events this year are the Carnation Queen Pageant, July 30; Carnation Food Fest, Aug. 4-6; Days in the Park, August 10-13; and the Grand Parade on August 13.

For more information on this year’s Grand Alliance Carnation Festival, visit carnationfestival.com.

Tripura CM announces ongoing plans to facilitate tea exports to Bangladesh


TBS report

July 11, 2022, 10:35 a.m.

Last modification: July 11, 2022, 10:44 a.m.

Dr Manik Saha (centre) with Biplab Kumar Deb after the former was appointed head of house. (PhotoExpress)


Dr Manik Saha (centre) with Biplab Kumar Deb after the former was appointed head of house. (PhotoExpress)

Tripura Chief Minister Dr Manik Saha said on Sunday his government plans to develop the tea industry in the state by establishing an auction center in Agartala and facilitating exports to neighboring Bangladesh.

“We will work on setting up an auction center and promoting exports to Bangladesh within a specified period. We have already listed the Department of Industries and Commerce as the nodal agency for this purpose,” said Saha.

After inaugurating the state’s first gas-fired tea processing centers in the Durgabari tea plantation in western Tripura, Manik Saha said his government was trying to revive the ailing tea gardens and modernizing them through the introduction of newer technologies, reported The Indian Express.

Gas treatment plants help reduce pollution and increase production efficiency.

The Chief Minister also said that the soil of Tripura is conducive for tea production. Speaking of tea garden workers, the Chief Minister said his government was working on the socio-economic development of tea garden workers.

“They have been used as a vote bank all this time. We are now trying to develop their standard of living. Our government is working to provide better housing, sanitation, clean water, electricity, connectivity facilities and social security pension to tea garden workers…” the CM said.

Citing a recent decision to provide two residential plots for each of the state’s 7,200 tea garden worker families, Saha said his government practiced “Sabka Sath, Sabka Vikas, Sabka Vishwas, Sabka Prayas”.

The tea industry in Tripura is over 100 years old with the Hiracherra tea estate in North Tripura district dating back to 1916. At present, the north eastern state has 14,000 tea workers and 2,800 small tea producers.

It is the fifth largest tea producer in India with 9-10 lakh kg of tea produced annually (about 10% of the country’s production) from 12,990 hectares. It has 54 tea plantations including 12 cooperative plantations and 3 public plantations. The state has 22 tea factories including 15 private and five cooperatives.

Most tea estates produced orthodox tea until 2000, but switched to CTC in the new millennium. With a little incentive from the Tea Board of India and marketing assistance from the government, many of these gardens are once again embracing orthodox tea production.

i’m done | Opinion of the applicant


I was barely out of high school when I started using dating apps. It was only a few weeks after my 18th birthday that one morning I found myself swiping my finger on my phone incessantly, mostly to the left; there were times when I slid to the right.

Finding love from dating apps was something I believed in since I was 14. I saw my older sister fall in love with someone she met on Tinder, who she is still with to this day. Their relationship was the basis of my belief that in this generation, love can be found on our phones just by swiping right. That a simple exchange of “hello” via chats could turn into something more.

Indeed, it’s an era that has moved away from the culture of blind dates, setups, and random encounters with people in certain places. Gone are the days when introductions started with an exchange of “hello” and phone numbers in common areas such as cafes, bars or even bookstores (which I still fantasize about).

I grew up watching Carrie Bradshaw on “Sex and the City” meet her love interests in random places, eventually believing I would also meet “the one” in the most unexpected of settings. And yet, now that I’m 21 and missing the “chosen one,” most of the relationships I’ve had (good or bad) have started in the digital landscape.

But the story of my love life — the pattern that began in notifications and “eyeballs” — is no stranger to my generation. I heard my friends tell me stories about random guys they met from Bumble or Grindr. I know these circumstances because most of my relationships started with the most mundane act of saying “hi” or “ASL” through chatting.

Initially, meeting strangers on the Internet could be described by the simplest but broadest word: fun. There’s a certain appeal to meeting someone we have next to no idea about, other than a “personality” they’ve neatly curated in the app alongside a few well-chosen photos. That kind of allure certainly led us to believe that meeting potential relationships online is fun because it’s a blank slate that could potentially be filled in over time.

But if I have to be honest, it might not be totally the “fun” I was looking for in dating apps. Behind all the games I play and the pessimistic front, maybe I’m into dating apps because I hoped and still hope to find one thing: love.

But to say that I’m in dating apps to find love goes against my pessimistic generation who thinks admitting that looking for love is corny. Sounds a bit hopeless, I agree. It’s like I don’t have any agency to stay single. But is it so bad? Is it culturally transgressive to admit that I’m looking for love?

I am writing this after a failed relationship with someone I met online.

My love life, over the past three years, has followed the same trajectory: from strangers to friends; friends to lovers; and finally, again to strangers. Months were spent getting to know someone, only to find myself asking the same pattern of questions to a different person I met from the same dating app.

Even though it’s tiring (yes, I’m tired), I’m still adamant about admitting that I’ve been looking for love. Ending this dating fatigue, however, only begins when I finally uninstall these apps from my phone and unfamiliarize my fingers with swiping left and right. For real?

When it’s finally time to say, “I’m done,” I meant to break the pattern that always ended up hurting me.

But I’m not here to say that we should remove dating apps from our phones based on their flaws. I would be a hypocrite to say that dating apps are bad knowing that I have no regrets. At that time, I had a taste of love and happiness – perhaps temporary – equal to the amount of agony I felt at the end.

I may find myself reinstalling dating apps on my phone in the future, as I expect to make unbalanced decisions from time to time. But for now, I’m done. Maybe putting myself “out there” doesn’t necessarily mean being present in the dating app landscape. Maybe hoping to find love, somewhere else this time, is enough to say I’m “out there” in the dating pool.

After all, I’m not done finding love.

Patrick V. Miguel, 21, is a literature student at the University of Santo Tomas.

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Military conscription is the last thing young adults need


Instead of allocating resources to implement national military conscription, the government can instead invest in sectors that improve productivity, especially education, which the vice president leads.

Earlier this year, Sara Duterte, then vice-presidential candidate – a colonel in the Philippine Army – declared his intention to reintroduce compulsory military service for all Filipinos once they reach the age of 18. More recently, she publicly expressed this desire priority in the legislative program of the new government.

In the midst of a pandemic, with millions of Filipino families crushed by soaring prices, food shortages and lack of jobsit’s unclear how learning to march in unison under the insufferable tropical sun will be of any use, despite claims of instilling in young adults a vague notion of “patriotism.”

I should know. I am a labor economist and I am part of my thesis focused on the impact of compulsory military service on labor market outcomes – such as lifetime earnings and wages – and Educational level.

Only a handful of countries actively enforce conscription on most of their population. Many of them face an existential threat from neighbors such as South Korea, Israel and Taiwan. The most powerful and technologically advanced military in the world – the US armed forces – relies on volunteers, as does (de facto) the Chinese People’s Liberation Army, the largest standing army in the world.

CONSCRIPTION CARD. The areas in red are the countries where conscription is active. Mysid, Public Domain, via Wikimedia Common

How might conscription benefit veterans in the civilian labor market?

Skills acquired while serving in the military can be useful outside the armed forces. In 2006, for example, 54 Philippine Air Force pilots quit work for commercial airlines. I don’t expect 18-year-old conscripts to learn to fly an airplane, but there are other skills – like teamwork and following orders within a hierarchy – that the military requires and are also rewarded in a private company.

But if these supposed benefits are so huge, why aren’t there thousands of volunteers knocking on the doors of General Emilio Aguinaldo’s camp to enroll in basic training?

The answer is obvious: the expected costs of military service outweigh the expected benefits.

Leaving aside the problems of corruption and abuse – including the infamous murder of a student at the University of Santo Tomas Marc Chua – there are significant costs that come with conscription.

Compulsory military service reduces a person’s experience in the civilian labor market, which, in turn, negatively impacts their potential salary. Primary and secondary education already introduce valuable skills, but some of them have lain dormant in the military, leading to their depreciation.

But the biggest cost of military service is what economists call its “opportunity cost” – the loss of civilian income if those conscripts had entered the workforce sooner rather than being drafted.

Suppose you can earn 570P per day, the non-farm minimum wage in Metro Manila. At the University of the Philippines, there is 32 weeks per academic year, and let’s say you have to go through military training every Sunday for two years while you enlist (like I did back then). Forgoing those who work on Sundays to walk in the UP Sunken Garden instead would mean a loss of P36,480 – a not inconsiderable amount when gasoline is about P90 per liter.

Since there are potential benefits and costs, whether conscription improves or penalizes a veteran is ultimately an empirical question – one that must be addressed with data. But it’s not as easy as comparing the incomes of veterans to those of non-veterans.

On the one hand, military service requires crossing a threshold of physical and mental aptitude. If we expect healthy people to earn more (and they do), it would be wrong to say that the observed earnings gap between those who served and those who did not is only due to military service.

Fortunately, economists have developed tools to address this problem of “selection bias” – that is, people with higher earning potential are selected or found to be more suitable for service than those without.

In my own study of peacetime conscription in Germany, I showed that the earnings are not different between those who served and those who did not take into account the selection. But in the Netherlands, conscripts earn about 5% less per year. That might not seem like much – until you project that onto the average number of working years.

But these averages mask the benefits (or costs) for some groups. In Portugal, less educated men benefit from conscription while their more gifted counterparts were unaffected.

Does this mean that we should recruit the poorly educated? Certainly not.

If part of the purpose of military service is to impart valuable life skills, there are better and more effective ways to do it.

Instead of allocating resources to implement national military conscription – an undertaking which the former defense secretary said would face “tremendous obstacles” – the government can instead invest in areas that improve the productivity, especially education, led by the vice president.

There is a lot to do for improve the quality of schooling. Money to make national conscription work can instead be funneled into technical and vocational training to ensure Filipinos are equipped with the skills needed to succeed in the 21st century job market.

In the meantime, the government can review the compensation policy of the Philippine armed forces to ensure that they attract and retain the best possible professional armed forces to protect our national security.

All of this can be achieved while preserving the important separation between military and civilian institutions, where the latter remain supreme. – Rappler.com

Alfredo R. Paloyo is Associate Professor of Economics at the University of Wollongong and alumnus of the Faculty of Economics at the University of the Philippines. He contributes to the development of evidence-based policies on human capital issues, particularly in the areas of labor, education and health economics. He tweets at @AlfredoPaloyo.

Inspiring entrepreneur, Charles Oneill creates ‘Only Managers’, a digital agency that manages the social networks of models

Charlie Oneill is an inspirational entrepreneur who founded ‘Only Managers – an online modeling agency that manages models’ social networks. He enjoys traveling and golfing and believes in enjoying life to the fullest.

Fashion models are the iconic beauty symbols of the modern age; they teach us what to wear (and when), how to walk, smile, part our hair, apply eyeliner, and most importantly, how important first impressions are. Who smiles at you from the television, a poster or a magazine when you buy a watch or a car, a new pair of sunglasses or a glass of champagne? Models, models, and more models… Models come in all shapes and sizes—there’s one for every occasion—and the most famous models have practically reached exceptional dimensions thanks to the increased immediacy of Internet and being the fastest route to international fame.

A model can be in 50 different locations with just one click, from Milan to Monte Carlo to New York and New Delhi. One of the most crucial regulations for modeling businesses these days is keeping your passport up to date and your toothbrush prepared!

Whether you’re an aspiring model looking to start a modeling career or an established model looking to advance your profession, familiarizing yourself with online modeling agencies is a great way to start. There has been a substantial increase in modeling agencies on the internet in recent years, and many of today’s models have been discovered by various online modeling agencies. The fact that scouts, modeling agencies, and photographers can all search and browse modeling talent and identify ideal models for upcoming campaigns makes Internet modeling agencies valuable. Many models discovered through modeling agency sites on the Internet sign with one or more reputable modeling agencies and unique modeling assignments.

Many people’s dreams of becoming a model have always come true, but only a few have been able to achieve their goals due to a lack of contacts in the industry. Most people associate commercial modeling agencies with dazzling models walking the catwalks of Milan and Paris. However, virtually every city has a few. Additionally, commercial photo shoots, smaller fashion shows, and print photography require models.

A new genre known as social media modeling, on the other hand, has taken the industry by storm. In today’s Internet environment, many agencies will sign you up and then help you gain awareness and brand partnerships. Almost anyone can be a successful role model. Understanding your abilities and possibilities and marketing them to the right agency is key to success. You can also go to one of the many most reputable modeling agencies in the world. The models are mentored by top modeling agencies, which help them land as many jobs as possible.

Their job is to promote you and help you find work. The list of agency clients should give you a good idea of ​​the type of work you will be doing for them. Only Managers is one of the fastest growing modeling agencies in the world. Whose primary goal is to give models the attention they deserve. Charlie Oneill, 24, of West Palm Beach, was born on January 17, 1098 and has always aspired to achieve something on his own and be financially secure. Charlie founded Only managersa model management agency that focuses on the social following of the model, either on Instagram or just fans.

An online modeling agency can be seen as a place where models and other industry professionals can network and develop relationships. Internet modeling agencies also offer business-to-business directories tailored to the modeling industry. This allows a client to search the modeling directory for a model that perfectly matches their needs. Only Managers provides a platform for its models to get exposure as models and start networking with industry leaders to find fantastic modeling jobs. Following the creation of your profile, you can start enhancing your portfolio by adding images and generally trying to appeal to the right type of people, depending on the type of modeling work you are looking for. You can increase your chances of being seen by industry professionals by registering with online modeling agencies.

This allows model agencies, model scouts, professional photographers and fashion magazines to view your portfolio and find you for future modeling opportunities. Only managers provide excellent service for their Instagram and Onlyfans management models. Model recruiters must work with two types of individuals: models and clients. Model agencies, advertising agencies, production companies, photographers, and people who want to employ models for specific projects are examples of clients. Model scouts introduce models to clients by presenting models with the appropriate age, gender, appearance and talent to match what the client is looking for.

OnlyFans is a London-based content sharing site. It was founded by Timothy Stokely and is only available as a website without official apps. Creators can use it to sell movies, photos, and even one-on-one chats for a fee. In the adult entertainment business, it’s prevalent. Onlyfans has seen a significant increase in customer numbers and website traffic. Only managers provide a dedicated account manager, general monthly auditing and reporting, fan retention, day-to-day media management, and guidance in selling content that benefits the business and model. Only Managers services include Account Verification, Audience Targeting, Media Coverage, Targeted Mass DMs, Comments & Likes Engagement, Fast & Long Term Growth and Onlyfans.

If you want to establish a modeling career on the internet, you should beware of scammers. Since many people seek to take advantage of impressionable young aspiring models, it is essential that you only contact reputable model agencies. To check for validity, it’s a good idea to research the company or individual you’re considering working with. Modeling jobs can be tough, especially for new models, so it’s a good idea to broaden your horizons and contact multiple agencies and websites at once.

This will increase your chances of landing the modeling jobs you want and launching your career as a top model. Unfortunately, dishonest people posing as agents and managers can approach you when they sell you to agencies. Unscrupulous individuals have discovered ways to take advantage of an industry where many new models are waiting for their big break. Always check a talent scout’s qualifications and check with the agency they work with if they contact you. If something seems too good to be true, it almost always is. Agencies are aware of the problem and it is always worth checking who you are working with.

Modeling is a fun and exciting career option. It’s a job you can do part-time from home or full-time as a world traveler. Finding the perfect modeling agency for you is simple if you do your research and have the right attitude. Next, make sure your model portfolio is up to date. The sky’s the limit after that. Online modeling agencies have proven to be one of the easiest methods to get started as a model, and having a modeling profile on many online modeling agency sites will help you expand your exposure as a model. as a model and boost your career.

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Contact person: Charlie Oneil
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Country: United States
Website: https://www.instagram.com/charliee_oneill/

The oldest European human fossil may have been discovered in Spain


MADRID: A jaw fragment discovered in northern Spain last month may be the oldest known fossil of a human ancestor found so far in Europe, Spanish paleontologists said Friday (July 8).

Researchers said the fossil found at an archaeological site on June 30 in the Atapuerca mountain range in northern Spain was around 1.4 million years old.

So far, the oldest hominid fossil found in Europe was a jawbone found at the same site in 2007, which was determined to be 1.2 million years old.

Atapuerca contains one of the richest testimonies of prehistoric human occupation in Europe.

Researchers will now have to “complete” their first estimate of the age of the jaw fragment using scientific dating techniques, said paleoanthropologist Jose-Maria Bermudez de Castro, co-director of the Atapuerca research project, during a press conference.

But since the jaw fragment was found about two meters below the layer of earth where the jawbone was found in 2007, “it is logical and reasonable to think that it is older,” he added.

The scientific dating of the jaw fragment will be carried out at the National Center for Human Evolution Research in Burgos, a town located about 10 km from Atapuerca.

The process is expected to take six to eight months, Bermudez de Castro said.

The analysis could help identify which hominid species the jaw fragment belongs to and better understand the humans that evolved on the European continent.

So far, scientists have not been able to determine with certainty what species the jawbone discovered in 2007 belonged to.

The fossil could correspond to the species called Homo antecessor, discovered in the 1990s.

The Atapuerca Foundation, which manages the archaeological site, said in a statement “very likely” that the jaw fragment “belongs to one of the first populations that colonized Europe”.

The archaeological site of Atapuerca was inscribed in 2000 on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, giving it access to conservation funding from the United Nations.

It contains thousands of hominid fossils and tools, including a flint discovered in 2013 and 1.4 million years old.

Paul Mpagi Sepuya explores the eroticism of the darkroom


In the 19th century, the early days of studio photography in the United States and Europe, portraits were taken in daylight. Artist Paul Mpagi Sepuya’s upcoming fall exhibition in Vielmetter Los Angeles, “Daylight Studio, Dark Room Studio,” is a tribute to that era, as well as to the traditions of homoerotic visual culture. In his second solo exhibition at the gallery, the photographer’s studio appears as “a particular space that functions in two different ways, depending on the weather and the lighting,” he says. In the white light of day, his subjects stretch out among the objects of the 19th century studio: the curtain, the carpet, the pedestals and the pillows, with sometimes a pair of glasses or Birkenstocks handed over and placed on the edge. path. In the dark of night, conversely, his subjects become the blurs of moving bodies captured under long exposure, bathed in the dim red light of the titular darkroom space. The darkroom is a double meaning, both the space where films and engravings develop, and the clandestine queer space where erotic collisions take place.

Sepuya, 39, is best known for his portraits and the tender intimacy with which he approaches his subjects. “They are all friends,” he said; Between 2004 and 2005, he stopped photographing models and strangers in favor of various relatives and lovers, former, current or future. They appear in his images often reflected in mirrors, sometimes naked, sometimes intertwined or locked in an embrace that evokes the figuration of Rodin. (Many are said to have resurfaced as profile pictures on dating apps.) They are not posed, he says, but captured in improvised playful or flirtatious states. His presentation at the 2019 Whitney Biennale included images by, as well as taken by, writer and poet Ariel Goldberg, and fellow photographers Clifford Prince King and Giancarlo Montes Santangelo; in each of these images, they hold their own cameras. A photograph shows artist AL Steiner lying shirtless on a wooden box, in a pair of black jeans, his hand adjusting the lens as Sepuya’s presses the shutter. The meaning is that each subject has a certain agency in its own image.

Although themes of homosexuality and race are pervasive in his images, Sepuya does not intend to make overt statements about body or identity. “The main focus of the work is photography, he often says, where his processes and tools, the frequent subjects of the images, are on full display. There is no Photoshop or digital manipulation, just physical elements in his studio that make themselves visible: the velvet canvas, the mirror and the camera. The blackness of the drop cloth has a way of illuminating every fingerprint, streak and smudge on the mirror, making the mirror part of the image. The mirror, in turn, reflects the camera, ever present in Sepuya’s work. Even his titles, like Darkroom studio (0X5A8413) Where Darkroom Studio (0X5A8486), are file names assigned by the camera; the gaps in their numerical sequence are an indicator of the number of stops that have occurred between the two.

As a teenager, growing up in Southern California, Sepuya developed his love for photography by collecting magazines, whether art, fashion or pornography. He moved to New York to study art at NYU, where he received his BFA in 2004.

Sepuya. Photograph by Clifford Prince King.

“New York was a place where I seemed to have made it, because when you’re really busy, nobody knows how someone is actually doing,” Sepuya says. Early in his career, he received critical acclaim for Shoota zine of nude portraits, and publishes his first monograph, Beloved object and amorous subject, Revisited, in 2007. Life in this city, however, proved extremely expensive, and in 2014 he returned West to enroll in UCLA’s MFA program. “It was a way of leaving New York in a way that felt productive.” Sepuya is currently an associate professor at UC San Diego.

Sepuya’s work is now part of the permanent collections of LACMA, MOCA Los Angeles, Guggenheim, Whitney, Getty and many others. Her friends continue to inspire her practice, even if inspiration isn’t quite the right word. “I feel like inspiration has a sense of detachment, as a distant viewer,” he says. “What happens when you’re in an artist community is you’re part of a conversation.”

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Highland Park parade shooting left 8-year-old boy with severed spinal cord


CHICAGO, July 7 (Reuters) – An 8-year-old boy suffered a severed spinal cord injury from a gunshot wound to the chest in the July 4 attack on a Chicago-area parade that left seven dead, a family spokesperson said Thursday. with his twin brother and mother also injured.

Cooper Roberts was one of the most seriously injured among dozens of people who survived gunshots and other injuries in the Independence Day assault on Highland Park, highlighting a devastation physical and emotional that goes beyond the lives lost in such violence.

He was listed Thursday in critical but stable condition while still breathing on a ventilator, a family spokesperson said. It was not immediately clear how many of the at least 46 people sent to hospital after the attack have since been released.

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Cooper’s twin brother, Luke, was hospitalized with shrapnel wounds to his lower body, but was released after medics removed some of the debris. The boys’ mother, Keely Roberts, suffered gunshot wounds to her legs and feet, spokesperson Anthony Loizzi told reporters in a Zoom call.

The twins attended the parade with both parents, with father, Jason Roberts, unharmed.

Because of the severity of his spinal cord injury, doctors don’t know if Cooper will ever walk again, according to Loizzi, a colleague of the mother, who is superintendent of a Lake County elementary school district.

Cooper, a normally “very active” kid with a passion for baseball and other sports, has been unconscious and sedated since being airlifted to Comer Children’s Hospital at the University of Chicago, said Loizzi.

The mother, who has had at least two surgeries herself, was so distraught over Cooper’s condition that she insisted on being discharged on Wednesday, earlier than doctors thought best until her bleeding is better controlled, in order to be with her son in the children’s hospital. hospital,” Loizzi said.

The boy underwent several operations, including one on Wednesday evening in which surgeons “finally closed his stomach”, the spokesperson said.

Although he was not told the details of Cooper’s prognosis, Loizzi told reporters the boy’s mother and a grown sister spoke about how “it will be a new normal for him going forward”.

“He fights as hard as he can,” Loizzi said of the boy’s recovery. The family as a whole, including four adult sisters, were “devastated but focused on Cooper,” he said.

“It was a very emotional time for everyone around them,” he said, adding he was unsure if Luke had ever been told of the seriousness of his twin’s condition.

Loizzi said the two boys “love the parade” and had attended the event in the past, but he didn’t know where they were along the parade route when the shots were fired.

Friends of the family have created a GoFundMe page seeking help with their medical bills.

The Roberts weren’t the only family to suffer multiple losses in the bloodshed in Highland Park, Illinois.

Among those killed were Irina McCarthy, 35, and her husband Kevin McCarthy, 37, whose 2-year-old son was found wandering around physically unharmed, but alone and orphaned after the attack.

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Reporting by Christopher Walljasper in Chicago; Writing and additional reporting by Steve Gorman in Los Angeles; Editing by Kenneth Maxwell

Our standards: The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles.

Kardashian critics slam Kim for letting daughter North, 9, act ‘too mature’ with ‘dangerous’ new adult accessory

FANS are tearing up Kim Kardashian after her daughter North, 9, was spotted wearing a ‘mature’ accessory during a recent outing.

The chic youngster accompanied her famous mom on a trip to Europe for Paris Fashion Week.


Fans slam Kim Kardashian for North West’s ‘mature’ styleCredit: Getty
The drama comes after the youngster walked out with a nose ring


The drama comes after the youngster walked out with a nose ringCredit: Splash

North was photographed several times during the trip, posing alone and alongside her grandmother Kris Jenner and her mum Kim, 42.

She dressed down during the outing, donning menswear-inspired looks and other fashionable outfits as she appeared on the red carpet.

It wasn’t North’s appearance that drew fans in, but it was a subtle aspect of her appearance: a nose ring.

After Kim was seen sporting a fake nose ring with a chain connecting it to something else, her eldest daughter took a turn.

Kim Shocks Fans With 'Disturbing' New NSFW Outfit Featuring PROSTHETIC Body Part
Kim Kardashian shows off 'shrinking' frame in velvet catsuit with daughter North

She stepped out with twisted braids in her hair, dark oval sunglasses and the hoop in her nose.

A large chain that seemed to be tied to an earring made the hoop stand out even more.

North also wore a pinstripe suit waistcoat with a white button-up shirt underneath.

Fans took issue with the prop, accusing Kim of allowing her to act too adult.

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One Twitter user noted, “I don’t mind the nose ring or style.

“What I find weird is that North West never had a childhood and won’t have one. I was never able to dress like a child, go to school, be normal or meeting new people organically.”

Someone else tweeted, “Is it just me but…that nose ring is way too grown out for North to wear at this age.”

A third tweeted: “Nose ring is a bit too much for a kid but go North.”

It wasn’t just the fact that the nose ring wasn’t age-appropriate that fans took issue with, either.

Someone else remarked, “All the answers are about how North ‘devoured’ her and none about the nose ring as cultural appropriation.”

North’s nose ring isn’t all fans have been buzzing about during her and mom Kim’s family trip to Paris.


The Keeping Up With the Kardashians alum made her runway debut during Paris Fashion Week.

She walked the runway during Balenciaga’s 51st couture collection at the fashion’s annual event.

The reality star shone in a long black dress with gloves and boots.

Cheering him in the front row was his daughter North and mother Kris.

But fans who captured the highlights of Kim’s big show were distracted by her famous momager, who smiled in the audience as her daughter walked past.

Kris wore a black pantsuit and kept her oversized black sunglasses on as she filmed the moment.

Sharing a video of the event on Instagram, Kris wrote, “The most amazing @balenciaga Haute Couture show in Paris today!!

“So proud of you @kimkardashian, and what a show for the 51st couture collection.”

After spotting Kris watching, fans rushed to the internet to react.

“I’m pretty sure it’s Jack Nicholson,” one fan shared, while another shot back, “I was going to say the Grinch was meant to be in Men In Black but Jack Nicholson is more specific.”

“Is that Kris?” I thought it was the Devil from O Brother, Where Art Thou. one person suggested.

And we found Kris’ look out of this world: “Kris looks like an alien or a grasshopper with those glasses on.

“How much longer are the Kardashians going to be in the spotlight? It’s exhausting.”


Other fans seemed to take offense at Kris’ smirk, accusing her of costing Kim her own teenage years.

“Kris lives vicariously through his daughters,” one person commented. “(Use them) for the fame she always (wanted) for herself.”

Another added, “Kris is exploiting all of her kids, ESPECIALLY Kim.

“You can basically see the dollar signs through Kris’ slimy grin.”

Trevor Bauer assault accuser fights lawsuit - but Dodgers star parties
Hunter filmed himself smoking 'drugs' while in rehab after his dad gave him $75,000

And a follower blamed Kim for putting herself in a position to be ridiculed.

“The fact that she has 4 kids and a billion dollars, and spends her time at 41 and 5’2 doing a joke on the track is truly astounding to me,” the person posted.

Kim is in Paris with her daughter for Paris Fashion Week


Kim is in Paris with her daughter for Paris Fashion WeekCredit: Instagram
Fans have been buzzing about North's style lately


Fans have been buzzing about North’s style latelyCredit: Getty Images – Getty
The tot celebrity has been sporting some controversial looks lately


The tot celebrity has been sporting some controversial looks latelyCredit: Getty

China and Thailand seek new ways to cooperate


Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi (3rd L) talks with Thai Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha (3rd R) in Bangkok, Thailand, July 5, 2022. /Chinese Ministry of Affairs foreign

Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi (3rd L) talks with Thai Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha (3rd R) in Bangkok, Thailand, July 5, 2022. /Chinese Ministry of Affairs foreign

Editor’s note: Hamzah Rifaat Hussain, a former visiting scholar at the Stimson Center in Washington and a former research assistant at the Islamabad Policy Research Institute, is a television presenter at Indus News in Pakistan. The article reflects the views of the author and not necessarily those of CGTN.

In Bangkok, Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi and Thai Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha agreed on the importance of continuing traditional friendships while expanding bilateral cooperation between the two countries. This year also marks the 10th anniversary since the establishment of comprehensive strategic cooperation between the two countries, and there is great potential to take the existing cooperation in 2022 to new heights.

China and Thailand have much to gain from expanded cooperation in 2022, with historical precedents dating back to 1975. At the time, trade had become a dominant theme with neutrality as the foundation of relations and Bangkok expressing unwavering commitment. to the one China principle. In addition, Thailand has benefited from post-colonial economic development thanks to the valuable contributions of the overseas Chinese business community in Southeast Asia.

In a world marked by deep polarization in 2022, China and Thailand should capitalize on these historic precedents and promote multilateral cooperation on issues such as cybersecurity challenges while complementing development strategies through the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) and Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC) .

There are specific areas both countries should explore in 2022 and for good reason. First, it is important to expand business cooperation to compensate for economic downturns due to the pandemic and the Ukrainian crisis. In 1999, bilateral trade stood at $4.22 billion, while 22 years later, in 2021, China has become Thailand’s largest trading partner with bilateral trade reaching $103.75 billion. . Apolitical trade relations in a global environment defined by increased polarization and economic shocks can greatly benefit both countries.

Second, China and Thailand can focus on peaceful development in the absence of hostilities by tapping into the Global Development Initiative (GDI) and the Global Security Initiative (GSI). Note that Prime Minister Chan-o-Cha attaches great importance to the proposed GDI as it draws attention to the immediate challenges of the global Sustainable Development Goals. Likewise, the GSI has an unwavering commitment to respecting state sovereignty and promoting cooperative security for a more peaceful world, which aligns with the foreign policy priorities of both countries.

The GSI and GDI can promote closer ties between the two countries as constructive frameworks to promote a more prosperous and peaceful world order. Thailand’s status as a middle power in the region and a full member of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations makes it an important strategic partner in this regard.

Another area of ​​cooperation is infrastructure development, which is essential for Southeast Asia’s growing economic needs in this time of war. Bangkok and Beijing have prioritized the construction of the China-Laos-Thailand railway, which can smooth the flow of goods and services and facilitate the growth of industries through improved logistics. This opens up tourist routes and cross-border transport which greatly benefits the region.

A train arrives at Nong Khai Railway Station in Nong Khai Province, Thailand, Nov. 16, 2021. /Xinhua

A train arrives at Nong Khai Railway Station in Nong Khai Province, Thailand, Nov. 16, 2021. /Xinhua

Thailand is also seeking to learn from China’s development experiences, with Prime Minister Chan-o-Cha admiring China’s remarkable achievements in fighting poverty and promoting regional integration. Likewise, a more sustainable and progressive future for soft power diplomacy between the two sides can take root with the joint building of the Sino-Thai community acting as a model for a more sustainable, progressive and stable future for both peoples, as the Minister for Foreign Affairs pointed out. Wang Yi.

China and Thailand can also contribute positively to Bangkok’s vision for economic development. The “Thailand 4.0” development strategy, for example, can be linked to the BRI to counteract Bangkok’s historic reliance on agriculture and light industries, which has otherwise led to growing social inequalities.

The vision’s four goals are to ensure environmental protection, improve social well-being by reducing social disparities, promote economic prosperity by investing 4% of Thailand’s GDP in research and development, and to enhance the value of Thai citizens to become competent human beings in the 21st century. ; all of these can be greatly improved as regional connectivity will allow Bangkok to escape the middle income trap by developing growth poles such as the 44 billion EEC and linking its various provinces as a gateway regional to Asia.

In addition, strategic convergence on peace in the Asia-Pacific offers potential for the relationship. Thailand’s role as the host country of APEC 2022 strengthens its position as a promoter of peace, dialogue and lasting cooperation.

Bangkok also shares Beijing’s vision of building an Asia-Pacific free trade area and promoting greater regional integration in the absence of tensions. This is important, because the region cannot afford polarization or increased militarization as obstacles to regional prosperity. The agreements reached in 2022 are therefore particularly relevant in this regard, as an open and prosperous Asia-Pacific region benefits both parties.

There is therefore immense potential to advance the strategic partnership between China and Thailand. Historical precedents and specific areas of cooperation can boost regional trade, promote infrastructure development and implement visions of shared prosperity.

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Why conspiracy theories thrive on dating apps


It can be difficult to stand out from the crowd in the world of online dating. Almost everyone is attractive to someone, but on The Apps you can mostly find an unattractive jumble of platitudes and peep show quotation. It’s difficult; the nature of these platforms means that self-describing parameters are limited. Typically, users are given a set of prompts to choose from; Hinge invites you to share a “social cause you care about”, while Bumble suggests you tell your potential romantic partners your “zombie apocalypse plan”. Many people, in this dreary landscape of sarcasm-filled love language and climbing enthusiasts, are turning to unconventional tactics to sell themselves online. Then there are the conspiracy theories.

Pretending to believe that the Earth is flat or that the royal family is killing Diana may seem like a strange way to look for love. Dr Siân Brooke, an LSE-based computational social scientist whose work covers, among other things, self-representation on dating apps, suggests that conspiracy theories and other dating app content from niche serve as a “fishing rod,” a mechanism for distinguishing people with whom one might share a sense of humor and a set of cultural references.”It’s in group signage, seeing who’s in the joke like way to bond,” she says, “you want to find people who value things on the same level you do; not taking things too seriously, knowing what you mean ironically and what you don’t. ‘is not “.

This matches the experience of Tim (24), who says he used conspiracy theories when dating. It’s, he thinks, a way of trying to signal that you’re a little too cool for apps. “I don’t think anyone really wants to use an app and I don’t think there’s a lot of dignity in them, so I respect profiles that are aware of that, and try to make mine like that.” It’s also, he says, “very telling if they say something crazy or racist” in response.

Laura (28), says “stupid dating app prompts are a golden opportunity for a good time”; they’re also a good “shortcut to finding someone who shares your humor and worldview.” She wrote on her profile that “Greg Wallace orchestrated 9/11,” and described herself as a “club card truther” (there’s a grain of truth in this one, she insists). – “they are stealing our data, the club card is a hoax, you are the product”). Ellie (24), who has used both ‘Boris Johnson’s baby is fake’ and ‘Epstein didn’t kill himself’ as dating app prompts, says ‘they can be the basis of ‘a fun and interesting conversation that is neither boring nor cliché’. because “people on dating apps generally want to present themselves as interesting and thoughtful about things, and conspiracy theories can be a useful tool to demonstrate these qualities without appearing pretentious.”

Conspiracy theories about deceased pedophile billionaire Jeffrey Epstein are particularly prevalent on dating apps, reflecting his position as one of today’s most popular conspiracy theories (an example of his ubiquity; a few years, a friend’s coworking space in central London ordered in bulk Coffee brand “Jeffrey Epstein did not kill himself”). Annie Kelly, online conspiracy researcher and UK correspondent for the QAnon Anonymous podcast, believes its popularity stems from the fact that it is “a report that has spread so widely both in the established press and in more stigmatized or informal online spaces”.

“Both worlds were talking about his suicide on a somewhat similar level,” she says. “‘Epstein didn’t kill himself’ is a hard-hitting meme, much like ‘Bush did 9/11’ before it, as it references a well-known event, indicates access to secret knowledge, and also plays knowingly with taboo or serious subjects”. A perfect way, then, to show off his edgy sense of humor and awareness of current cultural events.

Of course, not everyone finds Epstein a suitable subject for court. Callum (26), whose choice dating app conspiracy theory is “Finland isn’t real” (“a fun starting point”), finds Epstein’s jokes distasteful; “It’s saying ‘I’m an angry person.’ irony, after all, tends towards sincerity (like Reducer the dish; “man being ironically sexist is also normal sexist”). “If you put Epstein jokes on your profile, you’re signaling that you know about the case and that you think it’s somehow appealing, or appealing to know about,” says Dr Brooke. “You put yourself in the position of devil’s advocate from the start and hope to build social tension and attraction through that to start a conversation that goes beyond small talk.”

When thinking about how conspiracy theories are deployed, it’s also worth considering how men and women screen differently in the dating world. Eleanor Sharman, founder of dating start-up Swan, notes that men make up around 85% of all app users in the UK, according to a study, and so women looking to date men often filter out strictly. “Professing to believe in conspiracy theories is a great way to do this, as it alienates a large chunk of potential mates – while also conveying information about your sense of humor and capacity for irony,” says Eleanor. “Men, on the other hand, might turn to conspiracy theories in an effort to stand out from the crowd: we know divisiveness isn’t a bad thing when it comes to dating. line reveals so little information that you have to make it as dense as possible, and if you can say “I’m interesting, different and funny” with just one “Freemasons did 9/11”, by that measure that you’re doing pretty well.

Depending on how you count it, somewhere between 40-60% of the population believes at least one conspiracy theory, but there’s no reason to believe that’s particularly increased in recent years. What has however, with our heightened online societalness, is our mastery of “conspiratorial language,” as more and more vernaculars from abroad and less savory morsels from the internet wash up on the shores of mainstream culture. Consider, for example, the greater prevalence of words like “truth” or “looted.” It is therefore logical that if we speak this language more and more, we also encounter this language more and more.

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Yukon heat warning could mean increased mosquito activity


Fly, buzz, itch. Yukoners might be surprised to learn that the mosquitoes they squashed were the result of a snowy winter.

The territory had a record winter for snowfall and precipitation where the majority of surveyed sites met or exceeded historical monthly records.

With the extra snow, that means more water and wetlands as well as a later start to spring.

Both lead to greater mosquito activity, according to Curtis Fediuk, a biologist and owner of Duka Environment Services Ltd., an environmental company that runs the territorial government’s mosquito management program.

“Overall we are noticing that there has been more larval development than normal, and that’s just a function of more snowmelt and more water than normal and also precipitation. Summer has been wet and wet,” he said.

Fediuk said Yukoners should be prepared for more mosquitoes during warmer temperatures.

Recently, Environment and Climate Change Canada issued a heat warning in the Yukon and northern British Columbia with temperatures reaching 28°C in Whitehorse combined with overnight lows near 13°C.

“Adult mosquitoes, like mosquito larvae, are cold-blooded animals. So when the water is warm, mosquitoes grow faster or when the air is warm, these are good conditions for mosquitoes to more active adults,” Fediuk said.

Curtis Fediuk is a biologist and owner of Duka Environment Services Ltd. which manages the Yukon Territorial Government’s Mosquito Management Program. (Submitted by Curtis Fediuk)

Fediuk said mosquito populations usually start to decline around mid-July, but with the late start to the season, that decline could be delayed.

Yukon morning9:36Yukon Mosquito Citizen Science Project

What just bit me? This is the question a new citizen science project wants to answer. Elyn Jones spoke with Dan Peach, an entomologist who studies mosquitoes in British Columbia and the Yukon.

Kill mosquitoes early

Mosquitoes need 7-14 days to develop.

That’s why, as part of the stewardship program, someone from Duka Environment Services checks for standing water in and around Whitehorse every eight to ten days.

The staff member checks the larvae, to manage the mosquito population in its development phase.

Larval development could be 5 to 10 or 100 to 200 depending on the site, Fediuk explained. If the sampling sites contain larvae, the staff member applies a larvicide or bacteria that only affects the stomachs of the mosquitoes.

“It’s actually the small protein chain that’s toxic to mosquito larvae,” Fediuk said.

He said the bacteria, discovered in 1976, does not affect any other natural insects or predators such as dragonflies, diving beetles, fish, birds or others.

“It really is a miracle paper product.”

Wet sites in communities across the territory are checked every two to three weeks due to distance.

Truck spraying is a thing of the past

According to Fediuk, the easiest way to reduce the mosquito population is to reduce larval habitats, i.e. water.

“We don’t spray adult mosquitoes anymore, so when the public phones to complain about mosquitoes, there’s not really much we can do,” Fediuk said. “The days of driving with a sprayer truck are over.”

Instead, Fediuk suggested cutting grass, mosquito nets and mosquito magnets on windows to reduce mosquito activity near residents’ homes.

Although residents cannot drain swamps, they can focus on small bodies of water like kiddie pools and remove stale water in tires, boats, or woodpiles to reduce larval habitats.

“Mosquitoes need water to thrive. Draining water from these will definitely reduce the possibility for mosquitoes to thrive,” he said.

Ban usurious apps – Asia News NetworkAsia News Network


July 5, 2022

ISLAMABAD- As a country, we like to ban things. From the most basic things like confectionery to more sophisticated things like cell phones. It’s more than just economic management, more like an obsession. Nothing drives this point home better than the TikTok case where the courts as well as the Pakistan Telecom Authority (PTA) played big brother and decided what people should do with their time. After all, the moral fabric of society must be protected, not to mention the fact that those who champion this cause have built their entire careers on their very lack of morality.

Given this obsession, one would like to think that the authorities will act quickly when large numbers of Pakistanis fall prey to digital loan sharks. Anyone who keeps tabs on the Play Store, or even watches something on YouTube, knows this. Dozens of apps are currently available to entice average people with instant credit, obviously with misleading terms.

According to research by Data Darbar, 27 of the apps featuring Google Play Pakistan’s top 100 finance apps were instant credit apps as of June 28. Of these, 19 offered loans in local rupees and the top eight alone had estimated downloads at 15.4. million since their launch. That may not seem like much, but by our historical trends, it is. Especially given the time window.

For context, the top eight banks by total assets saw downloads of around 4.4 million in the comparable period, according to Appfigures estimates. Sure, it’s a pretty lazy industry to contrast, but with money. But even compared to the big four digital ledger apps, which have had a particularly impressive install trajectory, instant credit platforms stand out. Only the carrier-backed wallets manage to beat them.

Instant credit apps charge exorbitant rates while luring customers with deceptive terms, and are completely unregulated by authorities

To be clear, most uploads are contributed by one player: Barwaqt with 9.27m. Licensed by the Securities and Exchange Commission through SeedCred Financial and backed by Chinese money, the app was launched on June 9, 2021 and has had a remarkable growth trajectory since then.

There is only one licensed player operating in this space: Sarmaya Microfinance. Many are not even registered entities, to begin with, although the modus operandi of the two types is little different. Promising low interest rates, they trick users into borrowing, often even disbursing the amounts without their confirmation.

However, a significant portion of the amount is actually deducted at source, between 21-38% depending on the application, in the name of service and/or processing fees. By the way, this is for periods of 30 to 90 days, sometimes even less.

Yet annual percentage rates, which represent the total cost of borrowing in annual terms, would range between 11 and 39 percent. This is a gross distortion of the facts. To understand, let’s say you get a loan of Rs10,000 for a period of 30 days, with Rs2,950 deducted at source. In this case, the service and processing fees alone amount to 354 bp on an annualized basis. We haven’t even factored in the interest yet.

This is both exploitation and deception of the highest order, while our regulator is completely absent. In this case, it is the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan, which is responsible for non-banking financial companies. But no one has heard of them. Not that they would have done anything other than issue a circular that only 500 people, including journalists and financial analysts, would have read.

Admittedly, there is a limit to what the commission can do given that many apps are not even legal entities of Pakistan. But what is stopping them from regulating, instead of essentially granting amnesty with no questions asked to those who are authorized? Or to accelerate changes to the regulation of non-bank financial companies and provide more specific checks and balances? The recently proposed changes are anything but.

We also have the PTA which has built half of its brand around creating internet no-go zones for internet users, blocking dating apps, games and even blogs. They can quite easily restrict access to unregistered and unlicensed platforms, but morality standard bearers have more immediate issues to deal with.

And of course, it deserves an honorary mention from the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) which likes to do anything and everything except its core mandate. Calling no further, but the SBP has in the past ordered its regulated entities to block payments to Indian content platforms, meaning it has the toolkit.

While the lack of interest in the financial well-being of citizens is certainly one reason for the authorities’ indifference, another is the cross-regulatory nature of the subject matter, according to an expert who has worked at the intersection of technology and financial services. When that happens, everyone chickens out, they say. This only gives the sharks more freedom to prey on simple people.

The author is the co-founder of Data Darbar, a private market portal

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Why ‘gayborhoods’ are losing LGBTQ residents in big cities


SAN FRANCISCO — Cleve Jones has lived in the Castro neighborhood for nearly 50 years, almost since the day he graduated from high school in Phoenix and hitchhiked in California.

He was a political and cultural leader in San Francisco, organizing gays and lesbians when the AIDS epidemic devastated those streets in the early 1980s. He created the nationally recognized AIDS Memorial Quilt from of a storefront on Market Street. He was a face of the anger and grief that swept through the Castro in 1978 after the assassination of Harvey Milk, the first openly gay man elected to the Board of Supervisors.

Mr Jones helped define the Castro, dancing in his gay bars seven nights a week when he was younger, getting together with friends for drinks and chat as he got older. To this day, he is recognized when he walks his sidewalks. “Hi Cleve – I know who you are,” San Francisco Police Department Lt. Amy Hurwitz said after Mr Jones began introducing himself.

But in May, Mr Jones, 67, moved to a small house with a garden and apple and peach trees 75 miles away in Sonoma County after the monthly cost of his one-bedroom apartment rose from $2,400 to $5,200.

His story is not just another story of a longtime resident out of a gentrified real estate market. Across the country, LGBTQ neighborhoods in big cities – New York, Houston, Los Angeles, San Francisco among them – are experiencing a confluence of social, cultural and economic factors, accelerated by the Covid-19 pandemic, which is diluting their influence and influence. visibility . In a few cases, say some LGBTQ leaders, the very existence of neighborhoods is threatened.

“I walk through the neighborhood that has encouraged me for so many decades, and I see the reminders of Harvey and the Rainbow Honor Walk, celebrating famous queer and trans people,” Jones said as he led a visitor through a tour of his old neighborhood, pointing to empty storefronts and sidewalks. “I can’t help but think that soon there will be a time when people walking down the street will have no idea what this is all about.”

Housing costs are one of the main reasons. But there are also other factors.

LGBTQ couples, especially younger ones, are starting families and considering more traditional features — public schools, parks, and larger homes — when deciding where they want to live. The appeal of “gay neighborhoods” as a refuge for past generations seeking to escape discrimination and harassment is less imperative today, reflecting the growing acceptance of gay and lesbian people. And dating apps have, for many, replaced the gay bar as the place that leads to a sexual relationship or encounter.

Many gay and lesbian leaders have said this may well be a long-lasting realignment, an unexpected product of the success of a gay rights movement, including the Supreme Court’s 2015 recognition of same-sex marriage, which has pushed for equal rights and integration into mainstream society.

There are few places where this transformation is more visible than in the Castro, long a barometer of the evolution of gay and lesbian life in America. It’s a place where same-sex couples crowded the streets, sidewalks, bars and restaurants in defiance and celebration while LGBTQ people in other cities lived cloistered lives.

It was the scene of some of the first glimmers of the modern gay rights movement in the late 1960s; the rise to the political establishment with the election of openly gay officials like Mr. Milk; and the powerful community response to the AIDS epidemic in the 1980s.

“Gayborhoods are disappearing, Mr. Jones said. “People have to be careful about that. When people are dispersed, when they no longer live in geographic concentrations, when they no longer inhabit specific neighborhoods, we lose a lot. We are losing political power. We lose the ability to elect our own and defeat our enemies.

Cynthia Laird, editor of The Bay Area Reporter, a San Francisco-based LGBTQ newspaper, said she remembers this transformation every time she walks through the neighborhood.

“I wanted to take a picture of people walking down the rainbow crosswalk at the corner of Castro and 18th Street and there was no one walking,” she said. “The Castro and San Francisco have changed a lot over the past 25 years. We’ve seen a lot of LGBTQ people move from San Francisco to Oakland – where I live – and even further into the East Bay.

Mr Jones’ departure has caused tremors in gay neighborhoods across the country, especially as it came amid annual Pride celebrations marking advances in the LGBTQ movement since New York police raided the Stonewall Inn, a gay bar, in June 1969.

“What I see in Houston is that we’re losing our history,” said Tammi Wallace, president of the Greater Houston LGBT Chamber of Commerce, who lives in Montrose, the city’s gay neighborhood. “A lot of individuals and couples say, ‘We can move to different parts of town and know we’re going to be accepted. “”

Daniel B. Hess, a professor of urban planning at the State University of New York at Buffalo and co-author of a book on the evolution of gay neighborhoods, said U.S. Census data over the past three decades have shown a decline in density. of same-sex couples in Chelsea and Greenwich Village in New York, Dupont Circle in Washington, D.C., West Hollywood in Los Angeles County, and the Castro, which he called “America’s first gay neighborhood.”

“Gay men are leaving gay neighborhoods,” he said. “They settle in other urban neighborhoods and in the nearby suburbs. And non-LGBTQ people are moving in and bringing down the concentration in gay neighborhoods.

Dr Hess said part of this was generational. The men and women who created these neighborhoods “wanted to segregate and be around gay people,” he said. “On the other hand, when you ask young people today what they want, they would prefer an inclusive café. They don’t want anyone to feel unwanted.

Some gay leaders argued that the instinct to live in communities of like-minded people remained a strong draw and that there would always be some version of a gay neighborhood, just perhaps not as focused and powerful.

“I say this as a gay man: It’s nice to live in a community where there are lots of other gay people, where I can go out and walk down the street to a gay bar,” said Scott Wiener, a California state. senator who lives in the Castro. “Where I can walk two blocks to get tested for HIV and STDs at a clinic that won’t judge me.”

“We have to be very intentional about protecting these neighborhoods — and keeping them gay,” he said. “Having said that, I also believe the Castro is very strong and has very deep LGBTQ roots.”

These changes follow a comparable pattern in American history: immigrants establish ethnic neighborhoods to escape discrimination and build community bonds, but these enclaves lose their distinction and energy as later generations move to suburbs that have become more welcoming.

In this case, it is also a story of gentrification, economic cycles and social change. Gay men and women moved into relatively downtrodden neighborhoods, like Castro and Montrose, to fix them. Once housing costs became too high, residents and younger generations moved to another poor neighborhood.

In New York, that meant a move from Greenwich Village to Chelsea to Hell’s Kitchen; in the Los Angeles area, a migration from West Hollywood to neighborhoods like Silver Lake. But the relocations this time were more distant.

“I know a lot of new gay dads who live in Fort Greene and Clinton Hill,” two neighborhoods in Brooklyn, said Corey Johnson, a former New York City Council president who is gay and lives in Greenwich Village. “These are not traditional gay neighborhoods. The schools are better. It’s more affordable. And you have more space.

Mr Johnson argued that this had in fact led to an increase in the number of openly gay and lesbian members of the city council. But other LGBTQ leaders said there was a real danger in this type of diaspora.

“I think it’s important that we have spaces where we walk around, hold hands and maybe share a quick kiss and not worry too much,” said Tina Aguirre, Castro LGBTQ cultural district manager. “We need to live in queer neighborhoods. It’s just not as pressing as it was in the 80s and 90s.”

On a bright June afternoon, cheerful rainbow flags flew down Castro Street as Mr Jones walked past reminders of an earlier era. The Castro Theater, historic backdrop for parades and protests for decades, is reopening after a long closure forced by Covid-19. Most men drank in bars and some sex shops were open. At one point, a completely naked man walked casually down the sidewalk.

“I guess he’s also trying to keep the neighborhood gay,” Mr Jones said.

Mr. Jones stopped in front of the window where Mr. Milk had a camera store. In 1979, Mr Jones was living two houses away and watching from his flat when police moved in on protesters on Castro Street following lenient verdicts given to Dan White, a former supervisor, for the murders of Mr Milk and George Moscone, the mayor of San Francisco. “The night of the Nuit Blanche riots, when the police fought back, we were up there on the fire escape watching the chaos,” Mr Jones said.

Mr Milk, evicted from his Castro Street storefront, had then moved his camera shop to Market Street. This was the space that Mr. Jones used for the AIDS Quilt Project. It is now a restaurant.

Mr Jones is not happy to leave this corner of San Francisco, but said he had little choice. He had lived in his Castro apartment for 11 years before his landlord claimed he waived his rent control protections by living in Sonoma County, effectively forcing him to more than double his rent. He said he loved having the getaway of his home in Guerneville, but had considered himself a city dweller from the day he arrived here as a teenager from Phoenix.

“Everything good in my life came out of this neighborhood,” he said.

Impact of lumbar spinal stenosis on the incidence of metabolic syndrome in community-dwelling adults in the Aizu Cohort Study (LOHAS)


Study population

This prospective cohort study was based on Locomotive Syndrome and Health Outcomes in the Aizu Cohort Study (LOHAS), with a follow-up duration of up to 6 years. The LOHAS was designed in 2008 to study the risk of cardiovascular disease, quality of life, medical costs and mortality attributable to musculoskeletal dysfunction. The study recruited community-dwelling individuals from the cities of Minami-Aizu and Tadami in Fukushima Prefecture, Japan, who were enrolled in a national health insurance plan and who participated in annual health checkups ( specific health visits targeting people aged 13.14. The LOHAS baseline survey included 2725 participants. The inclusion criteria for this study were to have participated in LOHAS and to be aged

Basic survey

Special health checks and questionnaires were provided during the baseline survey. All assessments were conducted between April and July 2008. Each participant underwent all examinations on the same day. Special health checkups included an interview about medical history and lifestyle habits such as smoking and alcoholism; measurement of weight, height and blood pressure; physical examination; and blood biochemical tests for serum triglycerides, serum total cholesterol, serum low-density lipoprotein cholesterol, hemoglobin A1c, and other parameters, without prior instruction to fast. The baseline self-reported questionnaire for participants included information on the following characteristics: marital status, occupational status, dietary habits, physical activity, health-related quality of life, and locomotor dysfunction.

Metabolic Syndrome Definitions

Metabolic syndrome has been defined as the presence of at least three of the following risk factors15, identified during special or standard annual health checks: (1) enlarged waist circumference (≥ 80 cm in women or ≥ 90 cm in men); (2) increased triglyceride levels (≥ 150 mg/dL, or taking medication prescribed for high triglycerides); (3) low high-density lipoprotein cholesterol (

Main explanatory variable

The main explanatory variable was lumbar spinal stenosis, which was identified using a self-reported questionnaire, developed as an aid tool in the diagnosis of lumbar spinal stenosis.16. This questionnaire consisted of 10 items (Q1 to Q10). According to the clinical prediction rule, those with a total score ≥ 4 points in Q1–Q4 or a score ≥ 1 in Q1–Q4 and ≥ 2 in Q5–Q10 were identified as positive for the presence of lumbar spinal stenosis. The sensitivity and specificity of positive endpoints in a validation dataset were 84% and 78%, respectively.

Other Variables

During the special health check or health check, height and weight were measured and the body mass index (BMI) was calculated. We recorded data on age, sex (male or female), smoking status (current or never/former) and smoking habits (daily, sometimes, rarely or never). Data collected by questionnaires included information on employment (yes or no) and the number of metabolic syndrome components at baseline (0, 1 or 2). We also recorded the mental health domain score in the SF-36 health survey (a higher score indicates better mental health)17 and level of physical activity as assessed by the Japanese version of the International Physical Activity Questionnaire (IPAQ)18. The IPAQ is one of the most widely used physical activity assessment tools in the world, and questionnaire responses were categorized as low, moderate, or high activity, depending on the scoring program.19.

statistical analyzes

Basic demographic data has been summarized. Continuous variables are presented as mean and SD, and categorical variables as frequency and percentage. The you-test and chi-square test analyzed continuous and categorical variables, respectively. The follow-up was managed as a special or standard annual check-up. The endpoint of the present study was the development of metabolic syndrome or the last health check.

Univariate and multivariate Cox proportional hazard regression models were used to calculate the hazard ratio (RR) and 95% confidence interval (CI) for the incidence of metabolic syndrome during 6-year follow-up in association with baseline lumbar stenosis. After analysis not available, we performed a multivariate analysis including age, sex, smoking status, alcohol consumption, number of metabolic syndrome components at baseline, and mental health as confounders. In the sub-analysis, the incidence of each of the five components of metabolic syndrome and obesity (BMI ≥ 25 kg/m2) was analyzed in participants by a Cox multivariate proportional hazards regression model. Outcome variables were the incidence of each of the five components of obesity at annual special health checkups or health checkup results. The explanatory variables were the same components at inclusion, lumbar stenosis and possible confounding factors (age, sex, smoking status, alcohol consumption, number of components of the metabolic syndrome at inclusion and mental health). A subgroup analysis stratifying participants by age (

Selection bias and loss of information due to missing data in primary explanatory variables and covariates were managed by multiple imputations under the missing-at-random assumption as a sensitivity analysis20. The variables used in the regression or logistic regression analyzes were used to generate 20 sets of imputed data. Rubin’s rules were applied to combine estimates and standard errors21.

We also compared full case analyzes with multiple imputation results. All analyzes were performed using STATA, version 17.0 (StataCorp, College Station, TX, USA). All tests were bilateral.

How much money did Gophers athletes make in NIL deals last year? – InForum

The name, image and likeness era of college athletics celebrated its first anniversary on Friday, and if it was a growing child, the Gophers began to enter that space. .

The University of Minnesota has approximately 650 student-athletes in its athletics department and, in accordance with the school’s interim policy, these players have filed disclosure forms on more than 225 individual arrangements to be compensated for work performed. with outside companies or organizations, according to Pioneer Press data. request for records completed by the U at the end of June.

The Gophers and their fans intend to chase more NIL opportunities in Year Two.

Football Players U announced last week that they had created Club NIL to provide exclusive access to fans through $199 subscriptions, with profits split equally among participating players.

A third-party collective, which plans to help U student-athletes in NIL agreements, has been researching, filtering ideas and actionable options for months. They’re writing a business plan and expect a soft launch later this month, with a full rollout by the end of the year.

The United States Supreme Court ruled unanimously in June 2021 that the NCAA cannot limit education-related benefits for athletes in the Alston v NCAA decision. This set the stage for NIL, which, in the absence of federal law, was left to the states.

Minnesota has no state law affecting collegiate athletes, which helps keep U policy with as few hurdles as possible, U chief compliance officer Jeremiah Carter said. in an interview.

The U policy drafted and revised last summer follows NCAA rules prohibiting recruiting incentives and “pay to play, where athletes are compensated for simply being on the team. It does not authorize NIL work with alcohol or tobacco products, NCAA prohibited substances, weapons, playwear, or adult entertainment products or services.

Other restrictions include the use of U logos, where a student-athlete can meet NIL requirements, while the policy includes the U Student-Athlete Code of Conduct.

“We really haven’t had an instance where we had to say it would be a violation of our policy, so don’t do it,” Carter said. “We haven’t had any issues where we had to cite a student-athlete violating the code of conduct or anything like that. It’s a credit to our student-athletes, the way they perform and the opportunities they choose to pursue.

Pioneer Press’ request for records covered all disclosure forms since NIL began on July 1, 2021, and the school shared the information in the form of spreadsheets. The U redacted some columns under a state student privacy law, a school spokesperson said. The undisclosed information included all personal details of the students as well as the companies and agents involved.

Here are the key takeaways after distilling U data over the first 11+ months across the NIL landscape:

— Soccer players represent approximately 18% of the student-athlete population, but constituted 30% of total NIL disclosure forms.

– Minnesota male basketball and softball players were the next highest subsets. These programs each had 10 percent NUL disclosures.

— Volleyball, wrestling, soccer, women’s hockey, women’s gymnastics, and men’s track and field and cross-country teams accounted for 5-10% of disclosures.

— Men’s hockey, women’s basketball and baseball trail these peer groups with less than 5% of deals approved.

— Disclosure forms appeared to have categories for the type of work to be done for a company or organization and “social media” was checked off in almost 60% of all disclosures. Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and Cameo were listed.

– Appearances, autograph sessions and camps made up over 20% of the remaining pie, while a catch-all ‘other’ category and the player’s ‘own business’ made up the remaining 20%.

– The amount of detail shared by players in the “brief description” of the NIL activity varies greatly depending on the athlete.

– A wrestler wrote that he will “say hello” during an appearance and indicated a payout of $2,000. A football player wrote that he would “hang out in a tent” for an appearance and receive $100.

– A volleyball player said in mid-June that she would “post at least six (Snapchat) stories on her public profile per month” and that she had “potential for a partnership of up to 6 month”. The monthly payments were $1,000.15.

– A few football players listed ‘food competition’ as well as other responsibilities for an appearance last summer. Their compensation, according to one disclosure, was to “be determined by the size”, presumably of the event.

— A female gymnast said she would “work with clothing and jewelry brands” and could buy items at 30% off the sale price.

– Around 10 football player revelations in April were for a TV advert. Most listed $250 as payment.

– For the most part, Gopher athletes aren’t getting rich — or even paying too much in daily expenses — on the deals listed in the disclosures during NIL’s first year.

Wrestler Gable Steveson, honored last week as Big Ten Male Athlete of the Year, was the most marketable player on campus U. The Apple Valley native won Olympic gold at the Tokyo Games in August and another NCAA championship in March.

Prior to last season, the 22-year-old signed an NIL deal with WWE and it paved the way for him to return to campus, but that specific disclosure was not on the U spreadsheets.

Meanwhile, the largest dollar amount shared on a disclosure form since last July was $13,000, as a wrestler said he was due to make an appearance on August 21. Steveson appeared at WWE Summer Slam in Las Vegas that day.

Minnesota Gophers wrestler Gable Steveson poses with his gold medal during the medal ceremony for the men’s 125kg freestyle wrestling competition during the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics on August 6, 2021, at Makuhari Messe Hall A.

Mandi Wright/USA Today Sports


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Chinese state museum opens in Hong Kong amid patriotism


HONG KONG (AP) — The famous Chinese Palace Museum opened a branch in Hong Kong on Sunday as part of a campaign to build…

HONG KONG (AP) — China’s famed palace museum opened a branch in Hong Kong on Sunday in a bid to woo Beijing into the former British colony that returned to Chinese rule 25 years ago.

Works of calligraphy and paintings on silk dating back more than 1,000 years featured prominently in the exhibition, housed in a seven-story building in a newly developed arts district by the harbor.

The delicate artworks will be sent back to Beijing for safekeeping after 30 days, but Chinese Communist Party leaders want the exhibition’s cultural and political impact to last much longer.

The opening of the exhibition came just two days after Chinese leader Xi Jinping marked the anniversary of Hong Kong’s return with a visit to what is officially called the special autonomous region and a speech emphasizing control of Beijing as part of its “one country, two systems” vision.

Xi praised the city for overcoming “violent social unrest” – a reference to massive pro-democracy protests in 2019 that were followed by a crackdown that stifled dissent and shut down independent media.

The sweeping national security law imposed by Beijing has seen government critics who have not moved abroad jailed or bullied into silence. This aligned Hong Kong increasingly closely with the rigid party controls exercised on the mainland and in the outer regions of Tibet, Xinjiang and Inner Mongolia.

Political checks increasingly took on cultural and linguistic elements, and Friday’s ceremony was conducted entirely in the national language of Mandarin, rather than native Hong Kong Cantonese.

The construction of the Palace Museum branch in Hong Kong was controversial due to lack of public consultation and surprised many Hong Kong citizens.

Daisy Wang, deputy director of the museum, said the current exhibition is “a unique opportunity to look at some of the rarest early works of painting and calligraphy in the history of Chinese art.”

The collection was built during the Ming and Qing dynasties and many of its finest works now reside on the self-governing island of Taiwan, where they were taken after the communists took over the mainland in 1949.

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‘The Telangana model is rooted in corruption’: BJP takes on CM KCR


CM KCR had accused the BJP of practicing autocratic politics and said it intended to break governments.

Reacting strongly to TRS criticism that the BJP national executive meeting held in Hyderabad was a “circus”, Union Minister for Women and Child Development, Smriti Irani, said on Friday July 2 that politics could be a circus for TRS but not for BJP. “For us, it is a means of social emancipation and nation building,” she said. A day earlier, Telangana Minister and incumbent TRS Chairman KT Rama Rao had remarked that the BJP national leaders attending the executive meeting – in the state that will go to the polls next year – were political tourists. KTR undermined their meeting and demanded the BJP leaders to have Hyderabad biryani and Irani chai, and to leave the state.

Union Minister Irani also slammed Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao for “breaking protocol” by not receiving Prime Minister Narendra Modi. She claimed that the CM did not insult an individual but an institution. “KCR ji not only disrupted what was constitutionally federal protocol; it reflects his personality, she said. The TRS had hit back at the BJP saying it was not protocol for a minister in leader receives the Prime Minister who is taking part in a political meeting.

CM KCR, while endorsing the candidacy of Yashwant Sinha for the post of President of India, who accused the BJP of practicing autocratic politics and said it intended to smash governments, referring to the recent political crisis in Maharashtra. Responding to KCR’s remarks, Irani claimed that it was KCR that was practicing autocracy and violating protocol. Discussing the Telangana development model, she said that the development of the state is rooted in corruption.

Earlier in the day, during an interaction with the media, Union Information and Broadcasting Minister Anurag Thakur criticized the Telangana government, alleging that law and order in the Condition was deteriorating. “Underage girls are being raped and political bigwigs are implicated in these crimes. For the IT industry to thrive, the maintenance of law and order is a necessity. It is their responsibility to stop this” , did he declare.

Further criticizing the state government’s growth claims under the TRS, he said Telangana had a debt of Rs 2.50 lakh crore. Alleging embezzlement of Union government funds, Thakur alleged that KCR’s family mismanaged funds worth Rs 87,000 crore disbursed for irrigation projects. “They may be hiding behind this, but people know the reality. The chief minister is accountable to the people. But he sits on his farm and has no answers,” he said . Talking about the upcoming assembly elections in the state, he said the primary contest in Telangana would be between BJP and TRS.

BJP Telangana Unity Chairman Bandi Sanjay Kumar has claimed that the people of the state are fed up with the “mismanagement” of the TRS government and are seeking change. He alleged that CM KCR “runs away” whenever Prime Minister Narendra Modi visits the state. “You (KCR) have raised electricity bills, bus fares, property tax and everything. People are fed up with your mismanagement. That’s why they are looking for a change. We will end your rule’ naya Nizam’,” Bandi said. Sanjay told reporters.

With PTI inputs

Get Ready To Cut Three Million Members In The Latest “Bloody Summer” Free Event

Those who love carnage in Dying Light 2: Stay Human will be delighted to hear that the brand new free event bloody summer introduces fun ragdoll effects, extreme and deadly visuals, and new rewards.

There are video games that distinguish between children’s and adult entertainment, and then there are titles that are downright graphic and gory. Dying Light 2: Stay Human undoubtedly belongs to the latter category.

The game is so filled with fun and deadly violence that a new free in-game event has been released that somehow manages to even the game. If the title “Bloody Summer” don’t give it away, there isn’t much else that can.

Apart from the obvious perks like getting more powerful weapons, lots of fun effects have also been added. There’s a much higher chance of severing limbs, slicing your enemies in half, or even pulverizing them – not to mention ragdoll effects and increased hit animations with Hypermode active.

Check out the full official press release below.

Dying Light 2 Launches “Bloody Summer” Free-to-Play Event

Earn powerful weapons and gear through in-game carnage in Wrocław, Poland

– June 30, 2022 – The latest free event for Dying Light 2 Stay Human has arrived and amplifies the in-game carnage. considerably increased. Additionally, some of the Hypermode rules will also apply, with more intense ragdoll effects and hit reactions. The Bloody Summer event is also filled with great rewards:

● Cut 1 limb to get a Harper Token, redeemable with Harper, the Nightrunner character introduced with the Seasonal Content “Chapter 1: In the Footsteps of a Nightrunner”

● Cut 300 branches to get a Cutting Edge axe.

● With the whole community, cut 3,000,000 members to get the Nightrunner outfit.

What do you think? Will you check the bloody summer event where is Dying Light 2 not your cup of tea?

Whatever your opinion of the press release, be sure to check out the game’s trailer and synopsis below. As always, be sure to share your thoughts in the comments!

Over twenty years ago in Harran, we fought the virus – and lost. Now we lose again. The City, one of the last great human settlements, is torn apart by conflict. Civilization has fallen back into the Dark Ages. And yet, we still have hope.

You are a wanderer with the power to change the fate of The City. But your exceptional abilities come at a price. Haunted by indecipherable memories, you set out to discover the truth… and you find yourself in a combat zone.

Sharpen your skills, because to defeat your enemies and make allies you will need both fists and wits. Discover the dark secrets behind the wielders of power, choose your side and decide your fate. But wherever your actions take you, there’s one thing you can never forget: stay human.

Dying Light 2: Stay Human’s Bloody Summer is currently available on all consoles.

Germany returns Benin’s maiden bronze to Nigeria


BERLIN (Reuters) – German authorities on Friday returned to Nigeria the first two of more than 1,100 priceless sculptures known as the Benin Bronzes that were looted by Europeans in the 19th century.

British soldiers looted some 5,000 artifacts – intricate carvings and plaques dating back to the 13th century – when they invaded the Kingdom of Benin in what is now southwestern Nigeria in 1897.

The loot has been incorporated into museums in Europe and the United States.

“It’s a story of European colonialism. We must not forget that Germany played an active role in this chapter of history,” German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock told a ceremony in Berlin marking the transfer.

The first two bronzes, one representing the head of a king, the other showing a king and his four servants, will be taken personally by the Nigerian Minister of Foreign Affairs Zubairu Dada and the Minister of Culture Lai Mohammed, present at ceremony.

“I am delighted to be part of this auspicious event which I believe will go down as one of the most important days in the celebration of African cultural heritage, Dada said.

Germany’s decision to carry out one of the largest ever repatriations of historical artifacts reflects a burgeoning awareness in Europe of the continued political relevance of plunder and colonial violence in the past.

Chancellor Olaf Scholz has sought to rally emerging nations against Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, a task complicated by the widespread view in the Global South that anger over the invasion is hypocrisy on the part of former imperialists who themselves experienced episodes of violence and plunder in their past.

“We recognize the atrocities committed under colonial rule,” said Culture Minister Claudia Roth. “We recognize the racism and slavery…the injustice and trauma that left scars still visible today.”

Germany will help fund a museum to be built in Benin City to house the repatriated bronzes.

Delhi HC sends notice to cops regarding Zubair’s plea against police remand


Alt News co-founder Mohammed Zubair challenged the legality of his custody in a case related to a tweet he posted in 2018.

On Friday, July 1, the Delhi High Court sought the position of the Delhi Police on a plea by Alt News co-founder Mohammed Zubair challenging the legality of his pre-trial detention in a case related to a tweet that it had published in 2018. Judge Sanjeev Narula issued an opinion on the motion and granted the investigative agency two weeks to file its response to the motion which challenges the legality and propriety of the court order of first instance of June 28 granting four days of custody of Zubair to the police.

The judge scheduled the case for a rehearing on July 27 and said proceedings in the trial court would continue unaffected by the current proceedings. The court noted that the dismissal order would expire on July 2 and said, “The police dismissal order is for four days. I will have to hear from the other side. I will post a notice.”

Zubair was arrested by Delhi police on June 27 on a charge of offending religious feelings over one of his 2018 tweets after an anonymous user reported him to Delhi police. He was summoned in a 2020 POCSO case for which he had protection from arrest, but was arrested in another registered FIR on June 20. He was then remanded in custody for a day by the trial court on the same day. The following day, his custody was extended for a further four days by Metropolitan Chief Magistrate Snigdha Sarvaria.

In accordance with the trial court’s order, Zubair would then be brought before him on July 2 upon the expiry of the four days in custody.

On Thursday, Delhi police brought Zubair to Bangalore and searched his home. The police team collected electronic evidence, including his laptop and hard drives from his home.

The case against Zubair was filed under Sections 153A (promoting enmity between different groups on grounds of religion, race, place of birth, language, etc.) and 295A (deliberate and malicious act intended to outrage religious feelings) of the Indian Penal Code (IPC). Police said the case was filed on the complaint of a Twitter user who accused him of hurting religious feelings. The Twitter user, who went by the name ‘Hanuman Bhakt’, has now deleted his account.

Untreated visual impairment in the elderly linked to dementia

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Vision problems could be linked to dementia and cognitive impairment. Yasser Chalid/Getty Images
  • A new study of studies finds a strong correlation between vision loss and dementia and cognitive impairment.
  • Further research should investigate a potential causal link.
  • Having eye exams and treating vision problems as they arise benefits people as they age.

It is common for older people with dementia to also experience deterioration in vision. A new study from the Center for Medical Informatics at Peking University in China suggests it could also work the other way around.

Researchers have documented a strong association between older adults who have vision problems and those who eventually develop dementia or cognitive impairment.

The study’s lead author, associate professor Beibei Xu, said:

“This study is among the first to assess the association between sight problems and cognitive outcomes in older adults through a comprehensive review of all available population-based studies in English. Our findings add to growing evidence that Vision discoloration is a risk factor for developing dementia.

However, the link between vision loss and dementia is unclear.

“Diagnosing and treating eye conditions can be beneficial – both to improve a person’s quality of life and also to potentially slow or stop memory loss.”
— BeiBei Xu, lead author

Dr Nathaniel Chinfrom the Division of Geriatrics and Gerontology in the University of Wisconsin Department of Medicine, which was not involved in the study, said Medical News Today:

“It’s a solid study. [It] did a good job in the methods employed for their systematic review and in their statistical approach to the large data set they collected. Although they acknowledge that the field has individual studies showing mixed and conflicting results, their overall assessment seems convincing that there is an association between visual impairment and cognitive decline.

Dr. Thomas J. Littlejohnssenior epidemiologist at Oxford Population Health in the UK and who was also not involved in the study, also found the study valuable, recounting DTM:

“This study helps clarify the existing evidence on the relationship between poor vision and cognitive problems.”

“It is important to note, added Dr Littlejohns, “that the study did not generate new results, but rather identified previously published studies and compiled them to produce an overall result using a mapping approach. meta-analysis.”

The study is published in the journal Aging and mental health.

The researchers searched for studies on vision loss and dementia published before 2020. Databases included PubMed, Web of Science, Baseand PsycINFO.

From these sources, the review authors selected 4,580 records, eliminating duplicates and irrelevant searches, ultimately identifying 16 high-quality studies encompassing 76,373 participants aged 50 and over.

The general conclusions of the studies were as follows:

  • Based on objective and subjective (self-reported) vision assessments, people with visual impairment had an approximately 60% higher risk of dementia or cognitive impairment.
  • At the start of the studies, the likelihood of having cognitive impairment was 137% higher in people with visual impairment than in those without.
  • Compared to people without vision problems, those who were visually impaired at the start of the studies had a 44% higher risk of incident (later) dementia, with a 41% higher risk of incident cognitive impairment.

“All of the included studies,” Dr. Littlejohns pointed out, “were observational and many measured vision alongside cognition. It is therefore not possible to determine whether visual impairment causes cognitive decline or if something else is responsible, such as poor health.

It was also a concern for Dr Chin, who explained:

“Studies like this may show an association but cannot confirm that one causes the other, which matters to the general public and patients. For causality to be determined, a randomized clinical trial is needed. »

The study does not attempt to identify the physiological link between visual impairment and dementia or cognitive impairment.

Dr. Chin mentioned that “in visual impairment, there are broken down cells in the eye and optic nerve, which leads to diminished or poor entry into the brain. This “impaired” input can lead to errors in perceptual processing and other later cognitive functions. »

“This is similar to another cause of sensory deprivation, or the ‘use it or lose it’ theory, that less stimulation of vision causes brain processes that depend on that vision to break down.”

“It may be that a reduced ability to see everyday life leads to less cognitive stimulation, or that people become more socially isolated, although this is speculation.”
— Dr. Thomas J. Littlejohns

Dr Chin noted that the apparent link could be that “people with poorer vision perform worse on cognitive tests and therefore have lower scores indicating decline or impairment when in truth the changes in the tests are related to testing for poor vision”.

Finally, Dr. Littlejohns mentioned another possibility:

“Alternatively, it could just be a spurious correlation, and more research is needed to really try to understand how visual impairment could lead to cognitive decline and possibly dementia.”

Either way, Dr. Chin, who is a practicing clinician with older patients, suggests that strengthening your vision is generally a good strategy, especially as you get older:

“When [my patient’s] eye specialist identifies cataracts, I start discussing cataract surgery. I mention the potential benefit of reducing the risk of future cognitive impairment, as well as safer driving and reduced risk of falling.

“LASIK surgery is a more complicated discussion because other non-surgical treatments may provide equal benefits but without the risk or cost of surgical complications,” Dr. Chin said, adding “If LASIK surgery were the only option for improving visual acuity is a reasonable discussion and consideration.”

“I want my patients to have clear vision for many reasons, and one of them is cognitive health. I encourage patients to have routine eye exams.
— Dr. Nathaniel Chin

Adults with autism have become increasingly visible in media, books, TV and more over the past decade, but representational issues persist


New research from UC Santa Cruz shows incremental improvements in the portrayal of adults with autism in films, television, books, media coverage and advocacy organization websites. The study, published in the journal autism in adulthoodfollows a paper 2011“Infantilizing autism”, in Quarterly Disability Studies, who found that popular representations of autism were overwhelmingly child-centric.

The previous paper sounded the alarm about the lack of representation of autistic adults, which can limit public awareness of the unique needs of some autistic adults, such as employment and housing. At the time, the authors of the 2011 article – Jennifer L. Stevenson, Bev Harp and Morton Ann Gernsbacher – speculated that the bias in the representation of children could be due to factors such as organizations advocacy led by parents and clinicians and a predominant focus on initial diagnosis and treatment of autism.

However, since then, the neurodiversity movement has grown steadily, especially as autistic self-advocates have worked to emphasize how people with autism can thrive throughout their lives. life. And a new team of researchers, led by UC Santa Cruz psychology professor Nameera Akhtar, questioned whether those efforts, and other potential influences, may have affected representations of autism over the course of the last decade. So they decided to replicate the 2011 study.

“This is an important question to follow, because adults with autism often say that it is very annoying to them that autism is almost always portrayed as having to do with children, and it is as if it makes them invisible. “, said Akhtar. “They talk about how it’s like falling off a cliff when they’re 18, because there are very few resources available to them after that. But, of course, you don’t stop being autistic and needing accommodations when you become an adult.

To see how trends in representation may have changed, the research team looked at the websites of some well-known autism charities and advocacy organizations. Reviewing online records from 49 state and regional chapters of the Autism Society of America, the team found that 20% of photographs depicting people with autism were adults, compared to just 5% of photos when the study of 2011 originally reviewed these sites. While children were still heavily favored, this was a statistically significant improvement. And 80% of websites at least mentioned adults with autism and linked to related resources. A review of 16 other autism charity websites found similar results.

The study also researched trends in the entertainment industry. Researchers analyzed 124 movies and TV shows released between 2010 and 2019 featuring autistic characters. They found that 58% of these characters were children, compared to 68% of autistic characters were children in the original analysis of the 2011 paper. The new paper indicates that one factor that may contribute to this improvement is that production teams are increasingly using consultants to advise on proposed depictions of autism, likely due to calls for more accurate depiction of autistic self-advocates.

However, the levels of representation were quite different across the publishing industry. The research team looked at 484 English-language fiction books published between 2010 and 2017 that included a mention of an autistic character in the book description. 81% of these characters were children, up from 91% at the time of the 2011 article analysis. This is a statistically significant improvement, despite the continuing disparity. The new paper conducted additional analysis showing that representation was better among books aimed at adult audiences, in which 67% of autistic characters were children.

The research team also analyzed 90 print, television and radio media stories in the United States that featured an autistic person and were published between April and May 2020. 58% of these stories featured children with autism, versus 79% of stories in a similar analysis for the original study.

But the new paper notes that even though adults with autism are increasingly portrayed in the media, they can still be portrayed as children. For example, the study showed that a third of stories that included adults with autism also mentioned their parents. And previous research found that non-autistic researchers, parents, and clinicians are more likely to be portrayed as autism experts than autistic adults themselves.

Overall, the authors of the new study say that while their findings show a move towards a more numerical representation of adults in representations of autism, there is still a long way to go, including in the ability of these representations to truly reflect the lived experiences of adults with autism. Janette Dinishak, associate professor of philosophy at UCSC, co-author of the new paper, says she hopes future improvements in representation could include increased attention to the intersectionality of autism with gender, race , ethnicity and other social categories or identities.

“We need to see a continued increase in the number of representations of autistic adults, as well as an improvement in the manner of that representation to reflect the heterogeneity of how autism manifests across a person’s lifetime. nobody,” she said. “People with autism need to be part of the conversation about how to improve that representation, and they also need to have space to represent themselves.”

The bond market rebound is bad news for the economy

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The good news is that US Treasury yields could be near their peak. The bad news is that this makes the recession I’ve been predicting since February more likely.

The Federal Reserve’s current campaign to raise its main policy interest rate – the overnight federal funds rate – in response to rapid inflation normally precipitates a downturn in business. Since the central bank adopted this measure in 1954, there have been 11 recessions and only three exceptions, or soft landings—in 1966, 1984, and 1996. A soft landing occurs when the central bank lowers the policy rate after a series of increases without an ongoing recession. Until the Fed cuts rates, it is uncertain whether its credit tightening campaign is over or simply halted.

My analysis of post-World War II history reveals that a 100 basis point rise in the funds rate is associated with a 36 basis point rise in the 10-year Treasury yield and a increase of 24 basis points in the Yield on 30-year Treasury bills. The further out the yield curve, the less influence central bank policy has.

The 10-year bond yield peaked at 3.48% on June 14, the highest since 2011. It has since fallen back to around 3.22%. The yield jumped 2.18% on March 16, when the Fed first raised its benchmark rate from a range of zero to 0.25% to a range of 0.25% to 0.5% (it is now in a range of 1.5% to 1.75%). The 1.30 percentage point jump in the 10-year rate implies a 3.5 percentage point rise in the funds rate, bringing it closer to 4%. That’s high enough to kill the economic expansion that floated on a sea of ​​readily available and cheap credit.

In response to the 2008 financial crisis, the Fed introduced quantitative easing, which increased its assets from $900 billion to $4.5 trillion. Then, with the pandemic, central bank assets nearly doubled to $8.9 trillion this month. Most of all this money has been invested in residential housing as well as stocks and many speculative financial assets. Ditto for the $3.75 trillion provided by the government in response to the pandemic. The shift from central bank money tsunami to Fed treasury cuts via quantitative tightening and the end of massive fiscal stimulus is a major shock to the economy. The recession will dampen credit demand and heighten the zeal for safe havens, all to the benefit of Treasuries. Additionally, the strength of the dollar makes US government securities attractive to foreigners, as does the fact that the 10-year Treasury note has a higher yield than sovereign debt in 13 out of 18 developed countries. In recent economic cycles, the yield on 10-year Treasury bills has peaked before the onset of a recession. It peaked at 6.7% in June 2000, before the 2001 recession. Similarly, it peaked at 5.1% in June 2006, 18 months before the start of the 2007-2009 recession.

A similar track could happen this year. Retailers are chopping orders in response to excessive inventory after mistakenly anticipating huge holiday sales at the end of 2021 to US consumers who were already saturated with merchandise. Since then, consumers have decided to spend money on services such as restaurants and travel. About 0.8 percentage points of the 1.4% decline in real gross domestic product in the first quarter was due to inventory reductions and more will follow as goods from Asia that are unloaded at ports from the west coast are routed inland. The backlog of ships at the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach fell from 109 in January to 30 in May.

Consumers will likely continue to refrain from purchasing goods. Inflation-adjusted retail sales fell in May for the 14th consecutive month. Even nominal sales fell in May. Real hourly wages have been falling for more than a year, and the University of Michigan’s consumer confidence index plunged to an all-time low in June in data dating back to the late 1970s. Home sales existing homes fell in May for the fourth straight month and fell 8.6% from a year earlier as mortgage rates rose and homes became the least affordable since July 2007, according to the National Association of Realtors.

Inflation may also have peaked. The consumer price index rose 1.2% in March from the previous month and returned to gains of 0.3% in April and 1% in May. Similarly, the producer price index rose 0.8% in May, down from the 1.6% increase recorded in March. The Fed often switches from credit crunch to easing once it sees it has done the act of recession. This was the case of the recessions of 1960-1961, 1969-1970, 1981-1982, 1990-1991 and 2001.

However, while battling the severe inflation of the early 1970s, the central bank did not move from tight credit to looser terms until July 1974, even though the peak of the business cycle was in November 1973. Fed now desperately trying to get ahead of the inflation cycle, it may not reverse gear until the recession is well underway.

Of course, no one rings the bell when an economic downturn begins. With all the late reports of data and revisions, it’s often months or quarters after its launch that the National Bureau of Economic Research, the acknowledged arbiter of recession dating, identifies the peak of activity, and often not before the next dip. If I’m right that treasury bond yields will fall as inflation rates fall, then treasury bond prices will rise.

This column does not necessarily reflect the opinion of the Editorial Board or of Bloomberg LP and its owners.

Gary Shilling is president of A. Gary Shilling & Co., a consulting firm. He is the author, most recently, of “The Age of Deleveraging: Investment Strategies for a Decade of Slow Growth and Deflation, and he may have an interest in the areas he writes about.

More stories like this are available at bloomberg.com/opinion

Need an abortion? Better hope you have a generous boss | Arwa Mahdawi


NOTSo long ago, shortly before it all went to hell, employers were courting workers with perks like ping-pong tables and free snacks. Now, a sign of an increasingly dystopian era, they offer all-expenses-paid abortion travel. Following Friday’s U.S. Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe v Wade, a number of major companies have announced they will pay employees located in states that have banned abortion to travel to places where it is still allowed. Disney, Netflix, Goldman Sachs and Meta are just a few of the companies that have said their benefits will cover this.

I applaud any company that really tries to do the right thing. But before we all take a moment of silence to appreciate the benevolence of our corporate overlords, it’s worth asking what some of the companies that claim to care so much about reproductive rights are doing behind the scenes. The answer, in many cases, is to send big checks to the politicians and political groups responsible for dismantling abortion rights.

Take T-Mobile for example: the company told its employees that it would cover abortion costs if necessary, which is great. Not so good? In 2021, T-Mobile donated $100,000 to a group called the Republican Association of Attorneys General (Raga), which played a pivotal role in Roe’s cancellation. Annoying! And T-Mobile isn’t the only company that doesn’t seem to be putting its money where its mouth is. The journalist Judd Legum dug into campaign finance data and published a handy list of all the companies that are pro-choice for PR purposes, but aren’t so public about their donations to Raga. They include Match Group (which operates dating apps such as Tinder), JP Morgan, Uber and Mastercard.

Why are corporations in the United States allowed to give money to politicians, you might ask? It just seems a tiny bit corrupt. In poor countries, you might describe this sort of thing as “corruption”. In the United States, however, it’s not “bribery” — nothing like that — it’s constitutionally protected free speech. Companies can pump money into politics thanks to a precedent set in 2010 by the Supreme Court, known as Citizens United. Ah, the good old United States. Where corporations have more constitutional rights than women!

Even if one company didn’t give Republican politicians a dime; even if he really tries to do the right thing, the fact that employers have a say in whether or not to access an abortion is horrifying. The fact that someone who has made a deeply personal decision to have an abortion has to tell their employer is horrifying. Health care (and abortion is obviously health care) should never be tied to employment. And yet, in the United States, it is. The quality of care you receive—your ability to access care without emptying your bank account—often depends on who you work for and what type of coverage they offer.

Being able to control health care gives corporations a lot of power, which they are well aware of. Last year, a number of Kellogg’s employees went on strike to protest unfair working conditions. One of the first things management did was cut their health care; striking workers had to pay up to $2,980 in Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (Cobra) payments. (Cobra gives you the right to continue with your employer’s health plan after you’re fired; you just have to pay a ridiculous amount of money for the privilege.) Now it seems odd that companies are starting to use the access to abortion as a means of getting their employees to line up. Starbucks, for example, said it would reimburse abortion-related travel costs as part of its health care plan, but noted it could not “make any guaranteed benefit promises.” for unionized stores. Better not unionize if you don’t want to be forced to give birth!

This is where we are in the richest country on the planet: human rights distributed by HR departments. Civil rights downgraded to corporate benefits.

Moderna vaccine increases risk of myocarditis 44-fold in young adults: peer-reviewed study


A French peer-reviewed study concluded that for the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, the risk of myocarditis skyrockets one week after vaccination.

The risk of myocarditis after mRNA vaccination was 8-fold and 30-fold higher than in unvaccinated control groups for BNT162b2 (Pfizer-BioNTech) and mRNA-1273 (Moderna), respectively.

The greatest association of myocarditis after the Moderna vaccine was a 44 times higher risk for people aged 18 to 24.

As for the Pfizer vaccine, compared to the same age group, the risk was 13 times higher.

Infection with the Chinese Communist Party virus resulted, in comparison, in a 9 times higher risk of the same disease.

Myocarditis refers to inflammation of the heart muscle, a life-threatening condition. There are many established causes for this heart condition. The main cause, according to the most recent discoveries of modern science, is viruses; but during the pandemic, COVID mRNA vaccines have earned a place among prime suspects for myocarditis.

The aim of the new study was to provide an assessment of the association with vaccines by gender and age groups.

“Both SARS-CoV2 infection and COVID mRNA vaccines have been associated with myocarditis. Know the affinity of spike protein for ACE2 receptors in heart and spike protein cardiomyocyte injury (cells of the heart), the association of myocarditis with the SARS-CoV2 virus or spike protein mRNA vaccination was not entirely unexpected,” cardiologist Dr. Sanjay Verma told The Epoch. times by e-mail.

Verma also thinks that The CDC analysis “incorrectly suggests” that the risk of myocarditis after SARS-CoV2 infection is higher than after COVID-19 mRNA vaccination.

“For myocarditis cases after SARS-CoV2, the CDC uses officially confirmed PCR+ “cases”, even if their own seroprevalence data demonstrates that many more people have been infected than officially compliant PCR+ “cases”. For example, seroprevalence data as of February 21, 2022 reveals that 75% (approximately 54 million) of all children have been infected, compared to 12 million officially confirmed PCR+ “cases” (i.e. the actual number of infected children is 4.5 times higher than PCR+ ‘case’). Therefore, when calculating the risk of myocarditis after SARS-CoV2 infection, the rate noted by the CDC should therefore be reduced by 4.5 times. So far, the CDC has not adjusted its COVID-19 morbidity and mortality data accordingly, said the cardiologist, who practices in Coachella Valley, Calif.

The study analyzed 1,612 cases of myocarditis and 1,613 cases of pericarditis in France from May 12, 2021 to October 31, 2021, involving 32 million people aged 12 to 50 who received 46 million doses of mRNA vaccines.

It is limited by the exclusive use of hospital discharge diagnoses. Therefore, it does not include those who may have died before being hospitalized or those whose symptoms were not severe enough to require hospitalization.

“There have been reports (pdf) post-vaccination autopsy-confirmed myocarditis and anecdotal evidence from patients discharged from the ER and never admitted to hospital. Adjusting for these excluded subsets may result in an even higher risk than reported in this study. Follow-up of patients in this study was limited to one month after discharge. However, a precedent cardiac MRI study found that approximately 75% of patients with vaccine-associated myocarditis may have persistent MRI abnormalities 3-8 months after initial diagnosis,” Verma said.

The authors of the study did not analyze the effect of the booster because it is not yet recommended for young adults in France.

In the United States, however, booster shots are mandated by colleges and universities, employers, and even some state public health departments, regardless of age or prior infection.

“In a pre-publication follow-up their peer-reviewed study on post-vaccination myocarditis, the analysis revealed a continued additional risk of myocarditis after the booster vaccination. In fact, while many countries have refrained from recommending COVID vaccination in very young children because the risks do not justify the benefits, the United States is alone in recommending it in younger children,” said Verma said.

A research paper published on May 18 studied the pandemic control measures – which included vaccine and mask mandates, as well as isolation and contact tracing – of Cornell University, which was almost fully vaccinated, and found that these policies were “not compatible” with the Omicron variant and its rapid spread.

Sudden adult death syndrome

Recently, a new term has been thrown around in the media: “sudden adult death syndrome”, or SADS.

Underlying factors for SADS include undiagnosed myocarditis, inflammatory conditions, and other conditions that cause irregularities in the electrical system of the heart, thus triggering cardiac arrest.

Data compiled by the International Olympic Committee shows 1,101 sudden deaths among athletes under the age of 35 between 1966 and 2004, an average annual rate of 29 across all sports. Meanwhile, between March 2021 and March 2022 alone – a single year – at least 769 athletes suffered cardiac arrest, collapsed or died on the pitch, worldwide.

Denmark’s Christian Eriksen is carried away on a stretcher after collapsing on the pitch during the Euro 2020 soccer championship Group B match between Denmark and Finland at Parken Stadium in Copenhagen on June 12, 2021. (Stuart Franklin/ Pool via AP)

Among FIFA EU athletes (soccer/soccer), sudden death has increased by 420% in 2021. Historically, approximately five football players have died playing the game each year. Between January and mid-November 2021, 21 FIFA players died suddenly.

Joseph Mercola contributed to this report.

The Epoch Times has contacted the CDC for comment.

Enrico Trigoso


Enrico Trigoso is an Epoch Times reporter who focuses on the New York area.

Tickets Available for Summer County Children’s Theater Productions | Entertainment


The Williamson County Department of Parks and Recreation (WCPR) and the Williamson County Performing Arts Center (WCPAC) at Academy Park have opened ticket sales for WCPR Children’s Theater productions for the summer 2022.

Straight to the Stars Youth Theater is WCPR’s theater company that produces straight-up (non-musical) plays featuring high school students. The summer production of 2022 will be “Anne of Green Gables”.

Adapted by Joseph Robinette from LM Montgomery’s beloved novel of the same name, “Anne of Green Gables” follows the story of feisty orphan Anne Shirley.

Adopted from an orphanage in Nova Scotia by Marilla and Matthew Cuthbert, Anne’s acclimatization to life in Avonlea isn’t exactly easy. The Cuthbert siblings wanted a quiet boy to help them on their farm, but instead they get Anne, a redhead, freckled, and free-spirited who turns their lives upside down with her eccentric behavior. Anne navigates school, friendship and life in Avonlea in this charming coming-of-age tale.

The play is produced by special arrangement with The Dramatic Publishing Company of Woodstock, Illinois. Performances will take place on July 15 and 16 at 7 p.m. both evenings. Tickets are $10 until July 6 and $12 starting July 7 for all ages. Children 3 and under can sit on an adult’s lap without a ticket.

Rising Stars is WCPR’s theater group for young performers in grades one through eight. The Rising Stars summer production for 2022 will be “Disney’s Beauty and the Beast JR”.

Based on the popular Broadway production and Oscar-winning film, “Disney’s Beauty and the Beast JR”. is a fantastic adaptation of the story of transformation and tolerance. It features some of the most popular songs ever written by Alan Menken and the late Howard Ashman, plus new songs by Menken and Tim Rice.

The classic story tells of Belle, a young woman in a provincial town, and the Beast, who is actually a young prince trapped under the spell of an enchantress. If the Beast can learn to love and be loved, the curse will end and he will be transformed into himself. But time is running out. If the Beast doesn’t learn his lesson soon, he and his family will be doomed for eternity.

This production will feature fun interactive elements so the audience can be part of the show. The play is presented under special arrangement and all licensed materials are provided by Music Theater International in New York. More information is available at www.mtishows.com.

The performances will take place on July 29 at 7 p.m. and July 30 at 2 p.m. and 7 p.m.

Tickets are $10 until July 17 and $12 starting July 18 for all ages. Children 3 and under can sit on an adult’s lap without a ticket.

Tickets for all upcoming events are on sale now and can be purchased at www.wcpactn.com.

I’m having a hard time getting over this breakup.


Dear Meredith,

I’m in my late thirties and have lived in Boston for almost 18 years. As a gay man, it always seems difficult to meet quality men who are also looking for a relationship. I am outgoing, confident, love my career, love my family, and have joined leagues and many social groups in and around Boston. In those 18 years, I’ve only really had three or four people I’ve dated seriously. More recently, I met an amazing guy out of the blue on 4 in Provincetown – basically, I found love in a hopeless place, as Rihanna once said.

We continued to date for seven months. He was the first guy I introduced to my family as a boyfriend, we vacationed together and even traveled overseas on vacation. Not only were we physically attracted to each other, but we had so much in common, from TV shows to music and food. Three days after he got home from that vacation, he asked if he could come over and talk – I knew there was something. That night he ended his terms and he felt it best to unfollow, block and not talk to me for a while. I was caught off guard and it shocked my system for weeks and months to come. We briefly discussed the reason for his split (he felt like he wasn’t a good boyfriend, he felt like our personalities were different, and he felt like he had a lot going on in his life he had to understand). We had few disagreements, but he seems to have had a hard time being honest about his feelings and hiding his internal pain or insecurities.

After the break up, I was depressed and feel hopeless even after being supported by my friends and family. I found a therapist to talk to, but as soon as I think I’m healed, I’ll see him walk out and all my healing evaporates. Boston is a small town and he and his friends have crossed paths with me many times. But the most hurtful thing is that he treats me like a stranger – with no interest in communicating.

For the past eight weeks I have been playing in a gay league which I joined with some friends. Randomly he also signed up but never recognized me during games. I can’t imagine treating someone like a stranger after being so close to them. I tried to meet new people and date, but deep down inside, nothing can replace what he and I had. I’ve tried to focus on taking care of myself through therapy, running, working out, and surrounding myself with friends, but I’m having a hard time getting over this breakup. Many apps are a nightmare and full of people looking for short-term trades. No advice?

– desperate

My advice is to give yourself more time to grieve and get used to living without him. It was a big disappointment – ​​a huge loss. Having the support of friends and family — even therapy — doesn’t erase bad feelings. This kind of breakup takes your breath away. With time, it gets much better… and then there are the bad days… and then, finally, it gets better again. It is not a linear journey.

We have already talked about death grief versus breakup grief. The problem with breakup heartbreak is that you grieve about something you had with someone who, depending on who you are and where you live, might be in your gay sports league. It is another type of discomfort. Please be patient with yourself.

Also be aware that the kind of guy who can’t be honest about his feelings probably has a hard time knowing what to do when he sees someone he’s hurt, even if there was no malice in their mind. decision. He’s not equipped to know what to say or how to be nice. He may think ignoring you in a match is the best thing to do. Don’t expect him to be good at this, as he was not good at communicating his discomfort during the relationship.

I wish I could give you a timeline of how long it takes to get over things. I know that when you reach anniversary points – like 4, say – you create a new memory that makes the previous one that much older.

Keep doing as many league-like activities as possible. Meet people through friends. Remember there is a difference between someone who says they want something transactional, with specific limits, and someone who says they want to have fun but might be open to more. . Sometimes intentions change over time. Use apps sparingly (no more than 15 minutes a day, say) and take a break if it feels terrible.

Keep busy with things that make you happy, and I promise you everything will start to change.


Readers? What is the timeline here? Is the league helping or hurting?

Collision between Amtrak and car leaves 3 dead and 3 injured at ‘recipe for disaster’ site

Photo by Megan Cassidy

Three people were killed and three others injured when the car they were traveling in was struck by an Amtrak train in the East Bay on Sunday afternoon, officials said.

The tragedy happened around 1pm, in an unincorporated area of ​​Brentwood when the car was crossing the railway tracks near the 3000 block of Orwood Road and was hit by a westbound train from Stockton to Martinez, a said Steve Aubert, fire marshal with East Contra. Fire Coast.

Three people were pronounced dead at the scene, Aubert said. Two of the three survivors suffered serious injuries, one adult was airlifted to hospital and one child was taken to hospital by ground transport.

Amtrak representatives did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Aubert said the collision happened in a rural area with no guardrails or signage at the crossing.

“It’s a bad crossing,” he said, with trains traveling at around 80 mph. “It’s just a recipe for disaster, unfortunately.”

The names of the victims were not released, but officials said those killed were believed to be adults.

Contra Costa County Sheriff’s Office officials referred media inquiries to the BNSF Railroad. Railroad officials did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Megan Cassidy is a staff writer for the San Francisco Chronicle. Email: [email protected]: @meganrcassidy

This is a developing story. Check back for updates.

Cleveland Orchestra to kick off Blossom Music Festival 4th of July weekend


It’s almost time to spread the blankets and feast on delicious picnic food and wine while basking in the beautiful sounds of Cleveland’s world-class orchestra during the 4th of July weekend at the bucolic Blossom Music Center.

Ten weeks of concerts and picnics at the Blossom Music Festival will kick off July 2 at the Cleveland Orchestra’s summer home in Cuyahoga Falls, with a total of 14 different concert programs for 19 performances over the holiday weekend. work.

After:Cleveland Orchestra Announces Blossom Season With Return Of Movies, Some Lesser-Known Gems

The Cleveland Orchestra will open the 2022 season with the “Fanfare for the Common Man” concert at 8 p.m. Saturday, conducted by outgoing associate conductor Vinay Parameswaran. The concert will feature the orchestra’s premiere of Gulda’s “Cello Concerto”, with the orchestra’s principal cellist Mark Kosower as soloist, and Copland’s “Symphony No. 3”.

Vinay Paramesvaran
Marc Kosower

Copland’s jubilant third symphony, composed to celebrate the end of World War II, is often called “The Great American Symphony”. It ends with themes from the popular “Fanfare for the Common Man”.

Fireworks will follow the concert, weather permitting.

The extended holiday weekend will continue with the star-studded “Salute to America” ​​celebration concert, featuring the Blossom Festival Band at 8 p.m. July 3-4.

The Cleveland Orchestra's Blossom Music Festival opens July 4 weekend with concerts July 2, 3, and 4 at the Blossom Music Center.

The family-friendly event will feature patriotic marches, Broadway favourites, an Armed Forces salute, and more, led by fan favorite Loras John Schissel. The concerts will end with a fireworks display.

Loras John Schissel

Single pavilion tickets start at $25 for adults, $15 for students and children. Single lawn tickets start at $25. Two free lawn tickets for under 18s are available for every adult lawn ticket purchased.

Customers can also save with the ever-popular Lawn Ticket Books. The books include 10 vouchers for adults, 20 free vouchers for under-18s and two free upgrade passes, valid for the whole season. The cost is $180. Call the Severance Hall box office at 216-231-1111 or visit clevelandorchestra.com for more information.

The Blossom box office will be open from 1 p.m. to 9 p.m. on festival performance days throughout the summer season.

For more information on subscriptions, call 216-231-1111 or visit clevelandorchestra.com.

Parking for Blossom Music Festival

Subscribers and guests who purchased tickets at least 10 days before a festival concert will receive dated hang tags in the mail. Those with tags displayed in their vehicle will be directed to a designated lot.

Prepaid parking in the nearest lot A is subject to availability for non-hangtag people. The cost is $25 per vehicle.

Those without a dated parking tag will be directed to unpaved lots at no additional charge.

A free tram service between the car parks and the pavilion is available continuously. A limited number of golf carts are also available on a first-come, first-served basis.

The gates to Blossom Park open 2.5 hours before the orchestra concerts. Picnic tables are located outside and inside the gates.

Concessions will be available for the 2022 season, including the Blossom Grille Restaurant and Tasting Room. The Cleveland Orchestra Store will also be open near the main entrance.

Throughout the festival season, Image Magnification (IMAG), an on-screen display of live concert footage, will be presented. The state-of-the-art LED screens, installed in the pavilion in 2018, are visible throughout the site.

Blossom’s story

Blossom Music Center, established as the summer home of the Cleveland Orchestra, opened in July 1968 with performances of Beethoven’s “Ninth Symphony” conducted by George Szell. The 200-acre musical park includes the acoustically acclaimed Blossom Pavilion, which seats more than 5,000 people and was designed by renowned Cleveland architect Peter van Dijk. The lawn can accommodate up to 15,000 more people outside in a natural grass amphitheater surrounded by woods.

The Blossom Music Center, located at 1146 W. Steels Corners Road in Cuyahoga Valley State Park, was named in honor of the Dudley S. Blossom family, primary supporters of the Cleveland Orchestra throughout its history .

Art and restoration writer Kerry Clawson can be reached at 330-996-3527 or [email protected]

Vera Sidika: Invest the money you receive from sponsors

Vera Sidika [Instagram]

Social media personality Vera Sidika has urged women to be entrepreneurial and invest what little they get, even in relationships with ‘sponsors’.

Through a Q&A on Instagram, a curious fan wanted to get an idea of ​​the men who like to spend their money on women.

“Your advice for a girl dating Wababa?” the fan stopped.

In her response, Vera said it’s good to enjoy the luxury that comes with such arrangements, but it’s more important to invest.

“Eat your money well! But above all, invest, Vera replied.

Her feelings come just a month after she and her husband, singer Brown Mauzo, started a business for their daughter Asia Brown on her first half birthday.

According to Vera, the business will be purely Asian, but it will provide guidance until it comes of age.

The businesswoman has often said that she wants Asia to have a life she never had and will make sure her childhood is memorable.

“How I wish I had that newborn life. Kweli it’s true, we work hard to give our children what we never had. Aki God bless all the mothers who do their best for their babies “, she added.

Sharing her motherhood journey, Vera revealed that being a mother has positively contributed to her life and she now looks at things differently.

“Asia has had such a positive impact on my life and the passion to parent, breastfeed, love and be loved is just beautiful,” she said.

Adding, “The best thing that has happened to me is motherhood and family. I feel content. At first, people were judging me saying I couldn’t breastfeed and only cared about myself.

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Apple increases its games market share as the App Store dominates the mobile space


Apple Inc. is poised to increase its market share in the global video game industry as the company tightens its grip on the lucrative mobile gaming space.

Even though the iPhone maker doesn’t produce any of its own gaming hardware or software, the discount it charges for every transaction in the App Store has made the company one of the biggest earners in the industry. . Still, analysts believe it’s inevitable that Apple will deepen its involvement in the game to keep abreast of evolving technology and regulatory issues.

“With games accounting for approximately 70% of the overall App Store revenue, it’s very safe to say that Apple is very invested in the gaming industry,” said Angelo Zino, principal analyst at Apple. industry at CFRA Research. “Nevertheless, there are still significant opportunities for further growth potential in the game, and it is only a matter of time before the company exploits them.

Earn commissions

Apple charges a standard 30% commission on apps and in-app purchases in the App Store. The commission drops to 15% after one year, while developers with less than $1 million in annual App Store sales can also sign up for a 15% commission.

An overwhelming majority of games on the App Store are free-to-play titles that include in-app purchases. Apple has wreaked havoc in this space, raking in $14.80 billion in 2021 to make it the second-largest company by global gaming content revenue, according to Kagan estimatesa media research group within S&P Global Market Intelligence.

Apple’s main mobile app rival, Alphabet Inc.’s Google LLC, ranked No. 3 on the list with $12.40 billion, also taking cuts from the Google Play Store. China’s Tencent Holdings Ltd., the game’s biggest revenue earner by wide margin, also earned the bulk of its $32.50 billion in revenue from mobile games.

While the explosive growth of mobile gaming is expected to decline in the coming years, it will remain the most profitable space in the video game industry, according to mobile app analytics firm Sensor Tower.

“We estimate that by 2026, mobile games will account for 43% of consumer spending on the App Store, down 23 points from 2020,” said Craig Chapple, mobile intelligence strategist at Sensor Tower. “However, this will still represent a record $70 billion according to our forecast, of which Apple will take its share.”

App Store sales also propelled Apple’s Services revenue, which rose 17.3% year-over-year in the March quarter to $19.82 billion. The segment also includes sales of Apple’s advertising, Apple TV+ and AppleCare services, among others.

SNL Picture

Game subscription

While Apple’s gaming revenue comes primarily from App Store cuts, the company’s mobile gaming subscription service, Apple Arcade, is poised to steadily grow its user base over the of the coming year.

The offer, which lets subscribers download and play a collection of games on Apple devices for $4.99 a month, is expected to grow its subscriber base to 70 million and generate $1.20 billion in revenue by 2025.

Apple Arcade was launched in September 2019 and features over 200 games that do not include any apps or in-app purchases. Google operates a similar subscription service, Google Play Pass, which has the same monthly subscription fee but also includes other apps outside of games.

“Apple Arcade has made inroads with carrier offerings and bundling options, but any long-term success will depend on a quality content pipeline,” said Neil Barbour, analyst at Kagan, a content research group. media within S&P Global Market Intelligence.

It’s very likely that Apple will expand into the space with more substantial products in the coming years, Zino said.

“It’s possible that Apple will do a lot more on the service side in conjunction with the launch of new gaming hardware,” Zino said. “However, they also take their time when it comes to launching new product lines, as they have done with wearables.”

Regulatory control

A growing risk to Apple’s growth in games is the heightened regulatory scrutiny the company faces due to its market power in mobile apps.

After Epic Games Inc.’s Fortnite was banned from the App Store for implementing a new payment method that bypassed Apple’s payment system, the gaming company sued Apple for allegedly abusing its market power. Although Apple largely won the lawsuit, the court sided with Epic on the issue of Apple prohibiting app developers from highlighting other payment methods besides Apple’s own system. Apple.

The issue resurfaced in the Netherlands after the country’s competition regulator pressured Apple to allow dating app customers to use alternative payment methods. After receiving multiple fines, the company finally started complying in June and enabled third-party payment options in apps.

“The lifting of restrictions on dating apps in the Netherlands is just the start, and it’s only a matter of time before it spills over to other territories and other apps. , including games,” Zino said.

However, giving consumers the option to pay using alternative methods is unlikely to have a significant impact on Apple’s long-term results, the analyst said.

“While overall growth may slow down a bit, consumer behavior still leans toward convenience, and Apple’s integrated payment systems will always be the easiest option to use,” Zino noted.

Apple has also been criticized for not allowing third-party app storefronts on its platforms, including the Epic Games Store. The company also restricts apps for other game streaming and subscription platforms such as Microsoft Corp’s Game Pass. and Stadia from Google.

Documents presented in Epic’s legal proceedings against Apple showed Microsoft failed to negotiate with Apple to bring Game Pass to Apple’s devices. The service is currently accessible on Apple devices by streaming on browsers.

Microsoft declined to comment when asked if it had been involved in recent discussions with Apple to allow the Game Pass app to work on Apple’s platforms.

“Apple has no real incentive to trade consistent revenue generation on in-app purchases for reduced subscription revenue,” Kagan’s Barbour said. “And cloud service providers are probably in no rush to pay Apple a commission while starting a potentially disruptive new market.”

However, the changing regulatory landscape is likely to force significant changes to Apple’s business practices in the coming years, potentially providing an opening for competitors to offer their services with fewer or no restrictions, Zino added.

SNL Picture

OCM to Start Accepting Adult Conditional Use Processor Applications | Foley Hoag LLP – Cannabis and the Law


The Cannabis Control Commission (the “Commission”) held a public meeting earlier today where it advanced several key elements of the innovation Seed Opportunity Initiative, which allows people with prior cannabis-related criminal offenses to make the first sales of cannabis for adult use with products grown by farmers in New York. Here are some key points from the meeting:

New License Application Period for Conditional Adult Use Processor Licenses

During the meeting, the Board voted to establish the application and licensing window for the Adult Use Conditional Processor License. In accordance with the legislation signed by Governor Hochul in February, which we talked about here, processors who hold a cannabinoid hemp processor license from the Office of Cannabis Management (“OCM”) are eligible to apply for the Conditional Adult Use Processor License. To be eligible to apply for a Conditional Adult Use Processor License, a Processor must:

  • Have applied for a cannabinoid hemp processor license before January 1, 2022;
  • Hold an active cannabinoid hemp processor license issued by the CMO; and
  • Hold a 51% or greater equity interest in the licensing entity.

The conditional processor license for adult use authorizes the license holder to process and distribute their own cannabis products (over 0.3% THC) for a period of two years or until they transition to a unconditional processor license. Processors are required to participate in a social equity candidate mentorship program and an environmental sustainability program.

The application window will open on Tuesday, June 28 and close on Wednesday, August 31. The model of the online application form is available here.

Other highlights of the meeting include the approval of 41 additional conditional adult-use cultivator licenses as well as the appointment of Damian Fagon as Director of Social Equity, discussed in more detail below.

Approval of additional conditional adult grower licenses

Since the application window for Adult Conditional Use Growers opened on March 15e, the CCB and has received over 250 applications for the program and has reviewed and approved applicants on an ongoing basis. Today, the Board voted to approve 41 additional nominees, in addition to the 162 already approved. The Board will continue to review applications on an ongoing basis and make subsequent recommendations for licensing under the Conditional Cultivator program. The application window for the program closes on June 30, 2022. More information about this program can be found here.

Appointment of the director of actions

The Board of Directors has appointed Damian Fagon as Chief Equity Officer of the Office of Cannabis Management. As Chief Equity Officer, Mr. Fagon will play a key role in the development of CMO’s social equity program initiatives, including the creation and implementation of the social and economic equity plan such as stipulated in the MRTA. Mr. Fagon will also work closely with the new Advisory Board who will advise the CMO and oversee the Community Grants Investment Fund to help communities affected by the War on Drugs.

Mr. Fagon is an experienced policy professional with a background in industrial hemp, cannabis, economic development and agriculture. He is also a third generation farmer and has managed international agricultural development initiatives in several countries including Jamaica, Sierra Leone and Guatemala. He has also owned several hemp businesses and since 2017 has worked at scale cannabis and industrial hemp cultivation operations in South Carolina, New York and the Caribbean.

Social Equity Fund Program Updates

The Council appears to have made significant progress on another component of the Seed Opportunities Initiative, the Social Equity Fund Program. As a reminder, the CMO was given the power to create and regulate the Social Equity Fund program to provide those harmed by the disproportionate application of cannabis laws with licenses for the legal sale of cannabis by through conditional adult-use cannabis retail dispensaries in New York City. . Applicants selected by the CMO and Council to receive Conditional Adult Retail Use Licenses (“CAURD Licensees”) will be eligible for funding for their dispensaries from the New York Social Equity Cannabis Investment Fund, a private fund established with the aim of undertaking the first construction and rental of dispensaries for operation by CAURD concessionaires. Under this program, the Dormitory Authority of New York State (DASNY) will provide support with its rental and construction services to adult conditional cannabis retail dispensaries and renovate them to meet the health, safety and security requirements. The Fund will then sublet these sites to CAURD Licensees who will be responsible for their operation.

During the meeting, Board Member Reuben McDaniel provided several updates regarding the program, including that DASNY recently released a Tender for design-build services for CAURD dispensaries and has also begun to identify sites and negotiate letters of intent with potential landlords. The state aims to roll out CAURD licenses by the end of the year.

We will continue to closely monitor developments related to the rollout of New York’s Adult Cannabis Program.

Director and producer Hanoch Rosènn discusses the inspiration behind “Rouge” in Las Vegas


Director and producer Hanoch Rosènn has had a significant impact on the Las Vegas live entertainment landscape in recent years with the success of two very Vegas family-friendly productions—WOW at the Rio and Extravagance at Bally’s. This summer he saw a new project come to fruition, a unique take on a more grown-up genre of show, when he opened Red at La STRAT. We reached out to this creative force to find out what sets this sexy new show apart.

Red falls into the category of other topless burlesque-style shows in Las Vegas, but this is very different. What inspired its creation?

It’s hard to explain what this is going to be. I think you have to see it to really understand what it is. It’s a topless show, but it’s very artistic, and it’s the first time I’ve done something like that. I saw almost every show in Vegas including the female revues and most of the male revues. I had also seen Zumanity, a great source of inspiration for all of us. What started 17 years ago was really something. There’s really nothing out there now that combines men and women with this scale, the show of a big show. That’s what it is, a big show in a small theater.

Was it something you put together specifically for The STRAT Theatre, or had it been in development for a while?

I had this show in my head for a long time, probably a few years, and I knew I wanted to do it because I saw what was around town and around the world. It’s very modern. The music is up to date and it’s not like the showgirls and topless revues of the past, it wasn’t my inspiration. I would say my inspiration was (the movie) Fifty Shades of Grey, and really just the common, everyday couple, portrayed in the opening scene.

How does this scene set the tone for the rest of the series?

You see them in bed saying, “Oh, I have a headache, I’m tired, maybe tomorrow.” We all go through this. And suddenly you see those hands coming up in bed, and soon we’re filling the stage with this huge lingerie party.

Why was it important for Red To be accessible ?

It’s not just about having these magnificent dancers, acrobats and performers. It’s about the freedom of the body and feeling good about yourself. And I felt that the connection between the performers doesn’t have to be female to male, it could be male to male or female to female or whatever, and we want to show that connection on stage in an artistic way .

The comedic and acrobatic elements of Rouge really stand out in the intimacy of STRAT Theater.

The theater is very comfortable, although it can accommodate around 650 people for our show. The lighting is great. People can walk in and see all these characters all around them and it’s a shock how close it is. It’s a good theater for me, with lots of booths and tables, and it’s perfect for me to match what (The STRAT) wanted for a real late night show.

The STRAT, 18+. 702.380.7777

Click here for your free subscription to the weekly digital edition of Las Vegas Magazine, your guide to everything to do, hear, see and experience in Southern Nevada. Along with the latest edition emailed every week, you’ll find plenty of great, money-saving deals on some of the most exciting attractions, restaurants, properties and more! And Las Vegas Magazine is packed with informative content like restaurants to visit, cocktails to sip and attractions to enjoy.

Apps Making Online Dating Safer (Sort of)


Modern life is safer than ever, but the dating scene is still a jungle. Danger can lurk around every corner. When it comes to going online, security can be hard to come by.

Fortunately, some apps take user safety seriously and strive to protect those who play with their hearts and parts below.

What is “security”?

The search for a potential life, or a one-night mate, is inherently risky. So what do we mean by doing “without issue”?

The most apparent peril is physical. Meeting a strange man can lead to someone starring in their own True Crime docuseries. An evening that starts with a drink and a little chat can end in kidnapping, mugging, or even murder.

If you scoff or roll your eyes calling out the men above, please come back to reality.

The overwhelming majority of women (cis and trans) assaulted or murdered in the United States are the victims of men. Highlighting a few cases does not change the sad reality.

The danger goes beyond bodily harm. There is also mental health to consider. Harassment is rampant on the internet with threatening messages and non-consensual photos.

Bumblebee was created specifically for this reason by giving straight women looking for men the choice to make the first move.

On Bumblebeewomen have to send the first message to men, which prevents them from being inundated with scary messages and rude images.

Privacy is also a big concern, and not just for dating apps. Hacks and leaks expose people’s private data, including phone numbers, their place of work, and even their home address.

So how do you best navigate the minefield of app-based login?

Blind spots and easy mistakes

When there is new technology, there will always be a need for improvement. With the rapidly growing world of app-based alliances, there were more than a few blind spots when it came to user security.

Early 2020, approximately 70,000 photos of women on tinder were stolen and leaked online. This came two years after the company was told by digital security companies that there was a lack of basic encryption for their users’ information.

Oh dear.

To be fair, data security is an issue for any web service. Encryption and data mining are dizzyingly complex issues that often miss vulnerabilities until the damage is done. tinder isn’t the only one to have data stolen, as almost every app and site you can think of has had this at least once.

Major apps have taken bold steps, with some causing more harm than good.

paste with tinder, background check and photo verification have been put in place to defend against catfishing. However, both have been proven inaccurate and disproportionately impact people of color.

Why? Well, in terms of photo verification, visual algorithms struggle to deal with darker skin tones and non-Anglo features. It’s a complex question that was explored in Netflix’s remarkable documentary Coded bias and a feature segment on Last week tonight with John Oliver.

Equally complex and troubling is the disparity in the arrests of people of color compared to white people. The data showed that in the United States Black and Hispanic men are more than four times more likely to be incarcerated than white Americans on similar charges.

Combine these technological and systematic bias issues, and it’s clear that even fucking apps are vulnerable.

In case of harassment, apps like tinder have been slow to make meaningful changes. A douchey user can be flagged, but there are ways around it, like deleting and blocking one side so the evidence goes away.

Screening processes are also rather lax, with hundreds of reports confirming that minors and even registered sex offenders are creating accounts without a hitch.

promotional screenshots from tinder

Don’t want to work tinder, it should be noted that there have been improvements in recent years. The new “Panic Button” feature announced in January 2020 allows people to upload their date details in advance and alert emergency services with location data when used.

Even apps designed with women’s safety in mind have had to make changes in recent years. The biggest and most famous is, of course, Bumblebee.

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Creating a Buzz – Bumble’s Backstory

Former Vice President of Marketing for tinder, Whitney Wolfe Herd has quit the online dating giant after settling a sexual harassment and discrimination case against the company. She came up with the idea for a female-centric dating app and created Bumblebee.

The idea was simple: heterosexual women send the opening message when matched with a man. No more unsolicited and despicable messages from unknown men.

At least not as an opening.

buzz on the phone

The idea may seem simple and inconsequential, but changing the power dynamic of who initiates contact makes a major difference. Ask any woman how fun it is when a guy she doesn’t want to talk to texts her first and she ignores him.

Spoilers: Not very fun at all.

Entire subreddits are dedicated to the insane and ridiculous ways men talk about possible dates. More often than not, things go from civilian to black very quickly. Bumblebee may be one of the safer free options, but it’s not without its problems.

BumblebeeThe site has several self-protection blog posts, but there’s not much to it. There is no foolproof code or program that can stop abusive language or behavior before it happens.

Not yet anyway.

Reporting abuse helps, but as mentioned earlier, there are ways to go unnoticed. The team at Bumblebee accepted the challenge and made changes to features such as blocking and incompatibility.

In the past, when a couple was unmatched, the text chat disappeared. This would prevent the victim of abuse from reporting the abuser and banning them. Now the conversation disappears only for the one who has no equal.

It’s a good idea and Bumblebee constantly making improvements. Unfortunately, the biggest problem is one that cannot be fixed.


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User Error – Problems Beyond Code

Unfortunately, applications are still vulnerable and, by extension, their users.

Subscription and premium membership offers still have weaknesses that can be exploited. Sure, it could be a small exhaust port, no bigger than a Womp Rat, but it’s there.

Even with expensive encryption and teams of experts to quickly tackle catfishing and harassment, this would only cover life on the app and not the real world.

The only solution that ensures everyone can play the field safely is a major cultural shift to combat misogyny, racism, and patriarchy.

Yeah. Now you can roll your eyes.

There is a better chance of being eaten by a winning lottery shark. By being struck by lightning.

Hope is not lost however. Societal attitudes are teetering in the right direction, albeit slowly. Every day big companies send out updates and create new features like the ones mentioned above.

Other unique applications are introduced such as those from the UK Naked, an appeal-focused hookup app for diverse, “open-minded” singles. The fundraising promo video promises innovative and accurate screening and verification. Naked also allows users to crop their photos to hide personal information.

It’s not perfect, but it’s a good start.

IRL – 10 Tips to Stay Safe on Dating Apps

woman in a bar on a date

Getting ahead will always be a gamble, but there’s no reason to push your chips further than necessary.

Here are some common sense tips when you’re on the app and in town:

  1. Do your research – Shop around and research to find the best security features and reviews.
  2. Choose photos carefully – Pay attention to what is in the background of your photos. Free editing apps will allow you to scramble ID details.
  3. Reverse Image Search – Use a reverse image search site to verify photos. If their photo was stolen from somewhere else online, that should tell you.
  4. Defend your territory – Make report and block buttons your friends.
  5. Try new apps – Don’t be afraid to try a newly released app. The pool may be smaller, but safer.
  6. tell a friend – Let someone know where you are going and with whom.
  7. Location – Share your location data with a trusted friend with apps like WhatsApp
  8. Be reasonable – Choose the place for the first date, a public place that you know well. Always have transportation to get away if necessary.
  9. Look through their social networks – Ask for your date’s social media handles so you can look through and see if they appear to be real.
  10. Trust your instincts – If your spider-sense kicks in, trust it.

It’s a jungle, but female-focused apps like Bumblebee and tinderNew features do their best to keep monsters at bay. In order to keep everyone safe while they’re busy, programmers can’t do much until the responsibility shifts to users.

Attitudes and systems need to change, and that can be done when enough people come together and speak up.

Cybersecurity is reactive in nature, not proactive, which means that problems are only solved when they become too big to ignore. Let the people who create and control these apps know what needs to be done to keep everyone safe, both online and in real life.

The power is literally in your hands.

The library offers Cardinals library cards and still offers summer reading programs; Adults can have fun


Compiled by the staff of STLSportsPage.com

For a limited time, the County Library System is offering St. Louis Cardinals-themed library cards. When you sign up for a card they give you a choice of what you want the design to be. Cardinals library cards are available in credit card format and also in keychain format.

We always like to encourage reading – maybe because we write books or maybe because we write articles for the website, but mostly because we like to read. The St. Louis County Library summer reading clubs began June 1 and will continue through August 6.

It’s not just for kids – you can enter in hopes of winning prizes, including tickets to the Cardinals. The program offers great prizes for the whole family. If an adult reads to a child, they can count that as their reading as well as the child’s reading. The Library wants to encourage everyone to read, regardless of your age.

Twenty minutes of reading equals 20 points. There are different incentives for the number of points earned. At the end of the program – when a person completes their individual reading sheet, they bring it to the library and can fill out a card to enter the raffle.

Raffle prizes include Cardinals tickets, Union Station attractions pass, St. Louis Zoo membership, Target gift cars and more.

Register online starting June 1 and enter an electronic draw for a chance to win a $50 Target gift card each week.

With all the internet offers, and all the different cable and satellite channels, we often forget the good old books. A trip to the library is a nice air-conditioned way to spend an afternoon on a hot day. There are magazines, DVDs, books and activities for children.

On a recent trip to a branch of the library, we were pleased to see a few Rains books on the shelves. For all the grandparents, you can participate in the summer reading program with young people. Parents can also register with their children. It’s not too late to register. There are registration tables at various locations.

The County Library isn’t the only one doing special things for the summer. The St. Louis (City) Public Library offers free summer camps for children. For information on this CLICK HERE.

Whether you’re joining a program or checking out books on your own, summer is the perfect time to read books.

The Gibsonburg Homecoming Festival lasts four days


Gibsonburg Homecoming scheduled for this week

GIBSONBURG — Power is the theme for the Homecoming Sprint car parade at 6 p.m. Wednesday, which kicks off the annual homecoming festival with the opening of the beer tent, rides, games and vendors.

The parade route runs from Gibsonburg High School to Williams Park. Then visit Williams Park and learn about the cars and meet the drivers.

At 7:00 p.m. there will be a cake walk on Wednesday and every evening of the festival

On Thursday, the festival reopens at 5 p.m. with the beer tent and the midway.

At 8:00 p.m., the Ideal Bakery Pie Tasting Contest for adults will take place, and the Donut Tasting Contest for children afterwards.

The 2022 Homecoming Festival will feature games and rides starting Wednesday.

On Fridays, the intermediate activities and the beer tent are open to the public every day.

At 6 p.m., it’s the Gibsonburg Donut Mile, celebrating Ideal Bakery’s 100th anniversary. Fee is $20 on race day and registration begins at 4:30 p.m. at the Williams Park Enclosed Shelterhouse. Online registration is available at runsignup.com and search for the Gibsonburg Donut Mile.

On Saturday, the parade is at noon. The midway is open until 11 p.m. and the beer tent until midnight.

At 4 p.m., it’s Kirwen Supermarket’s watermelon seed spitting contest. Kirwen’s is also celebrating its 100th anniversary.

The night includes a fireworks display at 10 p.m.

The annual Pyrate Festival returns to Put-in-Bay June 24-26.

Put-in-Bay Pyrate Fest XIV Returns

PUT-IN-BAY – The Put-in-Bay Chamber of Commerce and Tourism Board has announced that the annual Pyrate Festival will be held on the island from Friday to Sunday.

The weekend event is filled with activities for all ages. Beginning Friday night, the Pyrates invade downtown Put-in-Bay and raise Pyrates flags in DeRivera Park.

From there, adult Pyrates can explore the establishments of Put-in-Bay by participating in the Pyrate Bar Crawl on Friday nights.

On Saturday and Sunday, the Pyrate Village and Marketplace will be in full swing with a variety of activities including a treasure hunt, cannon shots, magical sirens and Pyrate souvenirs.

Dress up like a Pyrate and join the activities. For details of daily activities and more information, visit visitputinbay.com and pyratefest.org.

Portage River Festival scheduled for June 26 in Elmore

ELMORE — The 43rd annual Portage River Festival will take place from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. on June 26 at Depot Park.

Many traditional events will take place during the festival as well as many new events added to make the day exciting for the whole family.

This year’s event kicks off with the 46th Annual Portage River Bike Tour which begins at Woodmore High School at 7 a.m.

There will be vendors and snacks throughout the day.

The Elmore Historical Society will be serving hot roast beef sandwiches, fresh cut home fries, pulled chicken sandwiches, our famous baked beans, coleslaw, hot dogs and cony dogs. For dessert, the History Society will serve you its ice cream topped with fresh strawberries. Credit cards in addition to cash are accepted for food purchases.

All-day entertainment at the Train Depot Yard includes carnival games, mini-golf, a bouncy house, and airbrush face painting.

Events will include:

  • The Redneck Lawnmower Pulls, 12:30 p.m. Registration 10 a.m. to noon.
  • Charles and Murlyn Schneider Car Show and Cruise-In, 11am-5pm Registration 10am
  • American Legion Riders Dice Run, 1 p.m., Fremont Street. First place $500 and last place $250.
  • Cookie Contest (EHS Members Booth), First Third Place Ribbons for Children and Adults. Judgment at noon.
  • Elmore Police Department Ottawa Street Bike Rodeo and Obstacle Course, 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

And more activities.

ProMedica Memorial Hospital Achieves ACR Accreditation

FREMONT — ProMedica Memorial Hospital has earned three-year accreditation in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) following a recent review by the American College of Radiology (ACR).

The hospital implemented its new 1.5T MAGNETOM Sola machine in December 2021, which uses all new BioMatrix technology to automatically adjust to a patient’s height and weight for faster scan times, less reanalysis and predictable planning.

The ACR Gold Accreditation Seal represents the highest level of image quality and patient safety. It is awarded only to facilities that meet the practice parameters and technical standards of the ACR after peer review by board-certified physicians and medical physicists who are experts in the field. Image quality, personnel qualifications, adequacy of facility equipment, quality control procedures and quality assurance programs are evaluated.

Bumble Inc. will participate in


AUSTIN, Texas, May 12, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Bumble Inc. ( BMBL), the parent company of Bumble, Badoo and Fruitz, today announced that management will be participating in the upcoming JP Morgan 50th Annual 2022 Global Technology, Media and Communications Conference in Boston. Management will participate in a Fireside Chat on May 23, 2022 at 3:10 p.m. ET.

The Fireside Chat will be available via live audio webcast and archived replay in the Events & Presentations section of Bumble’s Investor Relations website.

About Bumble

Bumble Inc. is the parent company of Bumble, Badoo, and Fruitz. The Bumble platform allows people to connect and build fair and healthy relationships. Founded by CEO Whitney Wolfe Herd in 2014, Bumble was one of the first dating apps designed with women at the center. Badoo, which was founded in 2006, is one of the pioneers of web and mobile dating products. Fruitz, founded in 2017, encourages open and honest communication of dating intentions through playful fruit metaphors.

For more information about Bumble, visit www.bumble.com and follow @Bumble on social platforms.

Source: Bumble Inc.

Contact Investor
[email protected]

Media Contact
[email protected]


The site of Harrah’s Metropolis casino of a child left in his car


Posted on: June 20, 2022, 01:42h.

Last update: June 20, 2022, 2:18 a.m.

A couple have been arrested after an 11-year-old child was left alone in a car at the Metropolis Casino in Harrah, Illinois on Saturday. The child was left in the vehicle for over 90 minutes.

Harrah's Metropolis Casino of Illinois
Harrah’s Metropolis Casino in Illinois, pictured above. Two adults have been arrested after allegedly leaving a child alone in a car at the casino. (Image: Enjoy Illinois)

Baridques Anton Reeves, 40, and Kimberly Charie Byers, 37, both of Murfreesboro, Tennessee, have each been charged with endangering the health or life of a child, KFVSa Missouri television station, reported.

The child was spotted in the car by casino security guards. The guards alerted the police. When the police arrived, they located Reeves and Byers inside the casino. There was no indication that the child was injured. The first one KFVS report did not specify the child’s relationship with adults.

Police later contacted the Illinois Department of Child and Family Services about the incident. Reeves and Byers have since been released on bail.

The casino owned by Caesars Entertainment has some 1,200 slot machines and several table games. The hotel has over 250 rooms.

Rivers Casino Incident

Last month in Illinois, two young children were left alone in a car parked at the Rivers Casino in Des Plaines. Their father reportedly got into sports betting to gamble. He was later located and arrested.

The children, aged three and five, were apparently not injured. It was not immediately clear how long the children were alone in the car. Casino security guards saw the two children in the car and notified local cops.

The father, later identified as Esteban Meraz, 38, of Chicago, was found by authorities in the bookmaker. He was charged with two counts of endangering the life or health of a child, the daily herald, an Illinois newspaper. reported. His case was forwarded to the local courts for prosecution.

Des Plaines is a suburb of Chicago.

Previous Incidents

The problem of leaving children alone in cars while adults play is widespread nationwide. Earlier this year, an Ohio man allegedly left his seven-year-old daughter alone for half an hour in a speeding car in the Belterra Park parking lot. He went to Anderson Township, Ohio Racino.

Charles Jeffers of Mason, Ohio, was charged with endangering a child. Casino security apprehended him, WXXIX, an Ohio television station, reported. The young girl does not appear to have been injured while she was alone in the car.

Last October, a 35-year-old Louisiana woman faced three charges after she allegedly left a child unattended in a car at a Roanoke casino, giving her time to gamble. Peto Travel Center and Casino security guards spotted the eight-year-old in the car.

Deputies arrived and found the child’s mother, later identified as Sandra Sasser Britt of Lake Arthur, at the play property. She was playing, deputies reported.

Britt was charged with child abandonment, possession of a controlled hazardous substance and possession of drug paraphernalia, deputies said.

In April 2021, a Florida doctor faced two negligence charges after leaving two children unattended in his car. Dr. Marieny Elena Guimera-Revelo allegedly left them in the car while she was playing poker at the Seminole Hard Rock Casino in Hollywood.

Prosecutors say she was at a poker table in the casino for at least 12 minutes. The children were then 3 and 11 years old. It is unclear how the earlier charges were decided by the court.

LSU Garden News: Want attractive green spaces? Zone your garden | Entertainment/Life


Gardening offers so many options for creating relaxing green spaces. Whether you have lots of land to create expansive gardens or are working with a small patio, a well-thought-out design can help create useful and unique outdoor spaces.

According to Garden Media’s 2022 Garden Trends report, people are creating “zones” for optimal use of space. There are many ways to build areas, from container plantings and planters to carefully placed outdoor furniture – and even outdoor paintings and curtains.

Let’s first talk about landscaped flowerbeds, porches and patios at the front of homes. This front area is often the first thing people see, and the curb appeal is real. These areas are an important destination and an extension of our homes.

Patios that offer outdoor seating and decor can expand the square footage of your home, giving you more spaces to entertain and relax. You can also create seating areas in your landscapes with different areas and themes.

Another area could be a children’s area with play equipment such as a swing, tether ball, sandbox and trampoline. Why not complement them with a gardening area where children can enjoy the art and physical activity of gardening?

A raised bed can be a great way for kids to grow their own plants and food. What child – or adult for that matter – doesn’t like to dig and play with the dirt? It can also be an area where children can explore nature, observe insects, earthworms, birds and other wild animals. This area provides an outlet for children and a charming appeal to the landscape.

Each week, we’ll highlight the best restaurants and events in metro Baton Rouge. Register today.

Entertainment areas are great additions to the landscape. Areas for outdoor lawn activities such as cornhole, bocce, and horseshoes can provide play areas for children and adults. Fire pits with sitting areas provide a cozy retreat in the winter, and areas that provide respite from the sun with large shade trees are ideal for gatherings in the summer.

Pollinator gardens are another great addition. Luckily for us, the plants that pollinators like to visit are some of the most beautiful we can add to our gardens. Many types of annual and perennial colors add beauty to the garden and attract some of nature’s most graceful creatures.

The cottage gardens just scream “picturesque” with their colorful plants. These gardens usually include a wide variety of colorful ornamental plants alongside edible plants and herbs all mixed together. Cottage gardens are charming and often feature white picket fences, arbors, clay pots and delicate panels. They are a relaxed play on more traditional gardens and can tend to spill over into other aspects of the landscape such as paths and lawns, creating a continuation of the space.

Another type of green space is xeriscaping. It is also known as a desert garden and is not often seen in Louisiana. Although typically found in more arid regions such as the Southwest, that doesn’t mean it can’t have a place in your Louisiana landscape.

This type of landscape requires little water and no irrigation. This type of area uses permeable gravel ground covers such as decomposed granite and fine gravel combined with native plants and succulents such as agave, aloe vera, cactus and many other types of sedums . These types of areas require very little maintenance and are a sustainable option for homeowners and friendly to our environment.

No matter what type of area you want to create, there is a perfect plant for that area. Plus, containers help push the boundaries of your space and make it possible to include most types of plants you want to showcase.

‘Everyone wants to be apart’: Internal divisions in America’s hardening, warns Yale professor Amy Chua


June 20, 2022

WASHINGTON – On a good day, Yale Law School professor Amy Chua, 59, is hopeful.

But most of the time, she’s a bit worried about America’s future amid its hardening divisions.

“Everyone wants to be completely separated now. So there are ethnic and racial divisions hardening, Professor Chua, famous author of books like Battle Hymn Of The Tiger Mother 2011 and Political Tribes 2018: Group Instinct And The Fate Of Nations, told The Straits Times. Talks. on the Future – a series of videos featuring leading global thinkers.

“We have a lot of sadness and I’ve never seen my students more uptight and miserable, so that’s a bad sign,” she said.

And cosmopolitan elites are part of the problem.

A huge factor, new in its intensity, is “the division between the cosmopolitan elites…on the one hand (and) on the other, the American rural working class, the southern population, many of whom are white workers, but not entirely”.

“The difference between these two groups is now so intense that there are hardly any intermarriages between them,” she said.

“You can learn a lot about group dynamics from dating apps,” she added. “My young students say they’ll say…Trump supporters don’t need to apply.

“And… if you’re in a situation where the cosmopolitan coastal urban elites don’t interact or marry any of the rural, southern, working class whites, you start to get into a situation that’s more like an ethnic divide. ”

Another warning comes from history, in which superpowers (like the Roman Empire or the Persian Empire), as they decline, become xenophobic and intolerant, she argued. The phenomenon is explored in his 2007 book Day Of Empire: How Hyperpowers Rise To Global Dominance – And Why They Fall.

Citing anti-immigration, anti-China and anti-Muslim sentiments, she described the current United States as “withdrawn, and in a very open way.”

Internally, “before, only minorities felt threatened,” added Professor Chua.

But “now you have white people who feel threatened”.

“It used to be a predominantly white country that dominated everything politically, culturally, socially and economically,” she said.

But “today…we stand on the brink of an unprecedented situation, in which white people are on the verge of losing majority status nationally for the first time in United States history.”

“There is a lot of debate about when this will happen… (and) if you look at our big cities, white people – non-Hispanic white people – are no longer in the majority in very many big cities.

“And…you might think that’s something to celebrate.” But one of the results of that is that every group in the United States now feels threatened.

  • The Future Conversations series does not focus on current events, but on broader and broader long-term issues and trends. Among those interviewed are Harvard professor Graham Allison, historian Wang Gungwu, science fiction writer Chen Qiufan, and diplomats Tommy Koh and Bilahari Kausikan.

Photos of Rebel Wilson and Ramona Agruma vacationing in Italy


Rebel Wilson and Ramona Agruma are embracing la dolce vita in Italy and sharing plenty of vacation snaps on Instagram. Just two weeks after announcing their relationship, the couple are having a blast in Sardinia, Italy, where they are celebrating friend Sterling Jones’ birthday. On Saturday, June 18, Wilson shared a photo of her and Agruma holding hands on a cobblestone street alongside the caption, “🇮🇹 ciao bellas 🇮🇹.”

Agruma shared the same photo on his own grid with a slightly different caption: “Bella Italia 🇮🇹.” She also added a second photo to her post which featured her and Wilson surrounded by a large group of friends. In both photos, Wilson and Agruma beam as they enjoy the Italian sun.

Wilson officially announced that she was dating Agruma in a June 8 post on Instagram. The ‘Pitch Perfect’ actor captioned the post, “Thought I was looking for a Disney Prince…but maybe what I really needed all this time was a Disney Princess 💗🌈 💗#loveislove.” A few days later, news broke that the Sydney Morning Herald had planned to reveal her relationship, leading her to come out on Instagram.

Journalist Kate Doak called the newspaper in a Tweeter which read: “So apparently it wasn’t @RebelWilson’s choice to come out… @smh/@theage admitted to telling her 2 days in advance they were going there” go out “.” Wilson replied: “Thank you for your comments, it was a very difficult situation but I was trying to handle it with grace.”

Despite the circumstances surrounding Wilson’s decision to share his relationship with Agruma with the world, the actor seems to be happy and thriving with his new girlfriend. In a May episode of “U Up?” podcast, she revealed how she and Agruma met.

“I am now happy in a relationship,” she confirmed. “I was on and off on the Raya app, but it was a friend setup. He’d known both of us for at least five years each, and was like, ‘Yeah, I think you two would get along fine ‘ and so we did.”

The ‘Senior Year’ actor went on to explain why being trapped by a mutual friend gives her comfort in her relationship. “I think it speeds things up faster, [meeting someone] from a reliable source,” she said. “So you’re like, okay, I can trust this person, that they’re legit, they’re who they say they are — this which is something on the [dating] apps you don’t really know.”

Check out the gallery to see photos of Wilson and Agruma living their best lives in Italy.

Sara Duterte sworn in as 15th vice president


DAVAO CITY, Philippines – At the public market in Bangkerohan, Nanette, a fruit vendor, was busy unloading a crate of mangosteens, which she would sell for 50 pesos a kilo.

Her face turned gloomy as she spoke about how the new administration must ensure that the prices of basic commodities – especially fuel – come down. It is ordinary people like her, she said, who are feeling the brunt of inflation after more than two years of lockdown.

But it brightened when we finally talked about the big day ahead: the inauguration of Davao Mayor Sara Duterte as the 15th Vice President of the Philippines on Sunday, June 19, nearly two weeks before the start of his mandate on June 30.

“[I feel] happy! Siya man jud ang amohang gusto nga mahimog vice president (That’s who we wanted to be VP), Nanette said. The sentiment is echoed in other parts of the city – rejoice in their mayor and vice president who have finally been sworn in.

Bangkerohan is just a few blocks from San Pedro Square, where Duterte, the vice president-elect, was sworn in. Although Nanette didn’t attend the event itself – she had fruit to sell and a stand to watch – its significance certainly did not escape her.

It was the first inauguration to be held outside of Luzon since 2004, when former president and Duterte ally Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo was sworn in in Cebu province, which proved significant for her in the presidential race. Arroyo’s inauguration in Cebu was the first to take place outside of Luzon, where the country’s capital is located.

It was also the first inauguration of a president or vice president in Davao City – his father, former mayor and incumbent Rodrigo Duterte, chose to be sworn in inside Malacañang.

PREPARATIONS. Davao City is gearing up for the inauguration of Sara Duterte as Vice President-Elect.
First for Davao

Sara’s inauguration took place a stone’s throw from Davao City’s main landmarks – City Hall, where she served as mayor for a total of three terms; the legislative building; and Davao Cathedral.

Preparations in the area were in full swing on Friday, June 17, with closures along most of San Pedro Street and parts of Bolton Street, where crowds remained. Duterte herself checked out the venue for the inauguration, taking a quick step out of City Hall between meetings with diplomats and supporters.

After mass at San Pedro Cathedral on Sunday, it was time for Duterte’s inauguration. His oath was administered by Associate Supreme Court Justice Ramon Paul Hernando, his former teacher. She also said that Hernando and his wife have been her “good friends for over 10 years”.

Duterte was alongside her husband Manases Carpio throughout the ceremony, from the cathedral to San Pedro Square.

But the other two important men at the event – his father, President Duterte, and President-elect Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr., only joined the actual ceremony in San Pedro Square.

The crowd cheered at the first sight of father and daughter Duterte together in one frame, an image never before seen in the campaign. Duterte was reportedly disappointed with his daughter’s decision to settle for the vice presidency. Sara was always shy when asked about her relationship with her father during the campaign. Their rocky relationship was no secret.

But Sara hugged her father after taking the oath, once again to the delight of a cheering crowd.

In her speech, Sara gave an ode to fathers, with no specific mentions of her father or her husband. Sunday was Father’s Day.

“Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers out there who make sure another person gets the best of everything,” the young Duterte said.

The Vice President-elect focused her speech on securing a brighter future for children, saying the challenges include “the trauma of broken families, the lifelong baggage of irresponsible and bad parenting, [and] abandonment problems due to an absent parent.

FULL TEXT: Inaugural speech by Vice President-elect Sara Duterte

Eyes were also on the elder Duterte and his successor Marcos. Only Marcos’ sister, Senator Imee Marcos, was seen talking to the incumbent president, who was reportedly upset with the president-elect for forcing his daughter into running for vice president. Duterte called Marcos a weak leader during the campaign and did not endorse him.

“The voice of 32.2 million Filipinos was loud and clear – with the message to serve our motherland. And that message was reiterated in my oath: to dedicate myself to the service of the nation,” said Sara Duterte, who won the vice presidency by an even bigger margin than Marcos, who won with 31.6 million. of voice.

Sarah said: “[I am] a proud Dabawenya. A proud Mindanawon. Hindi is the best, or the best in all of the Philippines and the world, there is nothing to say about puso ko as a Filipino (I am not the best nor the smartest person in the Philippines or the world, but no one can beat the strength of my heart as a Filipino).

His mother, Elizabeth Zimmerman, held the Bible for the swearing. The new vice president wore a custom Filipiniana from Silverio Anglacer, a Davao-based designer who created most of Sara’s formal wear, including the Filipiniana she wore when her father was sworn in as president.

Duterte’s partner, Honeylet Avanceña, and their daughter Kitty, Sara’s half-sister, were not seen during the event.

Vice President Leni Robredo, according to Sara Duterte, was invited but declined to attend as she had already committed to the Naga City Charter Day celebration on Saturday, June 18.

The Duterte dynasty

Although she is neither the first Duterte on the national stage nor the first presidential child to win a vice-presidential race, it is the proximity of Duterte’s two electoral victories that makes her novel.

But Sara is no stranger to the spaces her father once occupied. When she won her first term as mayor in 2010, Sara and her father essentially switched places – Rodrigo Duterte had reached the limit of consecutive terms, so Sara, then vice mayor, ran and won in as mayor.

When the elder Duterte ran for president in 2016, Sara filed for mayor, taking the mayoral job. With his exit after winning the 2022 vice-presidential race, another Duterte will take the reins of mayor: Sebastian, his younger brother.

Another adult Duterte brother, Paolo, represents the city’s 1st district in Congress.

In his 2022 campaign, Duterte focused on three priorities: economic recovery from the COVID-19 shutdowns, peace and security, and education. It is the latter who will occupy most of her time from June 30, when she will also assume the post of secretary of the Ministry of Education.

At the same time, she said she plans to follow through on an early campaign promise to open “satellite” offices under the Office of the Vice President (OVP) across the country. She has not yet announced where these offices will be.

The two promises — an OVP that plans to replicate nationwide and the education portfolio — are sure to keep Duterte busy for the next six years. They will also signify the potential to build a wide network, which could come in handy should the 44-year-old have the presidency in mind. – with a report by Lian Buan/Rappler.com

Why was the Gecko therapy on the farm? To listen.


If you’ve seen a man-sized gecko wandering around The Farm, it wasn’t the “Bonnaroo vibe”.

He is real and offers to listen to your problems for free.

It is important to note that he is not a licensed therapist. It’s not a real gecko either.

Lyle Drescher, better known as Lyle Forever on social media, painted his face green, donned his gecko costume and the masses flocked to him.

Fans flocked to the Zen area of ​​the Farm’s Plaza 2 on Saturday, and the lucky ones inside sat on the floor, ready to watch “Therapy Gecko” do what it does best: listen.

Bonnaroo 2022 Live Updates:The latest highlights from The Farm in Manchester, TN

More from Bonnaroo:The Chicks rule The Farm in their triumphant debut in ‘Roo’

“Therapy Gecko” was a pandemic passion project, born out of a need to connect with people in a time when interpersonal relationships were strained.

Lyle Drescher, known as Therapy Gecko, hugs fan Kyle Nauman after hosting a live show on day three of Bonnaroo on Saturday, June 18, 2022 in Manchester, Tennessee.

The 24-year-old was working in social media for Adult Swim when COVID-19 shut down the world. He had an old gecko costume tucked away for a rainy day. What could be rainier than a confinement caused by a pandemic?

This is how “Gecko Therapy” was born.

Mr. Gecko landed on Reddit’s front page after streaming in the Public Access Network’s subreddit, his manager Chase Fielder said. From there, he appeared on Twitch, YouTube, and TikTok, gaining a small but powerful and growing following.

“Therapy Gecko” doesn’t reinvent the wheel, but modernizes it for a Gen Z audience. time dressed as a gecko.

Lyle Drescher, known as Therapy Gecko, hosts a live show during day three of Bonnaroo on Saturday, June 18, 2022 in Manchester, Tennessee.

No matter how ridiculous the story is, Mr. Gecko always responds in kind and with serious comments.

“When he started, he expected people to be mean, to be trolls,” Fielder said. “What he found instead was that people were super empathetic and sane.”

Attendees watch Lyle Drescher, known as The Therapy Gecko, host a live show during day three of Bonnaroo on Saturday, June 18, 2022 in Manchester, Tennessee.

“Therapy Gecko” is ready to listen to the world, and Bonnaroo was just one of the first stops on their upcoming tour. He booked a spot to co-host Bonnaroo’s Hulu stream and scheduled three therapy sessions during the four-day festival.

Fielder estimates his client spoke to more than 3,000 people over the weekend, both between his live sessions and while being harassed while walking around the field. After all, who could dare ignore a man dressed as a gecko?

Contact Tennessean reporter Kirsten Fiscus at 615-259-8229 or [email protected] Follow her on Twitter @KDFiscus.

What to know when the search for love leaves you discouraged


In India, being single in your 30s and 40s is difficult. Whether it’s trying to find someone in roughly the same age range, relating to them, dealing with ghosts and often not being able to establish a clarity of intent – whether one wants to be in a serious relationship or not – the whole process is difficult. The experience leaves people discouraged and sometimes also with a corroded self-esteem.

R, a 38-year-old client based in Bangalore is single – she has been looking for a partner for six years. Apart from the introductions she receives from her friends and family, R also uses dating and marriage apps. Eight months ago, she had her own “Tinder Swindler” experience; The Tinder scammeris a British true crime documentary film released on Netflix in February and tells the story of Israeli con man Simon Leviev (born Shimon Hayut) who used the dating app Tinder to connect with individuals he then emotionally manipulated to financially support his lavish lifestyle.

R had connected with a charming and professional man from Mumbai on a dating app. The man – let’s call him V – claimed to be the head of the Southeast Asia business of his company’s business. R verified this claim with a quick search on LinkedIn. V seemed to be on the road a lot. They spoke to each other every day but R was always waiting to meet him. During one of V’s so-called work trips, he told her he was having trouble with his bank accounts. He asked R to transfer four lakh rupees to an international payment card. R agreed to lend him this money, which V told him he would return in a week.

Their calls continued daily as they had, and R suspected nothing. Four days after starting this first loan, V applied for an additional loan of two lakh rupees. R also transferred this amount, while they were still online – it was only a few clicks after all.

Ten days after she lent him the two installments of money, R broached the subject and asked V when he intended to repay her. He apologized profusely for the delay and promised to transfer the amount as soon as they hung up on that call.

It was the last conversation they had. R logged into her account five times that night. No transfer was made to his account. In her heart, she knew where this was headed. This was confirmed the next day when there was no money transfer and no usual call from V. R tried his number, and it was turned off.

In the past four years, this was the fifth such unpleasant dating experience for R. The other four were emotionally draining, like the married man who said he was about to get a divorce, which no ever happened or the young man she dated who eventually told her that her family would never accept their four-year age difference.

But this last experience with V was the worst of all because it also affected her financially. The part she’s still trying to come to terms with is that she had become so desperate to be in a relationship that she allowed herself to be taken advantage of in this way. A successful professional and self-proclaimed woman of the world, R was blinded by her vulnerability.

She is not alone however, women and men in this age range tend to have experiences that discourage them in their search for a romantic partner. Still, R and most singles don’t give up.

Ashwini is an acquaintance who happens to be my Facebook friend. A week ago, she shared a deeply personal note about her journey as a single woman trying to find love and companionship. Here’s a relevant quote from his post “I have everything. To top it all off, I even have happiness. I thought it would be easy enough to give up that last pebble I wish I had in my jar. That pebble evasive called a relationship. Turns out it’s pretty damn hard. At 44, I can say with some confidence that I’ve loved and lost many times. And I agree with the bard when he says that it’s better that way than never having loved at all. Because we all know how wonderful it is to love and to be loved, and as an experience it is probably the most precious of all. life. Knowing how beautiful it is and now how elusive it is, I’ve learned to live without it. But that never stopped Hope from sticking her head out every once in a while. Recently though , I made a promise to give up even hope.And that is by far the most difficult challenge.

Moved by her message, I immediately called Ashwini. In the past five years she has dated men who ghosted her, had a relationship with her on the rebound and some misled her saying they want to be in a committed relationship but ended up having retreated.

As our conversation drew to a close, I asked Ashwini, if someone should introduce her to a man now, if she would be willing to meet him. His answer was a solid yes.

R and Ashwini think the effort to find love is more like an emotional roller coaster. Ups and downs are inevitable. So what keeps them going despite their willingness to quit? It’s the age-old need for love and companionship, they both say. It’s wonderful to love and be loved, Ashwini noted, and as an experience, being loved is probably life’s most precious experience.

That being said, you also have to be vigilant, especially in the first few days of getting to know someone. If you connect with someone on a dating app, I recommend that you insist on meeting that person in real life as soon as possible. What has worked well for my clients is to purge a conversation with someone on the third day, as exciting as that sounds, if the person is not willing to meet in person. The issue of meeting married people on apps is also a common concern, the approach that works here is to always choose a time to connect or meet that is generally considered family time – eg afternoons or weekend evenings. If the person in question reschedules repeatedly, you will be able to see the trend for yourself.

Keep all financial dealings out of the equation until things have gotten serious enough that you’ve met each other’s families and circle of friends. The important thing is to control yourself when you connect with someone who seems perfect, and not give it your all – emotionally and financially – until they have proven and established their reliability, whether by being present for an extended period of time or by not making unreasonable demands of you. Once you are armed with such checks and measures, you will feel more confident in the decisions you make and look forward to continuing your search for the right person for you.

This is a limited series by Simran Mangaram, a dating and relationship coach, who can be contacted at [email protected]

Best VPN for Hinge 2022 [Change Location, Evade Bans & More]

Best VPN for Hinge 2022 [Change Location, Evade Bans & More]

While most dating platforms tend to take a more fun and playful approach, Hinge errs on the more serious side of things. It’s a mobile dating platform that takes some getting used to, especially if you’re from another platform. However, Hinge is only available in certain countries, which makes using a VPN for Hinge a necessity.

Key points to remember:

  • Hinge is a very popular dating platform, but since it’s not available worldwide, you’ll need a VPN if you’re in an unsupported location.
  • ExpressVPN is the best way to access Hinge from an unsupported location, but it comes at a steep price.
  • NordVPN and Surfshark are excellent VPNs with server locations where Hinge is available. They are more affordable but slightly less powerful than ExpressVPN.

If you want to match with Hinge app users in another country, a VPN service will let you change your Hinge location to see a different match group. This is useful if you plan to travel to another country or are looking for a long distance relationship.

A VPN service allows you to virtually change your location, but it also adds security by encrypting your connection and hiding your real IP address. There are plenty of VPNs out there that will let you access Hinge from anywhere in the world, but these three tick all the boxes: servers in the right countries, a good app for mobile devices, and performance and security. solid.

Spoiler alert: ExpressVPN is our favorite VPN for Hinge, but keep reading to see two alternatives as well.

  • Yes. Hinge states in its privacy policy that it will collect your IP address. This is why it is vital to use a VPN for Hinge.

  • Yes, you can use a VPN to access Hinge if you live in a location where it is currently unavailable. If you live in a country with Hinge, you should always use a VPN to maintain your online privacy.

  • Yes, you can fake your location on Hinge by changing it virtually with a VPN.

Best VPNs for Hinge

Do I need a VPN for Hinge?

Currently, Hinge is available in 20 countries around the world. If you are not located in one of the supported countries, you will need to connect to a VPN server in one of them. A secure VPN will trick Hinge into thinking you’re in one of those countries, and you’ll be able to see and correspond with people there.

If you’re traveling abroad and want to see who’s using Hinge in the location you’re visiting, you can change your server location to that country and view profiles ahead of time. Here is a full list of countries where Hinge is available:

  • United States
  • Canada
  • Ireland
  • UK
  • India
  • Australia
  • Norway
  • Sweden
  • Denmark
  • Netherlands
  • Swiss
  • Belgium
  • Germany
  • France
  • Finland
  • Austria
  • New Zealand
  • South Africa
  • Israel
  • Singapore

What makes the best VPN service for pivotal dating?

With Hinge’s limited availability, our most important criteria when choosing a VPN for Hinge were the servers in locations where Hinge is available. All of the VPNs below cover most if not all of the locations where you can access Hinge.

We also researched each VPN service for an app for mobile devices, as Hinge is only available on mobile. All of the VPNs we picked have great mobile apps. Last but not least, we made sure that all VPNs work well and keep your connection secure while you browse singles on Hinge.

  1. ExpressVPN — Premium VPN with excellent performance
  2. NordVPN — Solid VPN with Huge Server Network
  3. Surfshark — Affordable VPN with Multi-Hop Servers and Static IPs

ExpressVPN’s no-compromise approach comes at a price, but if you’re willing to pay a little more, it’s well worth it. NordVPN and Surfshark are more affordable options that both have large server networks and solid mobile apps, so you can’t go wrong with either of them. All three have excellent online security and privacy, but some features set them apart from each other.

The 3 Best VPN Services for Hinge

Let’s take a look at the three best VPN providers that allow us to access Hinge from anywhere. Each of them keeps your browsing speeds fast, offers servers in multiple countries, and encrypts your web traffic, but which one is better? We’re kicking things off with our favorite – ExpressVPN.

how to watch full house expressvpn canada

ExpressVPN’s clean UI makes it easy to use their iOS phone app.

More details about ExpressVPN:

  • Pricing: the costs of the cheapest plan $6.66 per month (15 month plan)
  • Supplier website: expressvpn.com


  • Servers in pivotal countries
  • Easy to use mobile apps
  • Excellent security

ExpressVPN tops our list of the best VPNs. This holds true when you want a VPN connection to access Hinge. It comes with a solid set of security features, including Lightway, a proprietary protocol that provides security without compromising performance. You can read more about this in our ExpressVPN review.

The VPN has servers in 94 countries, so you can choose which hinge location you want to cross. Mobile apps for iOS and Android are very easy to use and have minimal impact on your device’s performance. In terms of features, you get a kill switch and split tunneling, as well as obfuscated servers.

Lightway proprietary protocol

Built from the ground up around the wolfSSL cryptographic library, ExpressVPN’s Lightway protocol offers excellent security without compromising performance. Compared to OpenVPN (which we did), one of the most popular protocols, it’s both faster and more secure.

get expressvpn cta

While “just works” is a bit of a cliché, we can totally agree when it comes to ExpressVPN.

The only major downside to ExpressVPN is the price. It’s more expensive than most, even if you opt for the annual plan. However, if you want a no-compromise approach and the ability to use the Hinge app (or other dating sites) wherever you are, it’s certainly worth it. There’s even a 30-day money-back guarantee in case you don’t like it.

ExpressVPN Plans


NordVPN’s Security Score is a short checklist you can go through to make sure your mobile traffic is as secure as possible.

More details about NordVPN:

  • Pricing: the costs of the cheapest plan $3.29 per month (two-year plan)
  • Supplier website: nordvpn.com


  • Large server network
  • Applications for all mobile platforms
  • Obfuscated servers

NordVPN’s extensive server network makes it ideal for accessing dating apps like Hinge. It also gives you an app for almost every platform, along with a host of security features that ensure your internet connection stays private while you’re dating online. You can read more about this in our NordVPN review.

NordVPN has over 5,000 servers in 60 countries. The large server network allows VPN to always connect you to a VPN server that will provide the best possible performance and security. On the other hand, we’re not a fan of the impact NordVPN’s Android app has on our device — it uses a lot of memory and can slow down low-end smartphones and tablets.

NordLynx protocol for improved speeds

Rather than reinventing the wheel like ExpressVPN, NordVPN took the existing WireGuard protocol and improved it to make it much faster. NordLynx’s encryption is just as strong as WireGuard’s, so you can date online without worrying about compromising your connection.

NordVPN Homepage

There’s always a sale on the NordVPN website, so you’re almost guaranteed to get a good deal for the service.

The pricing puts NordVPN in the middle of the pack – it’s not cheap, but it’s far from expensive. A two-year subscription gives you a much more affordable price, and there’s a 30-day money-back guarantee in case you don’t like it as much as you hoped.

ExpressVPN Logo

ExpressVPN Plans

surfshark hinge

Surfshark’s mobile app has an entire tab advertising their all-in-one antivirus and VPN solution, aptly named One.

More details about Surfshark:

  • Pricing: the costs of the cheapest plan $2.49 per month (two-year plan)
  • Supplier website: surfshark.com


  • Affordable
  • Unlimited simultaneous connections
  • Multi-Hop Servers

The inconvenients:

  • Expensive on a monthly plan

Surfshark is one of the most affordable VPNs, provided you subscribe for at least a year. It lets you easily unblock dating sites and apps like Hinge, and it comes with as many simultaneous connections as you want, so you can share your subscription. You can read more about it in our Surfshark review.

Surfshark has servers in 65 countries, although the actual number of servers is still lower than NordVPN’s at 3,200. You can tunnel through multi-hop servers, which route your connection through two servers rather than one, adding a little more security to your dating experience. Features include a kill switch, split tunneling, and obfuscated servers, which are standard for VPNs these days.

Unlimited simultaneous connections

If you have more than one person in your home (or group of friends) that wants VPN protection, Surfshark allows you to simultaneously connect as many devices as you want.

surfshark call to action

If you’re not the only one who wants to use a VPN to “secure your digital life”, Surfshark’s unlimited connections allow you to share your subscription.

Surfshark is the most affordable choice on our list, although its monthly plan is unnecessarily expensive. It’s not the fastest VPN, but it’s reliable and gives you easy access to Hinge and other popular dating apps. You also get a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Surfshark Logo

Surfshark Packages

  • : Unlimited GB Bandwidth, Unlimited Devices
  • : Unlimited GB
  • : Unlimited
  • :

Final Thoughts

All of the aforementioned VPNs allow you to choose a Hinge location to use the dating app wherever you are. The go-to premium choice is ExpressVPN, but NordVPN and Surfshark will also do a good job.

Are you ready to browse profiles on one of today’s most popular dating apps? Are you splurging and enjoying ExpressVPN’s no-compromise approach, or saving a little money with NordVPN or Surfshark? Let us know in the comments, and as usual, thanks for reading.

Let us know if you liked the post. This is the only way to improve ourselves.



UNHCR – UNHCR calls for urgent support to help nearly 16,000 newly displaced in Burkina Faso who fled the massacre Donate


People who fled attacks by armed militants in northern Burkina Faso are pictured in a camp for displaced people in Ouagadougou in January 2022. © Reuters/Zohra Bensemra

This is a summary of what was said by UNHCR spokesperson Matthew Saltmarsh – to whom the quoted text can be attributed – during today’s press conference at the Palais des Nations in Geneva.

UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, is alarmed by the recent escalation of violence against civilians by armed groups in Burkina Faso, which has forced thousands to flee, straining humanitarian resources as insecurity continues to plague the central Sahel.

Since June 12, nearly 16,000 Burkinabé, mostly women and children, have arrived in Dori, in eastern Burkina Faso, after fleeing a brutal attack by armed men in Seytenga, a town located 15 kilometers from the border with Niger. More are expected to arrive in the coming days, while some 360 ​​people are believed to have crossed into Niger’s Tillabéri region, adding to the 15,500 Burkinabe nationals already there who have been forced to flee. The authorities and the local population of the city of Tera have welcomed and accommodated the new arrivals even though most Nigerien families are themselves destitute.

Burkina Faso’s displacement crisis is one of the most dynamic in the world, with the number of internally displaced people (IDPs) reaching 1.9 million at the end of April, according to government figures. Other countries in the Sahel – Chad, Mali and Niger – also face a combination of violence, poverty and the effects of climate change. More than 2.5 million people have fled their homes in the Sahel region over the past decade.

The latest attack took place on the night of June 11-12. At least 79 people were killed by gunmen in the assault, with some media reports claiming even more casualties. It is the deadliest incident in Burkina Faso since more than 130 people were killed in a massacre near Solhan in June 2021.

Newcomers to Dori said gunmen went door to door searching for and killing adult men, meaning many witnessed the death of their husbands or fathers. Nearly two-thirds of those who fled Seytenga are under 18.

Many have been accommodated by the host community and by displaced families already residing in Dori, while others have found space in reception and transit centers for refugees. But hundreds are sleeping rough by the side of the road.

Together with the government, UNHCR and its partners are working to strengthen the emergency response. The most urgent needs include shelter and essential items, as well as water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) services and psychosocial support. However, non-state armed groups have attacked water supply and infrastructure in the country, including a recent attack on Dori’s main water supply, and WASH needs could increase rapidly.

Regional authorities, with the support of humanitarian organisations, have started relocating families sleeping rough to three existing sites in Dori for refugees and internally displaced people, while additional plots have been identified to accommodate potential future arrivals. UNHCR and its partners are preparing to boost the supply of emergency shelter and essential items, including mattresses, soap and kitchen sets, for more than 1,000 families.

UNHCR is also working to identify new arrivals in need of protection, such as children and survivors of sexual and gender-based violence, and to provide them with access to appropriate care.

Despite acute and growing needs, UNHCR’s national budgetary requirements of $109.9 million for 2022 are only 20% funded. The UNHCR calls on the international community for more solidarity and support in Burkina Faso, in particular by funding humanitarian operations to save lives.

With successive waves of displacement, the city of Dori has quintupled and is now home to nearly 76,000 displaced Burkinabés, as well as some 20,000 refugees from Mali. UNHCR worked with the government on the inclusion of refugees in national services such as education and health care. However, competition for resources such as water and land for grazing and farming, together with rising inflation, pressure on basic services and shortages of essential supplies like fuel, are putting all test the peaceful coexistence between different communities.

For more information on this subject, please contact:

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One year after legalization, the Pot Patchwork prevails


While New York State’s Marihuana Regulation and Taxation Act of 2021 allows people to grow up to six plants for their own consumption, it is still technically illegal to grow your own since the final regulations for home cultivation have not been established.

When it comes to local cities and towns accepting or declining New York State licensing opportunities under the Marihuana Regulation and Taxation Act of 2021, it’s pretty much a mix- melo: the village and the town of East Hampton are both excluded, the town of Southampton is in — but not its villages. The towns of Southold and Shelter Island have stood down, as has Greenport Village, and Riverhead is moving forward with local guidance for future operators of dispensaries and social drinking spaces.

New York’s landmark legalization law empowered municipalities to decide by the end of 2021 whether to allow cannabis dispensaries or on-site consumer cafes, and data compiled by the Rockefeller Institute for Government in Albany shows that ‘about half of the counties or municipalities in the state have opted for one or the other. To the west, the town of Brookhaven has opted for a catch: dispensaries and cafes are allowed, but only in industrial areas.

Even though localities have done their part in agreeing or not, legalization is in a state of liminality in New York as the Office of Cannabis Management acts to tighten the bones of the Marihuana Regulation and Taxation Act. For example, although the law allows individuals to grow up to six plants, it is still technically illegal to grow your own. “We still don’t have the final regulations or guidelines for home cultivation,” said David Falkowski, owner of Open Minded Organics in Bridgehampton, one of the first licensed hemp farms in the state. More broadly, he said: “We are still so far away from this being a law in force”,

Southampton City Supervisor Jay Schneiderman said the city had drawn up new zoning regulations and would likely end up with a few pot-friendly zoning districts and many stipulations for dispensaries. They won’t be able to operate near schools, churches, playgrounds or libraries, “and there will be all sorts of limitations in terms of the size of the operation, there will be no signage, no exterior signage, no potting of leaves or things like that, he says.

The City of Southampton opted for dispensaries and social drinking spaces, but its incorporated villages – Sagaponack, Southampton Village, Quogue, Westhampton Dunes, Westhampton Beach and North Haven – opted out. Sag Harbor, which straddles the townships of East Hampton and Southampton, also pulled out.

Southampton will allow pre-existing nightclubs or bars to switch from selling alcohol to selling cannabis (but not both), and Mr Schneiderman said an entrepreneur could build a social drinking nightclub – but that is unlikely due to permit barriers. “You could create one, but it’s quite difficult, and it would be easier to take an existing bar or nightclub and convert it.”

The supervisor added that Southampton was considering going the Brookhaven route and limiting pot businesses to industrial areas, but that would have validated a societal stigma of cannabis that the state is trying to unravel. The city allows adult entertainment businesses, he noted, but only in its industrial areas, and treats cannabis as “something we have to hide from society, like it’s a bad thing,” would help perpetuate the stigma. Also, there is not a lot of industrial land in the city that would be eligible.

The wildcard here is the town of East Hampton, which Mr. Falkowski believes will eventually join the budding pot economy. “We’re going to start to see municipalities slowly start to sign up based on local lobbying activity,” he said. There’s a lot of tax revenue at stake, and while East Hampton consumers will be allowed to grow, smoke, eat, and have pot delivered to their homes, the city won’t benefit from any tax revenue from the corporations. jar.

This was a driving force behind Southampton Town’s decision to participate, Mr Schneiderman said. “The removal would not have diminished use in any way, it would only have diminished revenue, and any resident of the city outside the [Shinnecock] Reservation could not have participated in this economic opportunity. Many locals want to see if they can take advantage of legalization.

The Shinnecock Nation is not subject to state licensing protocols and the city will not receive any tax revenue from sales on the reservation. “They’re moving forward with their own dispensaries,” Mr. Schneiderman said, “and it’s likely theirs will be up and running before the city’s.”

Mr Schneiderman added that the law also allows cannabis delivery services, “so that any town or city that had a dispensary could bring products to Southampton without taking the revenue from it, which could be used to counter the adverse consequences of legalization – whether it’s mental health, increased policing, whatever. It provides at least $1 million in annual tax revenue.

But the expected tax windfall is far from there, as the state is only now issuing its first licenses, while the Office of Cannabis Management continues its work on the regulatory front. Eventually, Mr Schneiderman said Southampton would likely end up with one or two dispensaries and/or social consumption lounges, “but I cannot guarantee that. It’s really up to the state.”

Mr Falkowski says he expects the Office of Cannabis Management to complete its work within a year, as he observed that the office “is just kind of a piecemeal thing. ‘, on a host of devilishly detailed weed issues – from eco-friendly packaging, to advice on public consumption, to rules governing the cultivation and manufacture of cannabis and cannabis products.

The emerging protocols on public consumption of legal weed are pretty basic: if you can’t smoke a cigarette in a particular place, you can’t smoke a joint there either. The exception is, of course, that anyone is free to smoke cigarettes in their vehicle, but smoking weed in your car on the Napeague stretch could result in hefty fines and jail time under the State’s strict impaired driving law.

In East Hampton, beach parking lots and shore exits are already off-limits to cigarette smokers, and the city recently passed an ordinance banning smoking and vaping within 500 feet of a lifeguard station while the guards are on duty. Southampton is considering an ordinance that would ban smoking in public parks, including its patrolled beaches, North Sea Park, Red Creek Park and elsewhere. “In some cases, entire parks are now listed as smoke-free parks,” Schneiderman said, “and that covers pot and cigarettes.”

Drivers ignore soaring fuel prices, for now


LONDON — Drivers around the world are tolerating record high prices for road fuels, as mobility trumps other expenses in tight household budgets for now, the data shows.

The high prices have not yet crossed the pain threshold for drivers in the main centers of demand. But that could change once U.S. drivers are charged more than $6 a gallon and crude oil prices rise above $140 a barrel, which could happen by the end of the year, analysts said.

Consumers have changed their driving habits, with some, for example, choosing not to fill their tanks to full capacity, but that has yet to reduce overall fuel demand, the data shows.

Drivers in the European Union rarely paid more than €1.60 a liter to fill up diesel and petrol cars, and mostly paid well below $1.50, according to Commission data. European dating from 2005.

But since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in late February, diesel and petrol prices in the EU have soared above $2 a liter more than once, petrol prices being firmly held at this level.

So far, European drivers don’t seem discouraged.

Traffic in Rome and London last week easily eclipsed pre-coronavirus lockdown levels at the same time of year, while Parisian drivers hit the road in similar numbers to 2019, congestion data showed from the TomTom navigation data group.

Traffic congestion in Madrid has increased in recent weeks, but remains below 2019 congestion levels, much like in Berlin, according to TomTom data.

On June 8, petrol prices at UK pumps hit a record high of 1.8073 pounds ($2.19) a litre, while diesel hit its own record high of 1.8657 pounds, according to the automotive organization RAC Foundation.

Adjusted for inflation, this will likely be the highest price since the House of Commons Library’s published records began over 100 years ago.

A spokesperson for the German petrol station association TIV said that although prices are rising, demand for fuel is holding up.

But he said some driving behaviors are changing. “[People] fills up a little less then stops filling up at €30 ($31.34) or €40 and sometimes forms more carpools.

$6 a gallon?

In the United States, gasoline averaged more than $5 a gallon for the first time on Saturday, according to AAA data.

Data from TomTom showed US drivers in New York and Los Angeles were holding back on trips compared to 2019. But Patrick DeHaan, an analyst at GasBuddy.com, which tracks US retail fuel prices, said that he had not yet seen demand destruction.

Asked about the price threshold that would induce a drop in consumption, DeHaan said: “I think it would be $5.50, but definitely $6 [a gallon]», compared to around $5 currently.

Independent analyst Paul Sankey has estimated that the point at which U.S. gasoline demand declines is $6/gallon based on consumer behavior in 2008, when crude oil prices last reached a major peak.

In Asia, traffic in Tokyo, Jakarta and New Delhi is currently above pre-pandemic levels, according to TomTom data.

Chinese retail gasoline and diesel prices are currently at record highs. The tyrannical containment measures in major metropolitan areas in recent months have significantly weighed on oil demand.

In Japan, generous subsidies have kept current prices below the peak reached in 2008.

Indian petrol and diesel prices cooled after the government extended subsidies late last month. Still, prices are only slightly below the record highs seen in May.

Fuel consumption, however, jumped 23.8% in May from a year earlier to 18.27 million tonnes, according to Indian government data.

pain threshold

Analysts say crude oil prices still have a long way to go before significant demand destruction kicks in to balance the market.

“A slowdown in consumption and substitution remains in its early stages… Pain thresholds will start to set in as we enter the summer period,” said Ehsan Khuman, analyst at MUFG bank.

While benchmark crude oil prices are above $120 a barrel, they are about $20 below the level at which Khuman expects price-induced demand destruction.

The CEO of global commodities trader Trafigura said this month that oil prices could soon hit $150 a barrel and rise this year.

The Epoch Times contributed to this report.


Dating app puts up billboard in Times Square to help woman


Dating is really difficult. Especially for people over 30. As someone who has been through this, I can honestly attest that this is a full time job. Dating apps take time: you have to create an attractive profile, choose the best photos to represent you, and make sure your intentions are clear. Usually you do this for more than one dating app at a time. Forget the emotional and time investment it takes to go to apps and find an actual date. Your thumb will get tired from all the swiping right and left. It’s no wonder some people give up.

Sha Tabb was one such woman. She decided enough was enough and deleted all her dating apps. But then his friends intervened. They took matters into their own hands to find a date for their friend, a former NFL cheerleader who now works as a traffic reporter. And Tabb absolutely let them.

“My love life seems non-existent,” Tabb told PEOPLE in an exclusive interview. “For a while, I didn’t mind not dating. I was on a few apps, I was going out on dates, and then the guys ghosted me. I was like, ‘Okay, c’mon. is “not working for me. I know it worked for a lot of other people, but it just doesn’t work for me. “So I pulled out of apps.”

Her friend Jacqui Duran, who had met Tabb around 11 years ago when they were working together, heard about an app called Wingman after reading a story about a woman whose mother used the app to create a profile. for her. So, at his birthday dinner, Duran, along with fellow friend and former colleague Sheri Ralliford, pitched Tabb the idea of ​​allowing them to resume his dating life. Tabb agreed to let his friends do the heavy lifting of dating for a while.

Sha Tabb’s friends created a dating profile for her through the Wingman app.

Wingman app

In February, the friends created Tabb’s profile on Wingman, hoping to find their love interest friend. Sometime later, Wingman CEO Tina Wilson found Tabb’s profile and asked the team to turn it into a 48-foot billboard in Times Square. The billboard was installed on May 3 and will last until June 19. Wilson told PEOPLE that Tabb’s story “shows that you can be beautiful inside and out, even a professional cheerleader, and still struggle to find the right partner.” .

It’s absolutely crazy to imagine what it must be like to have your dating profile broadcast in Times Square of all places. Tabb takes it all in stride so far.

“I’ve done modeling in the past so I’ve had my face on things, but normally I promote other things for people or other products. Now I promote myself,” she said.

This is all so amazing, but where did Wingman come from? The dating app was created by Tina Wilson at a time when she was single and her friends were all pretty much married. A self-proclaimed “cupid,” Wilson wanted to put his skills to good use. “The ability to help our friends find someone is a very deep instinct for many, many people and I wanted to create a constructive outlet for that desire,” she says on her website.

sha tabb, dating profile, billboard, winger

Sha Tabb has a profile on Wingman, where his friends are trying to find him a date.

Wingman App

And that’s what Wingman is: you give your friends control of your love life (but only if you trust them of course!). They are completely in control, they write your profile and tell people why they should date you. And then they decide who you end up dating.

“Wingman lets those who know you best choose who you should date,” according to the company’s website. Additionally, the app “aims to bring friends together and redefine the online dating game” by allowing friends to create profiles rather than the single person themselves.

Tabb has no doubt that her friends will choose someone good for her – their friendship is strong enough that she thinks they know who she should date. “They are completely my wing women and my matchmaker,” she said.

Hoping that his friends find him someone (or several) who corresponds to him perfectly.

McFarlane Films, wiip and Rooster Teeth are developing an adult animated series – Deadline


EXCLUSIVE: McFarlane Films partners with wiip and Warner Bros. Rooster Teeth Studios. Discovery to develop RAW10an adult animated series from creator Dan Dominguez (Gen: Lock), inspired by the eponymous action figure series from McFarlane Toys.

The RAW10 toyline consists of cybernetically enhanced animals, which are now sold exclusively at Walmart. Dominguez’s adaptation will be an R-rated Saturday morning cartoon for adults that, through the lens of the toyline, will satirically explore the tropes of ’80s animation. He will serve as executive producer alongside Todd McFarlane , Sean Canino of McFarlane Films, Paul Lee, Mark Roybal and Nate Winslow of wiip and Dan Shorr of Rooster Teeth Studios. The team will present the project to buyers early next month.

McFarlane Toys is one of the top five global leaders in its field and a licensee of world-class brands and leading global franchises. The company was founded by comic book legend Todd McFarlane, who created the Spawn universe and won two Emmys for his groundbreaking animated series of the same name, which aired on HBO from 1997 to 1999. When McFarlane first announced the RAW10 launching the toy in 2020, pre-orders sold out within hours. The line has garnered widespread praise and excitement not only from the media, but also from adult collectors and pop culture enthusiasts who grew up during the revival of modern action figures of the 80s and 90s.

The series adaptation of RAW10 represents McFarlane’s first foray into animation in 23 years, and will feature fan-favorite toyline characters like Fren-Z (a robotic mix of a great white shark and a prehistoric megalodon), Battlesnake (a super awesome reptilian monster) and Cy-Gor, who is part gorilla, part cyborg. (Although Cy-Gor was originally introduced in the Spawn universe, and its Spawn backstory can come into play, the RAW10 anime series will remain separate from Spawn franchise.)

“Having fun in the older animation space is always something I think about, McFarlane said. “With the quirky mind of writer Dan Dominguez and the experience of Rooster Teeth, we all hope the combined total will be a wild and entertaining ride for everyone. Animation keeps our minds on a budget unlimited to create everything.

“With Todd’s highly anticipated return to television animation, Dan’s meteoric streak of genre-defying shows, and Rooster Teeth’s flawless track record, wiip couldn’t be in better company to launch our first animated show,” said the studio’s creative director and producer, Roybal. “We’re always going to go for the most original, daring and creative filmmakers – and that’s what we have with Todd, Dan and Dan. This show will certainly wake up the whole house on Saturday morning.

“I had a Spawn poster of the film at my Bar Mitzvah, which is a choice that seems officially justified,” said Shorr, who is in charge of the screenplay at Rooster Teeth Studios. “We absolutely loved working with our partners at McFarlane Films and wiip and regaining our brilliant generation: LOCK Executive Producer Dan Dominguez for helping put together this unique love letter to genre storytelling.

Dominguez added, “As a kid, I loved Saturday morning cartoons, and as I got older, my love of animation only grew stronger through anime. So many great R-rated toons from Japan have shown me that genre animation can be done for adults. That they could be darkly hilarious, thematically rich, cerebral, violent and seductive. So when I got the chance to create the world’s first Saturday morning adult cartoon, and do it with Todd McFarlane – a personal hero who opened my eyes to how comics could be adults… needless to say, this project was a dream come true. So get ready for some deeply unsettling adult-style laughs! Strong feelings! Chills! Blood! Sex! Adult themes! And… emotions! Yes, I’m actually planning on having a 30-foot-tall cybernetic gorilla that will make you cry.

Writer and executive producer Dominguez has worked in animation with such luminaries as John Carpenter, Clive Barker, Malcolm Spellman and Jeff Howard. He is notably produced and written on the Rooster Teeth series. Gen: Lockwhich first aired on Adult Swim before moving to HBO Max in its second season, as well as Netflix’s animated martial arts series, Seis Manos. Additional credits on the writing side include WWE camp, The Epic Tales of Captain Underpants and Sponge Bob SquarePants.

McFarlane’s Spawn the comics have sold hundreds of millions of copies sold worldwide. Their creator rose to fame through his work on Marvel Comics Spider Man franchise, where he co-created Marvel villain character Venom. His company McFarlane Films has entered into a first TV deal with wiip. Its television development slate includes projects from established creators such as Thomas Lennon (Renew 911!), Anders Weidemann (Beartown), prolific graphic novel author, Sean Lewis, and ShadowMachine, who is developing the live-action series Sam & Twitch based on characters from McFarlane Spawn cartoon. This show is adapted by executive producers Jason Smilovic and Todd Katzberg for McFarlane Films and wiip.

wiip is an independent studio headed by entertainment veteran Paul Lee, who was behind HBO’s Emmy limited series, Easttown Mare, with Kate Winslet; Apple TV+ Peabody Award Winner Dickinson, starring Hailee Steinfeld; Danny Boyle’s Gun for FX on Hulu; at Jenny Han The summer when I became pretty for Amazon Prime Video; The White House Plumbers, with Woody Harrelson and Justin Theroux, for HBO; by Adam McKay The Uninhabitable Earth for HBO Max; and Dummy, with Anna Kendrick, for The Roku Channel. The studio also produced Arthur Mathews and Matt Berry Tinseltown Toast in collaboration with the BBC.

Rooster Teeth is a subsidiary of Warner Bros. founded in 2003, which has a global footprint of over 45 million subscribers to its YouTube network, 1.2 million unique monthly visitors to its apps and over 4 million registered community members. His production credits include starring Michael B. Jordan Gen: Lock and Transformers: War for Cybertron Trilogy on Netflix. He also produces the award-winning Halo satire Red vs Blueand the global phenomenon RWBY.

Dominguez is represented by Artists First and Cohen & Gardner; Rooster Teeth Studios and McFarlane by CAA.

Ex-Singtel employee jailed for tricking friends into cellular plans


SINGAPORE: A former Singtel employee was jailed for a year and eight months on Tuesday June 14 for tricking his friends into subscribing to mobile plans and giving him the phones they received.

While out on bail for these offences, Aloysius Nah Ming Yuan also posed as a woman on dating apps and tricked two men into paying him for sex, and scammed a Carousell salesperson.

The 28-year-old pleaded guilty to 10 counts of cheating, with 16 other charges being considered for sentencing.

The court heard that Nah worked as a customer service agent at Singtel.

In 2017, Nah decided to trick his friends into subscribing to mobile service plans from various telecommunications companies.

He lied to his friends that they would not be charged any fees and asked them to pass him the phones they received when making the deals.

He also told them that by subscribing to the mobile plans, they would help him reach his sales quota as a Singtel employee. This was wrong, as he was fired in September 2017.

Nah received a total of 35 mobile phones worth nearly S$39,000 from 11 victims in 2017.

The victims were charged by the telecom operators and paid around S$32,000 in fees, with around S$12,000 outstanding.

Nah made a partial refund of S$10,000 on September 29, 2019.

Carousel scam

In December 2019, while Nah was out on bail for the telecommunications scam, he did it again by cheating on a Carousell salesman.

The victim offered an online payment service for customers in exchange for a commission.

Nah contacted the victim on Carousell and said he needed to make two online bank transfers totaling S$2,850 for business purposes. The transfers were actually for betting-related purposes.

The victim made the transfers. Nah did not reimburse her or pay for it, and he never intended to, according to court documents.

He was only found after police conducted various searches with Carousell and Google, among others, according to court documents.

Nah made no restitution to the victim.

sex services scam

Sometime before March 2021, Nah impersonated a woman named “Xiaohui” on Tinder and OkCupid, using a photo of a woman he found online.

Using these accounts, Nah spoke to strangers who were interested in dating.

He moved the conversation to other messaging platforms “when he felt he had a chance to scam them out of money”, according to court documents.

He offered to have sex with them, telling them afterwards that he needed the money for personal expenses or to solve family problems.

“Throughout the entire period, the victims were under the impression that this was a woman named ‘Xiaohui’ who was seeking to have a sexual relationship with them,” court documents said.

More than eight times in March and April 2021, Nah tricked two men into transferring a total of S$2,650 to him.

In total, he cheated victims out of around S$3,700 through this scam. He returned 500 Singapore dollars.

The penalty for cheating is up to 10 years in prison and a fine.

Edmonton woman flirts with 500-word Seinfeld essay – and ghosts herself


When Erin Williams met someone on a dating app, she didn’t expect to end up with homework.

Williams, who lives in Edmonton, connected with her match on Bumble, a dating app that only allows women to make the first move.

His match asked him to watch Seinfeldthen write a 500-word essay explaining why it’s the best show and their favorite new one.

“I had never looked Seinfeld before, and it was [the] opening message, she told CBC Edmonton. Active Radio.

“I know a few bits like Elaine’s bad dance, but that’s it.”

Most of the other conversations she’s had on dating apps are pretty generic, with small chats like “Hey, how was your weekend?”

But Williams found this exchange hilarious and immediately jumped on the challenge.

Williams watched three episodes of the show and based her argument on an episode titled “The Comeback.” (Erin Williams)

A follower of academic journals, Williams even asked if she could quote in APA (American Psychological Association) style.

“I thought it would be even better,” she said. “That would make it even more hilarious because I’m going to find references now.”

Williams learned from Wikipedia that Seinfeld is the show about nothing, so she figured she could write the essay without watching the whole series.

She found an article with a list of the best episodes and picked one called The Comeback, in which George Costanza tries to come up with a good comeback after someone insults him.

Williams watched the episode twice before moving on to what the article considered the second-best episode, The Soup Nazi, and then the third-best, The Library.

“I only watched those three episodes,” she said.

Williams didn’t put much effort into the tryout, but she expected her match to continue to converse with her after she submitted the tryout.

The match acknowledged the try but did not respond.

Williams was sent off.

She contacted him again, urging him to take a compatibility quiz for her. She had written him an essay, after all.

“He took it, but he didn’t say anything,” Williams said, adding that he passed with a B-plus. “He didn’t text me or message me through the app to say anything.”

He had ghosted her.

LISTEN | She met a man online. Wrote him an essay. Then she was a ghost:

Active radio7:19She met a man online. Wrote him an essay. Then she was a ghost.

How an essay on Seinfeld went viral on Twitter. We talk to Erin Williams, the Edmonton woman who wrote it.

Ghosting occurs when a person ends a relationship by suddenly withdrawing from all communication with the other person, without explanation. It’s a controversial practice hated by many singles.

“I really thought [this] was different,” Williams said. “I actually thought he’d get back to me and tell me his favorite episode and then we’d talk about it a bit.”

The experience “could be a Seinfeld episode’

Williams tweeted about her strange experience.

Her tweet elicited dozens of responses, including one from a professor who gave her an A-plus.

“Twitter [users have] a theory that he ghosted me because I used Wikipedia as a reference,” Williams said.

She claims Seinfeld‘s large fanbase, coupled with a societal hatred of ghosts, is why his tweet took off the way it did.

“Someone actually commented and said that in itself could be a Seinfeld episode,” Williams said with a laugh.

ON STAGE: Lake Placid Community Day a success | News, Sports, Jobs


Denise Bujold, Tammy Morgan, Ellen Lansing and Jill Cardinale are seen here at the Lake Placid Community Day event at the North Elba Show Grounds in Lake Placid on Sunday, June 5. Lansing is this year’s Youth Volunteer of the Year. (Photo provided — Naj Wikoff)

The fourth annual Lake Placid Community Day was held on Sunday, June 5 to celebrate and connect those who live, work or volunteer in Lake Placid. Food, refreshments, music and other entertainment were free. More than 30 agencies, including the Cloudsplitter Foundation and St. Eustice’s Episcopal Church, sponsored the event and offered people the opportunity to volunteer. The highlight was the presentation of well-deserved awards to Youth Volunteer of the Year Ellen Lansing and Adult Volunteer of the Year Linda Young.

The Regional Sustainable Tourism Office and the Lake Placid/North Elba Community Development Commission co-hosted Lake Placid Community Day out of a shared desire to honor the many people who collectively help Lake Placid ​to be a good place to live. Held at the North Elba Horse Show Grounds with live music hosted and presented by Scott Sileo and Jim Cushman, this year’s weather was perfect.

The success of Lake Placid on every level is that the community is not just volunteer driven, but you could say hospitality driven, or perhaps relationship driven. Whether it’s the person who welcomes a visitor to a hotel, restaurant, store or venue, that connection is vital to our community. Equally important is the relationship between volunteers and the many athletes, coaches and family members who come to Lake Placid throughout the year. Indeed, every task, whether it is a person working in the health industry, education, recreation or local government, is essential to improving our collective way of life and our capacity to accommodate so many events throughout the year.

The general coordinator of the event, Valérie Abraham-Rogers, has sat on the volunteer committee since its creation. When she joined the Community Development Commission a few years ago, she learned that they wanted to organize a block party type event, a fun party for the community that will hopefully encourage more people to volunteer. .

“As we have always struggled to get people to come to the annual Volunteer of the Year presentation, my idea was to combine the two events, said Abraham-Rogers. “That’s how Community Day was hatched. We had a great start for the first two years, then it all stopped because of COVID. Then last year we started again; the big challenge now is getting the word out.

Keela Rogers, Karen Armstrong, Linda Young and Stephanie Pianka are seen here at the Lake Placid Community Day event at the North Elba Show Grounds in Lake Placid on Sunday, June 5. Young is this year’s Adult Volunteer of the Year. (Photo provided — Naj Wikoff)

This year they succeeded as the community day was well attended by people of all ages with many activities suitable for young children. Abraham-Rogers said many people have told him they want to volunteer but don’t know how to go about it. they don’t know what volunteer opportunities are available.

“I think Community Day is one of the best opportunities for people to come together and see how vibrant and multi-faceted this community is,” said Garrick Smith, a FISU volunteer. “The 38 or more booths we have here represent many well-functioning organizations that make this community thrive. They also illustrate that this community would not be without volunteers. An added benefit of volunteering is the friends we have made, getting to know our neighbours, their children and parents, and learning more about history. Today I met at least 22 people who worked at the 1972 FISU University Games.”

Karen Fountain, a 32-year-old fire department volunteer, agrees, saying the friendships she made made the experience deeply rewarding. For Jay Rand, a Lion’s Club member since 1983, it’s about supporting the community he loves. Sara Kane volunteers for Mercy Care so seniors in our community can age in place. Now serving on her third board, Judy Meagher says she loves her community and wants to give back.

In addition to learning about the volunteer opportunities available, several organizations showcased their services. For the Village of Lake Placid Police, that meant informing families about their child-safe bicycle helmet program and their child car seat verification program, both of which offer the opportunity to obtain free equipment if needed.

“One of my favorite activities is interacting with the community on days like this, at school or walking down the street,” Officer Summo said. “I think it’s a vital part of policing. The more children know us; the more comfortable they are talking to us. This translates to the fact that when they are older and have a problem, they will not be afraid to talk to us.

For children, the problem could be a dangerous helmet. The department’s goal is to have extra helmets in each patrol car in case they see a youngster riding a bike unsafely, having a helmet that doesn’t seem safe or at all. It can also be parents who need a suitable car seat for a child.

“We want to help ensure that every child in the village is safe,” said Sergeant Sorrell. “We can work with the state police in Ray Brook because they have a good program, and I hope the county does too soon, so we can provide coverage and support from all angles. It’s not about writing tickets; if by any chance you have a serious accident, we want to help ensure that your child is protected.

In the past, the Volunteer Committee planted a tree to commemorate Volunteer of the Year, now flowers are added to a perennial garden in Mid’s Park, and the names of distinguished adult and youth volunteers are added to a perpetual plaque which hangs in the main hall of North Elba City Hall.

Tammy Morgan, a life and environmental science teacher, introduced Eminent Youth Volunteer of the Year, Ellen Lansing. She praised Lansing for volunteering more than 400 hours in the after-school program this year alone, more than 60 in the composting program and another hundred in support skating.

Keela Rogers, 2012 Adult Volunteer of the Year, introduced Linda Young, the 2022 recipient, who in the 1980s founded the ecumenical charity program, the Interfaith Pantry at St. Agnes Church and the Helping Hands thrift store in Holiday Harbor. , an effort to ensure that everyone, regardless of their circumstances, has access to food, clothing and medicine, among other needs.

“First of all, I would like to thank my family for their support of my volunteering and their constant involvement”, Young said. She thanked the volunteers for “the compassion, empathy and gift they give, and how happy she is to accept the award on their behalf.”

Young’s message, echoed by Lansing and everyone at every table, cooking the food, making the music, entertaining the kids, is that people matter and by working together we can change lives for the better. .

“Today is our day to be proud of each other and to have a day just for us,” said North Elba City Supervisor Derek Doty. “And it is necessary.”

Going forward, Community Day will be held annually on the first Sunday after Memorial Day.

meet husband and online dating sites.


Twelve years ago, Tara Moss married her person, Berndt Sellheim – poet, author and photographer.

The couple had met on an RSVP dating site in 2009, before dating apps were a thing.

Moss has been married three times in her life. Once when she was 19 with a man much older than her. Then, in her early thirties, she married her second husband.

As Moss told Mia Freedman on No filter“Third time is the charm. If it takes time to get it right, it’s worth it.”

And it was worth it, with the couple now married and sharing 11-year-old daughter Sapphira together. But the early period of Moss and Sellheim’s relationship has a funny story behind it – Moss was kicked off the dating site because she was supposed to pose as the Tara Moss.

Watch: Tara Moss becomes a “fearless mom”. The post continues below.

“This was back when there was only one dating site, there was no swiping right – the old days of the internet when there was no talk of meeting people online,” Moss explained.

So, around 2008-2009, Moss decided to create an online dating profile.

Back then, it was quite rare to delve into the world of online dating. And for Moss, she was keen to focus on words and connection, so she initially decided against including a picture of herself on her profile. It was also a way for her to meet people without her fame playing a role.

It was on RSVP that Moss met Sellheim.

They developed an emotional and intellectual relationship before Moss shared a photo of her with him, or the fact that she had a public profile.

“I didn’t put a photo on my profile, and there were a number of reasons for that. I wanted to interact with someone on a different basis, and I also didn’t want to be recognized and have that be a reason why. someone I wanted to date. At that point, I felt like I wasn’t attracting the right kind of people who looked like me,” Moss said.

MSHSL adopts a name, image, likeness policy for its student-athletes


The landscape of college athletics has changed dramatically since athletes began to legally profit from their name, image and likeness, and now high schools in Minnesota will be able to join this new landscape.

The Minnesota State High School League, which oversees high school sports in the state, has approved a new policy to regulate NIL opportunities.

The MSHSL board says its intention is to preserve the amateur status of student-athletes, so “pay to play” and other recruiting inducements are prohibited.

The policy contains a list of permitted activities, such as autographs, as long as they do not take place during a required team activity. Students can also officiate, teach or train skills in their sport.

They may advertise certain commercial products or services, but there are limits; they cannot reference their involvement in high school sports when promoting them, and the product/service cannot be related to gambling, alcohol, tobacco, cannabis, illegal substances, adult entertainment products or weapons.

A NIL agreement would be permitted by the MSHSL as long as:

• Pay is not contingent on specific athletic performance or achievement
• Compensation is not provided as an incentive to attend a particular school
• Compensation is commensurate with market value
• Compensation is not provided by the school or a school agent
• NIL activities do not interfere with academic obligations
• Student does not miss practice, competition, travel, or other team obligations to do so

Any violation of the policy may mean that the student loses their eligibility for their sport. The full policy and its guidelines are available here.

11th Session of India-Turkey Foreign Ministry Consultations Held in Ankara


June 10, 2022 10:31 p.m. STI

Ankara [Turkey]Jun 10 (ANI): The eleventh session of India-Turkey Foreign Ministry Consultations (FOC) was held in Ankara on Friday, where the two countries exchanged views on bilateral and global issues .
Secretary to the Western External Affairs Minister, Sanjay Verma, led the Indian delegation for the FOC. Taking to Twitter, MEA Spokesperson Arindam Bagchi wrote, “Secretary West @SanjayVermalFS led the Indian delegation for the 11th Session of the India-Turkey Foreign Ministry Consultations which held in Ankara today. Useful exchange of views on bilateral, multilateral and global issues”.
The last round of consultations took place on May 8, 2019 in New Delhi. During the visit, Turkish Deputy Foreign Minister Sedat Onal had a meeting with Gitesh A Sarma, Secretary (West), in New Delhi on May 8, 2019, within the framework of the Ministry’s Institutional Consultations Mechanism Foreign Affairs.

Deputy Foreign Minister Onal and Secretary (West) held cordial discussions on various aspects of bilateral relations, including discussing opportunities to strengthen trade and investment relations. Currently, bilateral trade stands at approximately USD 8.6 billion with a target of reaching USD 10 billion by 2020.
Other aspects such as improving cultural interaction, tourism and people-to-people contacts were also addressed. The two sides also reviewed the situation in their respective regions and also exchanged views on several multilateral issues.
Ministry of Foreign Affairs (FOC) consultations at the secretary level between the two countries were institutionalized by a protocol signed in April 2000.
The 4th meeting of the Joint Counter-Terrorism Task Force was held in Ankara on July 4, 2019. A new bilateral mechanism “India-Turkey Policy Planning Dialogue” was institutionalized between the two Foreign Ministries, the first round being held virtually on October 22. , 2020.
India and Turkey have had close, friendly and deep-rooted ties for several centuries and share civilizational ties. Recent political exchanges have given new impetus to our bilateral relations and opened up several new avenues of cooperation. (ANI)